Change Canva website slug and favicon

How to Change Canva Website Slug and Favicon?

The article covers the process step by step, from understanding the definition of the website slug and favicon to the practical steps to changing them. Users can learn how to enhance and easily change the website slug and favicon on your Canva website by following the simple instructions in the article.

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Canva offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience, and a few tasks can be tricky for some users. 

Changing the Canva website slug and favicon are two tasks that may seem daunting to some users, and many of them asked us in the comment section to explain them.

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In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing the website slug and favicon on Canva. 

By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly change your Canva website slug and favicon and improve your website’s overall look and feel. So, let’s dive into the process and make your Canva design even more impressive.

What is Website Slug and Favicon?

But before that, you need to know what website slug and Favicon are!

The website slug is part of the URL that comes after the domain name and helps search engines, and users understand the page’s content.

The favicon is the small icon in the browser tab next to the website name.

Now let’s look into the step-by-step guidance on how to change the Canva website Slug and Favicon.

How to Change Canva Website Slug and Favicon: Simple Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the website slug and favicon on your Canva website:

Step 1: Log in to Your Canva Account

To start, log in to your Canva account and select the website you want to edit.

Login to Canva to Change Slug and Favicon

Step 2: Access the Website Settings

To access the website settings, firstly, you need to click on the publish website button.

Click Publish website to access settings
Click Publish Website

Here I’m choosing the free domain, if you have any website previously and intend to merge with Canva, then it is ok to select the second option.

Now click continue to proceed to the next section.

Click continue to get Review settings
Click Continue

Once after completing that, you will be landed on the review settings.

Review Settings
Review Settings

To change the Favicon, you need to select the edit button.

Click Edit for Favicon
Click Edit for Favicon
Add Favicon to Canva Website
Add Favicon to Canva Website

Here is the place where you need to Upload the Favicon.

Step 3: Upload Your Favicon

To upload your new favicon, click the “Favicon” option under the “Branding” tab. You can either upload an image or select one from Canva’s library of icons. Make sure the icon is in a square format and is at least 280 x 280 pixels.

Click + to add favicon
Click ‘+’ to add favicon

If you have designed one already, you can just simply click on + to from the drive.

Customize size of favicon for canva website
Customize size of favicon for Canva website

Or else, if you are starting from scratch, then you should definitely check out this steps.

Choose the size and create your own template logo.

Add brand logo
Add brand logo

This is how it exactly works!

Favicon is added to Canva website
Favicon is added to Canva website

Step 4: Change the Website Slug

To change the website slug, simply click on the current slug and type in your new preferred URL. Make sure your new URL is unique and easy to remember.

Change the Website Slug
Change the Website Slug

Step 5: Save and Publish Changes

Once you have made your desired changes, click on the “Save” button located at the bottom of the settings sidebar. Then, click on the “Publish” button to make your changes live.

Preview changes and publish
Preview and Publish Changes

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the Canva website slug and favicon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a website slug?

A. A website slug is the part of a URL that identifies a particular page on a website. It is usually a few words that describe the page’s content and comes after the domain name. Changing the website slug can make your URL more memorable and easier to remember.

Q. What is a favicon?

A. A favicon is a small icon that appears in the browser tab of a website. It is used to identify the website and can be customised to represent the brand or business better. Changing the favicon can make your website look more professional and cohesive with your branding.

Q. Can I simultaneously change the website slug and favicon for all my Canva websites?

A. No, you must change each Canva website slug and favicon individually. Each website is unique and may require different branding and URL structures.

Q. How do I choose the correct favicon for my website?

A. Selecting an icon representing your brand or business is essential when choosing a favicon. You can upload an image or select one from the Canvas icons library. Make sure the icon is in a square format and is at least 512 x 512 pixels. It should also be simple and easy to recognise.

Q. Will changing the website slug and favicon affect my SEO?

A. Yes, changing the Canva website slug and favicon can affect your SEO. If you change your URL structure, search engines may need time to update their index, temporarily affecting your rankings. However, properly redirecting your old URL to the new one should be fine for your SEO.

Q. Can I change the website slug and favicon after publishing my website?

A. Yes, you can change the Canva website slug and favicon at any time. Just update any external links or bookmarks to reflect the new URL.


Changing the Canva website slug and favicon is a simple and effective way to customise your website and make it stand out. 

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily create a more professional-looking website that better represents your brand or business. 

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So go ahead and give it a try!

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