Complete YouTube Marketing Guide

The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in 2023

Unlock the secrets to dominating YouTube in 2023 with The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing. Discover cutting-edge strategies, optimization techniques, and content creation tips to skyrocket your channel's growth. From leveraging the latest algorithms to harnessing the power of video analytics, this comprehensive guide will transform your YouTube presence into a thriving online brand. Stay ahead of the competition and master the art of YouTube marketing with expert insights and practical advice tailored for 2023.

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YouTube Marketing is a process of promoting your business, brand, product, or service using different methods on YouTube. These methods can be running YouTube ads, promoting YouTube videos, etc. For every digital marketer, developing innovative marketing strategies, including a content marketing plan, a Facebook marketing plan, and more, is essential. YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. Currently, over 50% of digital marketers are using the platform in their marketing strategy. So, to take your marketing to the next level, YouTube marketing is a great option. Here is the complete guide to YouTube Marketing.  

Why is YouTube Marketing Important?

In today’s digital landscape, video is the most preferred medium to get information about a brand or product. Over 72% of users rely on videos to receive marketing information rather than text. This platform is already huge, with 2 billion unique visitors every month and 122+ million active users every day and getting bigger, so it will be worth investing in YouTube marketing. Here are some interesting facts about YouTube Marketing:

  • 500 hours of videos are posted on YouTube every minute.
  • 96% of users rely on explainer videos to know about a product or service 
  • 80% of website visitors check videos compared to 20% reading text.
  • 70% of marketers say YouTube is essential for their influencer marketing strategy. 
  • 22% of marketers use YouTube Stories, while 14% use YouTube live for promotion.
  • 68% of users rely on YouTube to make their purchase decisions. 
  • 99% of YouTube users have accounts on other social platforms
  • 81% of Internet users have used YouTube

These stats and more like 8 out of 10 web users watching videos on YouTube make it an important platform, and every marketer should leverage its potential. If you are new to digital marketing, take this free digital marketing course by Sorav Jain and begin your journey.    

What are the Benefits of YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is essential for any business, especially for digital marketers. When looking at different promotion methods, YouTube tops in terms of dynamically driving audiences. Here are some advantages of YouTube Marketing: 

Generate Heavy Traffic:

Over 2 billion users sign in to YouTube every month, and 5 billion videos are watched daily. By marketing your videos, you can generate a lot of traffic and enjoy some serious SEO benefits. With features like thumbnail art, video carousels, and other elements, there is excellent scope for optimizing YouTube videos and driving more traffic from the web. Also, by serving quality information, you will more likely get a steady stream of visitors, hardly possible on other platforms. 

Create Brand Awareness:

YouTube videos are a great medium to increase brand awareness. Video ads increase brand awareness by 170%, brand favorability by 500%, and intent to purchase by 270%. That’s the power of YouTube, and brands should utilize it to drive brand awareness.

By uploading valuable information in engaging video formats, you have more potential to drive customers and influencers to talk about your brand. You can also use 6-second bumper ads, skippable or non-skippable in-stream ads in your YouTube marketing to build brand awareness. 

Reach Targeted Audience:

YouTube marketing is a better platform to reach targeted audiences than others. For example, if you deal with digital marketing courses, provide high-quality, relevant, and valuable information on digital marketing. It will attract people that are interested in learning and taking such courses. However, you must be passionate, committed, and consistent in your efforts to get the right audiences and turn them into leads. 

Earn Using YouTube Marketing:

Over 70% of customers buy a product after seeing an ad on YouTube. By using YouTube Marketing, you can expand your business globally and attract new customers. The audience from worldwide will get to watch your video and know about your business or brand.

YouTube Marketing helps creators in generating income through various methods. It includes the YouTube partner program, Google AdSense, membership, subscription, paid collaboration, fan funding, influencer marketing, and so on.  

