Case Studies

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How To Become A Digital Coach & Earn Money | Interview with Siddhant Jain
While bakers today are restricted to offline bakery shops, we have a home-baker who was able to crack Instagram at a rapid pace! With more than 10K followers, Siddhant Jain was able to help his mother spread love with her delicious bakes...
19-Year Old Makes Money Through Online Coaching & Freelancing
Meet Sanskar Jaiswal, a 19-year-old (yes, you read that right), who did not fear taking a leap from a typical college curriculum to the ever-evolving industry of digital marketing. After being associated with digital scholar and our courses, he learnt various skills like building landing pages, Facebook ads, setting up an LMS and is currently helping other entrepreneurs as a freelancer on a monthly subscription basis...
How To Earn Money Through Coaching, Consulting & Freelancing | Neha Agrawal
As part of our Online Digital Marketing Program, Neha learnt the art of influencing on Instagram, the various skills required to make it big on this platform and coaching/consulting!..
Photographer Turned International Freelancer Who Makes 75K Per Month
Here's Mohan, a 25-year old photographer, who's one-time investment in digital marketing, changed his life! Mohan was a part of Digital Scholar's first ever offline batch. He had absolutely no idea about Digital Marketing when he first stepped in...
How To Make Money Online With Your B2B Business | Anchana Chandran
Anchana Chandran, an alumni of Digital Scholar, took her learnings from our agency-style training and put it to use with her family business. She took her father's traditional business of Quartz and made it suitable for an online platform.
How An Army Personnel Gained 15K Instagram Followers
Meet Bijay Nair, an Army Personnel, who took a step forward in the digital world and became a successful Instagram influencer with more than 15K followers in no time!
The Journey Of An International Freelancer
Meet Vidhi Tharad, a jewelry designer turned international freelancer who now earns more than 50K per month! She did not fear taking a big leap from her professional life to become an entrepreneur with Digital Scholar's guidance!
Karan and Pooja Makes 8.5 Lakhs in 3 Months
Let's understand how they went through the 3-Months digital marketing program and were successfully able to implement the learnings and start their own digital business and earned 8.5 lakhs in 3 months