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Case Study on Digital marketing strategies of ClearTrip

Are you tired of looking at how Cleartrip getting more traffic for their business? This case study shows how Cleartrip has used digital marketing to achieve specific goals and provides tips on how to do the same. Read further to know more about the digital marketing strategies of ClearTrip!!!

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ClearTrip is a travel and tourism service company that provides detailed marketing strategies to help its customers achieve their travel goals. 

ClearTrip offers various services, including airfare, hotel reservations, and attraction tickets. The company’s marketing strategies focus on providing its customers with the best possible experience while they are travelling. 

ClearTrip Logo

ClearTrip strives to provide accurate information about the destinations it recommends, and it offers a variety of helpful offers and discounts along with the resources to help its customers plan their trips.

Despite the reality that there are other travels and tourism-related services, let’s look at why people use ClearTrip and how they might connect with people by focusing on a particular demographic for brand recognition.


Cleartrip was founded in 2006 as a business and air travel supplier by Stuart Crighton, Hrush Bhatt, and Matthew Spacie. Contemplating the inefficiencies in the overall travel market, the founders chose to enter the online travel sector. 

Cleartrip offers an online corporate travel management tool called Cleartrip for Business.

Cleartrip launched an iOS app with split-screen search functionality in April 2012. The app’s search also encourages location-based arrival and departure searches, using the current location.


The CEO and Co-Founder of the Mumbai-based company Clear Trip are R Ayyappan . They have a solid team of 500–1k employees who work together to build a great company, and their yearly annual revenue is from $100-500 Million.

Why Should Marketers Study Digital Marketing Strategies? 

The importance of digital marketing techniques for travel and tourism marketers is growing due to the widespread usage of smart platforms.

  • Digital marketing is key for travel and tourism marketers for various reasons. Digital channels make it possible to communicate with clients quickly and simply.
  • Additionally, they permit customised advertising, which may raise consumer acquisition rates.
  • Digital marketing also makes it possible to assess marketing performance, which can assist in pinpointing areas that require more work.
  • These techniques can support the promotion of a destination’s attractions, products, and services and the development of client relationships.
    Digital marketing can also improve customer loyalty and help foster a positive perception of a resort.
    Businesses can increase traffic to their websites or other online platforms and reach new clients using digital marketing techniques.

These all are the main factors that should motivate marketers to research digital marketing methods are those that were already discussed.

Digital marketing strategies of Cleartrip

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Undoubtedly powerful strategies for advertising travel and tourist firms are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The overall statistics that ClearTrip currently keeps are listed below.

Social Media platformsNo. of people follow
Instagram1,21,000 followers,
Facebook1,32,100 followers,
Linkedin14,320 followers
Twitter3482 followers.

Let’s look at the list of marketing tactics used by ClearTrip across all social media platforms.

1. Instagram Marketing strategies

Instagram is a social media site where users can post pictures and videos. In the travel and tourist sectors, single destinations, products, services, or groups of locations can be promoted using Instagram marketing strategies.

Clear trip Instagram

These digital marketing techniques can spark interest in a place or a product, motivate users to visit a location and create connections between tourist locations and businesses.

ClearTrip convinces its audience with colourful and carefully picked layouts and videography by understanding how social media operates.

With 57.8k followers and regular uploads of 1101 content, ClearTrip is active. By working with local influencers who use ClearTrip services, they have outstanding Instagram marketing strategies.

Making intriguing content, employing relevant hashtags to target your audience, and leveraging graphics and photos to grab attention are some advice for good Instagram marketing.

2. Facebook marketing strategies 

In today’s economy, tourism is a booming speciality on all social media platforms. However, many companies still don’t know how to advertise their products on social media platforms like Facebook.

Targeting your audience is the best strategy to interact with customers.
Asking yourself these questions can help you identify your target audience before you even begin marketing your company on Facebook.

  • People who were already interested in their travel were the primary audience for ClearTrip.
  • Additionally, ClearTrip targets those who have already been to your destination.

Based on your target demographic, it is important to select the best Facebook marketing plan if you are running a travel and tourism business.

cleartrip  website likes

They presently have 101k Facebook followers, they gained them with numerous promo offers.

cleartrip Fb Likes

ClearTrip receives more likes for a travel and tourism post —roughly 101k.

3. Twitter marketing strategies

Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing your travel and tourism company. Here are some methods used by ClearTrip to advertise its company on Twitter.

ClearTrip used Twitter to market your travel and tourism website. Include links to your website in your Tweets and use hashtags to make it easier for people to locate you.

cleartrip Tweets

Along with a correct bio and website link insertion, ClearTrip has a solid 31k followers.

cleartrip twitter analytics

Cleartrip is gaining approximately 500+ followers every month and is not interested in following anyone.
About forthcoming travel and tourism events, ClearTrip published Tweets. Potential clients will notice this and find it simpler to learn more about what you’ve to offer.

SEO Strategies 

Your travel and tourism website can be optimised in various ways to improve search engine rankings.

Including keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, and the content body is one of the best marketing techniques.

You might also start a podcast or blog to advertise your goods and attract new clients. Lastly, you can use hashtags and social media networks to promote your website.