There are many other benefits, such as creating marketing campaigns, engaging with the community, and boosting sales. So, you are missing out on a massive deal if you are a digital marketer without your presence on YouTube. Get started with your YouTube channel and unlock the benefits.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

To create the YouTube Channel, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

1. Create a Google Account

To build a YouTube Channel, you must have a Google Account first. 

  • Visit the ‘Google Chrome
  • Click on ‘Create an account.’
  • Fill up all the necessary details (Name, Phone Number, Gender, Date of Birth, etc.)
  • Set up an email address and password of your choice.
  • And now you are good to go.
Create Google account to create YouTube Channel

2. Visit YouTube Application

Once your account is created, visit the YouTube application or website. 

  • Click on the ‘Profile‘ icon. 
  • Go to ‘Settings‘. 
  • On the redirected page, go with the ‘Create a new account button under the ‘Your Channel‘ section. 
  • The option will ask you to proceed to the next page. Type the name you want to give your brand and move. 

3. Customization of the New Channel

The Customization tab has three sections – Layout, Branding, and Basic Info. 

Set up the Layout of your Channel

You can upload your Channel Trailer for the new audience and Feature videos in the feature section for the returning audience. 

Update the profile picture

Click on the ‘Customization’ Tab in the settings > Go on ‘Branding’> Click on ‘Upload’ in the profile section > Select the picture from your device > and ‘Publish.’ 

Update your Banner

Visit the ‘Customization’ tab > Go to ‘Branding’> Click on ‘Upload’ in the Banner section > Select the picture from your device > ‘Publish’. The dimension of the banner image should be 16:9, and the safe area should be 1235×338 px for the details. 

Set up the Watermark

Stay in the same tab > Go to watermark > Select ‘Upload Watermark’> Select the image from the device > ‘Publish’. 

Channel Description

This option is available in the ‘Basic Info‘ section. Click on the Pencil icon next to the ‘Channel Description’ section and update your description. After typing or pasting the description, don’t forget to ‘Publish.’ 

Update your ‘About’

This will appear in ‘Basic Info.’ Click on the pencil icon > type your about, paste the prewritten text,> click on ‘Publish’ to save the changes. 

If you do not have a YouTube channel, it’s time to create one. That’s because India is amongst the top 3 countries with the highest number of YouTube creators after America and Japan. It has the potential to take over other countries in terms of creators, and you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunities YouTube offers.  

How to Create Professional Videos For YouTube Marketing?

Most videos that generate a lot of traffic and a steady stream of visitors have good video quality. You need professional-level video quality to stand out from other creators. It will attract more viewers and also boost SEO rankings on Google. 

Following are different types of videos you can choose to create: 

1. Customer Reviews Videos: Customer review videos or customer testimonials are interview videos of satisfied customers. 

2. Product Demonstration Videos: These videos carry a complete explanation of the products. Creator demonstrates the usage of the products and their benefits.

3. Tutorials:  The tutorial videos help the viewers learn how to use a product, acquire specific skills, or solve a problem. 

4. Interviews: The interview videos carry recordings of the interviews of celebrities, thought leaders, or any famous personality. 

5. Case Studies or Reviews:  These videos carry reviews and thoughts on hot topics and events. They include the facts and statistics related to the topic. 

6. Event Videos: The event videos carry the telecast of events, either life, premier, or recordings. 

7. Personal Vlogs: These videos cover personal experiences and influential videos produced by the creators like travel vlogs, fashion vlogs, makeup vlogs, food blogs, etc. 

After you decide on the type of videos you want to create to promote your brand or business on YouTube, here is how you can get started with lights, sound, camera, and action!


Before you start recording, check if you have the necessary equipment such as a quality camera, dedicated microphone, highlighting hardware, tripod, etc. 


Go with a plain, neat, clear set when shooting the video. You can also opt for a green screen as a background. It will give a professional feel to the video. 


