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10 Best Cold Email Marketing Strategies in 2024

It is great to see your presence in the blog for the 10 best cold email marketing practices. In this blog, we will try to understand the importance of cold email marketing for business. You will also get to know the 10 best cold email marketing strategies in 2022 you need to follow before starting cold email marketing.

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What Is Cold Email Marketing?

“Simple – cold calling via email”.

Cold emails are uninvited emails that are sent to recipients without their permission or consent. Unlike transactional and warm emailing, cold emailing is a subset of email marketing. Like cold calling, the recipient may not like cold emailing also. But when you pitch the correct prospect with appropriate cold email marketing strategies, it is one of the highest ROI activities to grow your business. 

Importance of Cold Email Marketing in Business

Importance of cold email marketing strategies

Cold email is one of the most effective ways to generate more new leads for your business. Even though many people scoff at cold emails, they work well if you know how to use them. When you understand how they work and what will engage the prospect, you will be able to generate and convert more leads, increase sales, and accomplish your goals through some cold email strategy.

Email Marketing Vs Cold Email Marketing 

Email marketing vs Cold email marketing

What differentiates cold email marketing from email marketing is the type of recipient. For cold email marketing, you have to search or you have to select and get the email list by using some tools. But for email marketing, you will have the subscribers list to send emails to. They have dropped their emails somewhere on your website and opted in to receive emails and newsletters, etc. 

Cold Email – Outbound Marketing

Cold email Outbound marketing

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Email Marketing – Inbound Marketing

Email marketing Inbound marketing

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Is cold emailing legal?

The answer is simple. It is not illegal. According to CAN-SPAM Act – 2003, cold emailing is legal in the USA.  Similarly, GDRP also allows you to send cold emails.

You should adhere to the rule before sending cold emails. 

Here are the top 10 cold email marketing strategies that you should follow to have a successful cold email campaign.

Top 10 Cold Email Marketing Strategies In 2022

1. Understanding The Prospects

It’s the first and the most important cold email marketing strategy. The reason is that you cannot send these emails to a random human who doesn’t need your product or service. Make sure you have gathered firmographics and demographics for the client you will be cold emailing. Be sure to pitch to the person who needs your service/product.

It’s nearly impossible to persuade a prospect if you don’t understand who they are & what they need. If you don’t understand their needs, how can you present the right solution?

Understanding your prospects and gathering more information about them is the most critical part of cold email marketing strategies. It helps you to create the relevant content to pitch them. Otherwise, it will be like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Ensure you understand the situation of your prospect as much as possible.

2. Best Email Copy To Get More Response 

Having the best email template is the core of a cold email marketing strategy. The following are the important things to consider for a persuasive email copy.

  1. Subject line

According to Invesp, 47% of email recipients would open an email based on just the subject line. (Source: Invesp)

Subject lines are the basic cold email marketing strategy. Regardless of how good your email content is, subject lines are the deciding factor. Most people make a decision about whether or not to open an email based on your subject line. Personalized subject lines boost the open rate by 50%. Try to include the prospect’s name or company name in the subject line. Try to ask questions related to the solution you are trying to give them. 

Here are some examples:

  • “Hey [First Name], Do you find it difficult to track your tasks?”
  • “Email deliverability for [Company Name]”
  1. Personalization in the email body

Why one should use personalized content for cold email marketing?

ESPs (Email Service Providers) perceive your emails as spam if you send identical mass emails. Eventually, this will trigger the ‘spam filter’ & email will land in spam. This will lead to a decreased email deliverability rate. 

If this continues to happen, your email will get burned.  Server IP will get blacklisted, and it becomes extremely difficult to retrieve the email.

This is why personalized cold email is recommended to control the issue. These personalized emails boost your other cold email marketing strategies.

  1. Call to action
Call to action

This part is the heart of your cold email marketing strategies.  A good CTA will make the readers easy to take the next steps. 

