Amazing content research tools for SEO [free and paid]

17 Amazing Content Research Tools For SEO [Free and Paid]

You must invest in a content research tool to make your content strategy work in digital marketing. There are various tools in the market, and picking the right one for your brand can be a hassle. Here's the list of amazing free and paid content research tools.

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Content research is essential to every SEO campaign. Great content research will help you define the keywords, find the content gaps, and create a better strategy to help you achieve better results. Using content research will help you to determine keywords better. You can also find competitor analysis, content gaps, find out which topics are already covered and what topics should be covered. You can find out what topics are most popular and know what is trending on the web. You can also check the key metrics and make better decisions. Here is a list of content research tools that will help you to create a better strategy and get better results

Content Research Tools: Tried and Tested

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool that helps you to research content that is trending. It will help analyze the content engagement across all social searches. It helps discover keywords, trending posts, most frequently asked questions and much more. It enables you to feed your social media domain or any other domain that you want to analyze on the website and track the social sharing and engagement of the content. 

2. Answer the public

Answer the public helps get instant and raw search insights from the customers. It enables you to create relevant content, monitor trends, finds hidden niches, carry out meaningful keyword research, and streamline content production. 

Google trends help to analyze the popularity of top search result queries across the globe. You can assort its region and language vice to infer the same. 

It also helps compare the relative search volume of two or more items. 

4. Soovle

Soovle is basically a hub of keywords that are derived from multiple website sources. You can garner keyword ideas from various sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Amazon and much more. 

5. Quora

Quora is a viral platform where you can find a plethora of people feeding in the most common questions that they want to be answered. This will give an idea of the content that is of interest to many people. This helps find the common questions that a multitude of people. 

6. Google keyword planner

Google keyword planners help curate content that can be used both for keyword research in content planning and as well as to curate content for running ads. 

7. SEMrush

SEMrush offers effective research solutions for SEO, content, PPC, social media and other competitive research. To gain marketing insights and to improve online visibility, SEMrush is effectively made use of. 

8.Portent’s content idea generator 

From picking up compelling titles for blogs to preparing content with a flow, portent’s content idea generator can be effectively made use of to research for valuable content that engages a large audience. 

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is yet another tool like the Google webmaster, which will track the activities of the websites traffic like session duration, bounce rate, and information of the traffic range and much more. This is a valuable content research tool for SEO blogs. 

10. Reddit 

Reddit is an international platform where people from all over the world discuss niches of topics. Be it any niche; you will be able to see opinions and stands of different topics, which will be a personal space for you to learning and unlearning of many things. This can be a good place for carrying out content research. 

11. Spezify

Spezify is a visual hub. Be it grabbing content, tweets, music or images; it has all that is trending in the store. Making use of Spezify you can deliver effective content for different domains. 

12. Ubersuggest

You can do a clear and thorough analysis of the competitor’s website by using the Ubersuggest. To create content using the right set of target keywords, Ubersuggest can be effectively used. 

13. Ahrefs 

For common backlink building and SEO analysis, Ahrefs is used. Through this, effective analysis of well to do content and market analysis can drive better SEO results. 

14. Moz

Moz makes inbound marketing, link building and content marketing super effective. It is the backbone for a lot of SEO analysis. 

15. Marketmuse

MarketMuse makes use of AI and machine learning. It is to help build content strategies, accelerate content creation, and inform content decisions.

16. LinkedIn

Talkwalker helps get real-time insights into the happenings in online media and gives valuable insights into various social channels. 

17. Awario

Awario is that tool that receives pieces of information about what is popularly being discussed on social media. The ideas generated from it help get ideas for creating trending content. 

The above are a few examples of tools that provide effective solutions for carrying out content research for SEO. By making use of them, you can deliver effective and valuable content for a large audience.

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