When aiming to create videos for marketing, it’s good to opt for a simple editing style. Cancel the noise, adjust lighting, remove pauses, add background music, etc., will help. 


Invest in a good microphone that performs well. No one likes fuzzy, unclear noise in the background video. Focus on getting your audio clear and precise. 


Keep your script simple yet attractive. Use simple words and keep the speech flowing smoothly. Deliver the speech in a calm and composed manner.


Decide the video length in advance. In the era of reels and stories, people these days enjoy short videos. However, your video will attract a big audience even if it is lengthy, provided it has valuable information.  


From writing the script to shooting the video, you will have to write down the entire process of making a YouTube video. It will help you avoid too much rework. 

Professional videos will attract more audiences, but if you want to improve the web traffic to generate more leads, you need to optimize the same. Here is how you can optimize your channel.

How To Optimise YouTube Videos? 

YouTube and Google use the same algorithms for search engine rankings. Their focus is on offering the best possible content to the user. You can supercharge your YouTube marketing using simple methods by combining your SEO and video strategy. 

1. Use Keywords in Video Title and Description

Use keywords in YouTube video title and description

Optimize your title and description using relevant keywords to improve your ranking on Google and YouTube. Also, include keywords within the videos seamlessly when telling your story. However, ensure the title does not exceed the character limit of 60, and the description is at least 250 words.    

2. Tags

Tags are the keywords you mention in the video. These keywords link your video with the other videos carrying the same tags. It expands the reach of your video. It would help if you always chose tags that are highly related to your video only, as Google sometimes tends to penalize videos that have irrelevant tags. 

3. Category of Video

The video category is another option to increase ranking ability on the platform and search engines. It adds your video to that particular category’s group and helps you increase engagement. You can choose the category of your video in the video manager. Select the category that justifies your video the best, and you are done. 

4. Thumbnail

Use creative and atrracting thumbnails

The thumbnail is like the cover page of your video. It appears along with the title of your video and has the same significance. The thumbnail should be very captivating and relevant to the context of your video. 90% of successful YouTube videos have custom thumbnails. That’s because thumbnails have the power to drive audiences to click on videos. YouTube recommended a fixed size of 1280×720 px for the thumbnail image. 

5. Subtitles and Closed Captions

Subtitles are edited in the video while uploading or after uploading from the video manager. They appear either at the bottom or the top while playing the video. The subtitles also have great significance in themselves. Adding specific trending and highly searched keywords in the video can help your video appear in the search results and generate higher engagements. 

6. End Screen

YouTube end screen

The end screen is displayed in the last few seconds of your video. For the End Screen, YouTube gives you the layout for adding the buttons of your choice to retain the viewer on your channel for some extra time. With buttons, you can allow the user to subscribe to the channel, go to another video link, or even the playlist. 

How To Promote YouTube Videos for Marketing? 

Once you have the video created with proper search engine optimization techniques, it’s time you start promoting it using different platforms and methods. Here are some ways to promote YouTube videos for marketing: 

1. Social Media Platforms

Social media is great for attracting traffic to your channel. A survey reported a total of 3.6 billion active users on different social media platforms. The highly ranked social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, etc. All you are going to do is, influence the active users over these different social media platforms to reach your YouTube channel. 

  • You can promote your videos by posting the short clips as a teaser on your handles and suggesting the users visit your channel to watch the full video. 
  • Add the link to your YouTube channel or recent video in your bio. 
  • Make people aware of the newly uploaded content through stories or statuses. 
  • Paste the video URL in the posts. 

You will successfully redirect the audience to your channel through these methods. 

2. Websites/Blog Posts

You can promote your videos by posting them in the blogs on your website. The subscribe link to your YouTube Channel can be given on your website in the media links. You can try sharing the link to the related videos with your blogs. The viewers will find your embedded videos in the blogs and easily reach your channel. 