So let’s examine how effectively the ClearTrip SEO team used SEO strategies.

traffic clear trips

ClearTrip has a highly impressive website with 5.9M visits, 3.6M new visitors coming monthly, an average visit duration of 08:42 and a bounce rate of 44.11%.

DA - Cleartrip

ClearTrip has an Authority Score of 65 with organic search traffic of 16.7M and paid traffic through 271.2K backlinks.

ClearTrip’s Domain Authority

An SEO tool named Moz uses the domain authority metric to assess the website’s quality. The domain authority is determined by several factors, including backlinks, consistent content updates, website load times, traffic, and average time spent on each page.

Yathra’s website now has a domain authority score of 67 according to Moz, however, this score has room to grow much better.

DA - clear trip
organic traffic cleartrip

ClearTrip receives 7.6M visitors due to using the proper 1.2M keywords on their website.

Top Organic Keywords

Google’s most popular organic search terms are Cleartrip, Hotel near me, Clear Trip, and philippine airlines.
The success of their branding and local SEO methods can be seen in the fact that 18% of the traffic to Cleartrip’s website comes from brand-related keywords and 2% from local queries like “hotels near me.” However, we could not find any business-related terms for them in the top 10 list. They are squandering numerous chances to use keywords. In the coming years, I hope they’ll alter their SEO tactics.

Who are the competitors for ClearTrip?

cleartrip organic competitors

The list of main organic competitors is,,, and FareCompare, competing with the common keyword ranges between 35k- 32k.

cleartrip- CPM

Now, look at the position of the ClearTrip competitor for better reference.

Types of SEO Targeting Audience for Cleartrip

Regarding keywords by intent, their informational keyword reaches 55.5k people, making them gain 50.8k traffic with 203.6k keywords on their website.

So what is an informational keyword?-Many different types of keywords can help you rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). One type of keyword is called an informational keyword. An informational keyword is a word or phrase that helps internet users find information about a particular topic. For example, the term “car insurance” is an informational keyword because it refers to information about cars and car insurance.

 ClearTrip Target Segment

  1. What Product did Clear Trip Sells?
clear trip - flight search

Cleatrip runs its business by offering the best travel service with several discounts and integrating banks to earn more points; ClearTrip also offers hotel and village stays.

Get a deal from Cleartrip when the offering begins; you will benefit from the trip along with the gift cards and reward points!!!

  • Cleartrip Price and Offer
Clear trip  app

A rate chart based on routes and the type of flights you select, such as domestic or international, is presented on the ClearTrip website.

However, Cleartrip is linked with many banks, where you can get more offers when you have that particular credit card.

  • ClearTrip Geo-Targeting Audiences

Cleartrip is focusing on a campaign to run worldwide only with the specialised discounts and offers available at a time period.

Cleartrip retargeting ads
  • With the following products, they are aiming for the following audience.
  • Single backpackers and travellers
  • Couples
  • Households with young children
  • Teens in families
  • Retirees
  • Travellers for business
  • Luxury vacationers
  • Workacation

The people who are most motivated to be covered are between the ages of 25 and 50. They are aiming for an audience between the ages of 18 and 65+. ClearTrip prioritises ladies over guys when it comes to gender. Additionally, their entire audience has given the advertisement close to 101k likes.

Influencer Marketing Campaign by Cleartrip

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for promoting travel and tourism. It is an effective marketing strategy for companies in the travel and tourism sector because it can swiftly and affordably reach a big audience.
Content creators, social media celebrities, and traditional media sources are the three main categories of influencers.

Through their content, influencers can help promote travel and tourism. They can post photos or videos of their travels and write about their experiences traveling.

But Cleatrip doesn’t hire any influential influencers; they used to post with the common faces along with the discount they are offering. From digital scholar analysis, we have keenly noticed that Instagram posts are designed with more infographics than posts with faces.

The Mobile App Marketing Strategies of ClearTrip

An app that helps travellers plan their trips and find the best deals on hotels and transportation has been developed. 

The ClearTrip Travel app includes reviews of hotels, attractions and transportation options. 

cleartrip booking app

It also offers discounts from participating merchants with affiliate programs too. ClearTrip Travel is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

ClearTrip has a 4.3 rating with 1+ cr downloads by a large audience.

ClearTrip’s Campaign Strategies

Campaigning for travel and tourism can take many different forms. Public relations, lobbying, and advertising are a few examples of common ones.

Each tactic has advantages and disadvantages of its own. It’s critical to select the appropriate tactic for a given circumstance., a leading online travel agency, has launched a new digital campaign called #Dreamitplanit.

The campaign aims to encourage travel as a vital part of life and pique curiosity about the magnificent world accessible to everyone.
The campaign offers readers an international journey through interesting films, blog entries, and social media material. 

Reviving urge post-covid restrictions and inspiring people to travel and see other cultures, they named the campaign #dreamitplanit.


According to a recent analysis of ClearTrip’s digital marketing strategies by Digital Scholar, ClearTrip is succeeding in various digital marketing strategies. 

They could, however, put more of a focus on email marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

Please feel free to comment if we missed anything important so that  The content will be updated in our upcoming edit.

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