Here are some CTAs you can use for your cold email:

  • Provide a specific time & date – “Are you available for a 20 mins call on Sep 10 at 3 PM EDT?”
  • Reiterate your value proposition – “ Are you available on  Wednesday to discuss how you can increase your employee productivity?”.
  • Request a Connection – “Can you please point me towards the right person to talk to?”
  • Ask a Simple, Yes or No Question – “Is fixing [Pain challenge] a high priority for you now?”
  1. Email signature

Email signatures are one of the most underrated cold email marketing strategies. Having an email signature is an effective way to convey your credibility to the prospects and convey them to reply to your email. Include only the information your prospects need. For example, Full name, Company name, Website, physical address, etc.  

Email signature

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Here are some cold email templates for B2B businesses:

Subject: How do you handle [Pain Point}?

Hi [First Name],

My name is [Name] with [Company].

I help [Industry] companies with [One line]

I wanted to learn how you handle [The thing your company handles] at [Company] and show you what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call at [Time and Date options]?


[Email Signature]”

Subject: Appropriate Person

Hi [First Name],

I just wanted to touch base with you as I didn’t hear back from you. If it makes sense, I would like to know how your calendar looks.

If not, could you please point me to the appropriate person for me to talk to?


[Email Signature]”

3. Give Users An Opt-Out Option

Give users an option to opt-out

Here comes the next important thing in cold email marketing strategy.

According to CAN-SPAM ACT and GDRP, every B2B cold email ought to have an opt-out option.

When it comes to cold email, you can not give a note with the word unsubscribe. Because they have never subscribed to your email in the first place. You should give an opt-out option to them instead of an unsubscribe note. The fact is that it is another important cold email marketing strategy which is underrated. This is one of the crucial cold email marketing strategies which make a greater impact on your result.

4. Email Follow-Ups

Sending one cold email and waiting for the prospect to respond happens only in the parallel universe. In the first place, why they should reply to your 1st drip.

Prospects will not reply to your very first email since you are a complete stranger.

The only way to make them reply is through following up. Email follow-ups are one of the most common cold email marketing strategies. Without this strategy, you cannot have a successful cold email marketing campaign.

I would suggest you send a minimum of three follow-up emails. 

Here is a general schedule:

Business day 1: The first cold email

Business day 3: Follow-up email 1 –  Case study

Business day 7: Follow-up email 2 – A new thread with a different challenge and solution.

Business day 12: Follow-up email 3 – Call to action. 

5. Build Cold Email List 

Now let’s take a step back and will find out –  Who are all your potential customers?

Email list building is one of the cold email marketing strategies which helps you to have a better understanding of your potential clients.

Through firmographics & demographics you can able to figure out your potential clients. Like segment, industry, location, company size, etc. 

There are 2 ways to find the email address. You can try different formats using first name, last name, and domain. Another way you can access the desired data is from the data provider’s platform. 

6. Cleaning Email List 

This is one of the cold email marketing strategies that you should not avoid when you are doing cold email marketing. Getting your email delivered is the top reason you are incorporating these email marketing strategies. To achieve that verify the email list before you decide to shoot the cold email. Purging outdated emails helps to decrease the bounce rate. Eventually, this cold email marketing strategy also increases the sender’s reputation. 

Cold email marketing is widely used for B2B companies. Some B2B companies will encrypt their domain as a catch-all. There are some tools in the industry that helps you to validate the email list. But Emailchecker is the only tool in the market that verifies catchall emails. It verifies the catchall emails and gives you the result as catch-all pass and catch-all fail. 

7. Email Authentication 

Email authentication

You can’t do other cold email marketing strategies by denying these authentications. It’s important to update SPF and DKIM to get a good open rate. It’s the first step to preventing your emails from landing in spam. These records help the email provider to check whether the email is genuine or not. 

Use Glockapp to check your SPF and DKIM settings. 

8. Email Warm-Up

Email warm up

Email warm-up is an important cold email marketing strategy to consider. Internet service providers like Gmail and Outlook, regularly monitor your history of emails. Like how much you send, what content you send, domain reputation, etc.