3. Collaboration

Collaborating with other creators will help you exchange a loyal audience and ultimately increase your reach. You can approach famous creators to collaborate on a decided theme and post the video on your channel by tagging them. It will attract the viewers of collaborators to your channel. You can also ask them to promote the video on their social media handles.

4. Engagement

YouTube has furnished you with a fantastic additional feature of posting pictures, links, texts, or polls in the community tab. You can keep a constant connection with your audience through these posts. You can ask them for a suggestion for your next video, update them about upcoming events on your channel, give a teaser of your next video, and so on. 

5. Questions and Answer Platforms

There are various Q&A sites or virtual social platforms where people drop their queries like Quora, Brainly, Askdeb, etc. You can respond to their questions with a helpful video link and answer their queries. Such platforms help establish credibility amongst your audiences and authority in the marketplace. 

7 YouTube Marketing Strategy 2023

Now, since you have already learned about all the components necessary for YouTube Marketing, let us talk about specific tips you can follow to bring the potential to your channel. 

1. Follow your niche

It is a great idea to go for a niche-based channel. Technology, digital marketing, beauty and makeup, and gaming are some of the popular niches. Ensure you stay focused on creating videos based on your niche, so YouTube’s recommendation system can catch your channel and recommend it to interested users.

2. Maintain consistency in your posts

Consistency is the key to keeping your audience engaged with your channel. Fix a frequency to maintain in your posts to prevent the account from losing its efficiency. Posting on a fixed interval allows the user to look forward to your video.  

3. Follow all the SEO tips

You must apply all the SEO strategies to your video content. Follow all the optimization techniques, from selecting the right keywords, and optimizing descriptions, and tags to adding end screens. 

4. Implement the proper branding

The branding of your channel and videos should be appropriate. Using quality thumbnails, impressive titles, informative descriptions, expressive profile pictures, and catchy banners would be best. 

5. Create the playlists

The playlists make it easier for the viewers to find the content they are interested in. 

6. Create specific and unique content

Your content should be precise. It should be unique and capable enough to grab and retain viewers’ sight. 

7. Keep learning

All social media platforms are evolving with time, including YouTube. Creators are getting creative with every video, and you also need to innovate and learn new ways to attract audiences through videos. So follow top YouTube channels and learn advanced things. 

Best YouTube Marketing Software

There is various available software that you can use to carry out smooth marketing of your brand. 

1. VidIQ

YouTube marketing software - VidIQ

VidIQ is a fantastic keyword research tool. It helps you find relevant, trending, and highly searched keywords to insert in your content. You can smartly find the keywords in a few clicks.

2. BuzzSumo

YouTube marketing software - BuzzSumo

This is helpful software in searching for a collaborator. If you want to collaborate with any other creator, this software will find a perfect match for the collaboration. 

3. Social Blade

YouTube marketing software - Social Blade

This incredible software assists you in taking a glance at the success of your YouTube channel. It shows you the insight, current subscribers, and growth stats in one place. 

4. Agorapulse

YouTube marketing software - Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another excellent software for marketing. It enables the users to track the comments and inboxes. It comes with a unique feature of detecting trolls and unpleasant comments. It tells the number of times your brand is mentioned. 

5. Canva

YouTube marketing software - Canva

Canva is a very famous and efficient software. It is an editing software with which you can create beautiful and catchy profiles, banners, thumbnails, slides, promotional posts, and videos. Canva has thousands of templates and design samples to help you make the best. 


YouTube Marketing is a very vast concept. It includes various things, from creating a channel to uploading a video and promoting it. You can easily crack the YouTube algorithm by implementing all the necessary plans of action to make your channel visible. 

You can learn YouTube Marketing from one of the top-rated digital marketers in India. Signup for Digital Scholar’s YouTube Mastery Course and learn about different marketing strategies that actually work. The course will help build a strong audience and awareness of your brand. You will also learn how to establish credibility and monetize your channel in multiple ways. There is a lot in store, so grab the opportunity now!

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