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The Rise of Digital Marketing

The era we live in is the Digital Era. And in the last 4,5 years, there has been a consistent growth in the spread of digital. Everyone is online and digital marketers are just leveraging the presence of their audience to market products and services. Digital marketing has become a crucial factor for businesses and customers. The scope of the industry is so vast that people from other professionals want to learn digital marketing. Students from various streams of higher education are getting into digital marketing because of the future scope. Also, due to the high demand for digital marketers, businesses are willing to pay good salaries.

Digital Marketing in Chennai

Chennai is one of the top 4 cities when it comes to digital growth. There are plenty of digital marketing agencies, freelancers, social media agencies, digital marketing experts, digital marketing training institutes in Chennai, which attracts students and employees from all over the country. Some of the significant roles in digital marketing in Chennai are Social Media Executives, Search Marketers, influencer marketing executives, Content marketers, designers, web developers and vloggers.

Chennaites have access to an n-number of digital marketing courses both online and offline. A few reasons why:

  • Digital marketing is the need of the hour. E-commerce, retail, housing, hospitality and technology, all of it needs digital marketing.
  • A tremendous increase of startups in Chennai; everyone with an idea can launch startups today. For a startup to reach a vast set of audience, it needs digital marketing.
  • It levelled the playing field. Since everyone is digital, there even small businesses started marketing there. This expands the job opportunities for marketers as well.
  • Influencer marketing in Chennai is skyrocketing. The Kollywood and the television industry in Chennai are taking influencer marketing to another level.
  • Many digital marketing experts in Chennai, with world-class campaigns, are increasing.

For the above-listed reasons and more, digital marketing is one skill that entrepreneurs, startups, students, freelancers, professionals, etc. need to acquire to enhance their current position or for a promising career. Learning digital marketing through classroom training can expose you to a lot of opportunities. You can interact with like-minded and form communities that can help each other. Also, learning from an online course wouldn’t give you the chance to work on live projects. Among the number of digital marketing training institutes in Chennai, which one is the best? Here are some points to help you decide.

# Who’s your trainer? 

The first step towards figuring out a digital marketing training institute is to look into the trainer and his background. As digital marketing is always evolving, you need to find someone who can keep up with the trends and has the maximum industry knowledge. An industry expert is who you should be looking for. The traits that you should be looking for are:

→ Strong digital marketing background with specialization in a particular stream.

→ At least 6 to 7 years of industry experience and at least 4 to 5 years of experience as a trainer.

→ Award-winning campaigns.

→ Lectures in educational institutions, organizations, summits, and conferences.

→ A person with several contacts in his line of work.

→ A good educator who wants to impart digital marketing knowledge.

# Your goal:

In digital marketing, there are a lot of branches. Find the branch you are passionate about and see if the institution offers courses that fit your goal. If you are a newbie, you can start with a one-day workshop or a flagship course. If you want to delve deep into the world of digital marketing, take up an advanced course that specializes in a particular line. There are courses specific to personal branding, blogging, and youtube vlogging if you are looking to earn money through entrepreneurship. So, evaluate your range of interests and correlate them to the institute.

# Ask around:

Even if everything else clicks, do not forget to gather student testimonials. You should have a clear-cut idea about what the institution exactly is. Do thorough research on the internet. Look for reviews and publishings related to the institution. Do not conclude just with an online presence. Find the alumni of the institution and get in touch with them. They would be able to give you an exact picture as to what to expect.

# Course Curriculum:

The course curriculum should also play a significant part in your lookout for institutions. A premium digital marketing institute should include an offer 80% practical and 20% theory. Some of the topics that you should be looking for are Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Content writing, Personal branding, making money online. Or if you are going to specialise in a particular field, then it is best to see if the curriculum offers an exhaustive curriculum on your topic of specialisation. 

# Teaching Methodology:

Digital marketing is a practicals-based subject. So. look for an institute that offers agency-styled learning. Agency-styled learning is where you would be able to get an overview of how a digital marketing agency works. Industry’s best practices, live projects, ethical practices, working with experts and dealing with real-time problems help you to face any challenge that you might face.

# Affordability, timing and distance:

The institute that you have chosen should fall within your budget. Also, if you are a professional, see to that you can accommodate within the timing that the institute offers. Choose an institute that is close to your home or workplace. 

# Placement:

An excellent digital institute should be able to offer placements at reputed agencies or organizations. You can get a fair idea as to what are the companies that have aligned themselves with the institute. Based on the quality of companies on board, you can get a clear idea about the reputation of the institution.

Apart from this, you can also look of certifications that the course can offer. This way, you would be able to start your digital marketing career with confidence and agency experience. If you are looking for one such agency that can show the digital route to success, digital scholar it is! We offer agency-styled learning where you will be provided with your own domains and projects. Our next batch starts in January. Get in touch with us!

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