Two things will tell you to do an email warm-up.

  1. New email account – If you decide to have a new email address for the cold outreach, you have to do an email warm-up before starting the outreach. 
  2. Old email account – If more num recipients mark your email as spam, you will automatically land in spam in further emails. 

IF your email age is less than one month:

  • The number of warm-up emails sent per day is 30.
  • The number of warm-up emails received per day is 10. 

IF your email age is older than 2 months:

  • The number of warm-up emails sent per day is 20.
  • The number of warm-up emails received per day is 6. 

9. Daily Limits For Bulk Emailing

Ensuring daily limits for bulk emailing is another important thing to consider in cold email marketing strategies. Guaranteeing 100% is difficult here. The algorithm differs with individual ISPs.  And it differs with different factors. 

But generally, the rule is to start with a small no. of emails like 30 to 60 emails per day. Then the no. emails should be increased gradually according to the results obtained from previous campaigns. 

Don’t forget to warm up before sending an email, if the account is new.  

10. Metrics To Measure 

Metrics to measure

Here are some important KPIs to measure.

  1. Open rate
  2. Click rate 
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Response rate
  5. Opt-out rate

A good KPI report will look like this for Cold email marketing. If you are able to get these metrics means, you have inculcated the cold email marketing strategies.

Open rateClick rateBounce rate Response rateOpt-out rate

5 Best Email Marketing Service Providers For Cold Email Marketing

There is a number of email marketing service providers are available in the country for your cold email marketing. Here below we have listed the top 5 underrated but worthy email marketing tools that you can invest in;

1. Woodpecker

Woodpecker screenshot

Woodpecker integrates with Gmail and Outlook. It allows you to send emails and their follow-ups from Gmail & Outlook. It allows you to personalize, automate, schedule, and track the campaign. 

Detects duplicate contacts in the list. No free plan.
Google chrome extension.Can not able to send email attachments.

2. Gmass

Gmass screenshot

Gmass provides you with some unique features like google sheet integration, open tracking, unsubscribe link, etc. 

Free email verification serviceWorks only with Gmail and Google workspace
Free email warm-up 
Automate email sequence 

3. Yesware

Yesware screenshot

Yesware is a sales prospecting tool used by sales reps & email marketers. Yesware integrates with both Gmail & Outlook. 

Can custom email template to personalizeDon’t have a free plan 
Email tracking with real-time notification. 
Good deliverability rate
Schedule drips and set reminders for follow-ups. 
Includes tracking for bounce and out-of-office responses 

4. Lemlist

Lemlist screenshot

It is an all-in-one tool for sales professionals. With lemlist you can create personalized videos and images. Also offers email and domain warmup.

To determine the effective email, can use the A/B test featureNo free plan is available.
Customized cold emailDifficulty in setting ups campaigns. 
Integrates with zapier & CRM software.Complicated interface. 

5. Overloop

Overloop screenshot

Overloop is an email automation tool and lead generation tool. It helps to build a prospect list for cold email marketing. It has a credit-based system to discover the email IDs of prospective clients. 

Verify the email addresses of the prospect listNo free plan is available
Personalized campaigns and drip campaignsUnused email credits can not carry forward to the next month. 
Includes tracking for bounce and out-of-office responses 
Chrome extension to find prospect details from LinkedIn

What is the average open rate for cold email marketing (industry-wise)?

Industry Open rate 
Animation35% to 70%
Software development20% to 50%
Digital Marketing30% to 65%

Wrapping Up

Cold email can either take you the heights or make you fall down to the earth. It is a powerful method for B2B businesses to generate more leads. This article covered the best cold email marketing strategies to be followed for cold email outreach in 2022. And I hope that you got a clear idea about cold email marketing strategies and cold email marketing tools.

Cold email marketing mastery course

If you still don’t get the confidence to start cold email marketing, purchase this course to know more secrets about cold email marketing.  

And thanks for reading!

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