digital marketing case study on Cadbury

Case Study On Cadbury’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Cadbury’s digital marketing strategies are creative, diverse, and bind together harmoniously and effortlessly. Every product has a different profile, and each product has its own set of marketing campaigns and strategies. However, they also ensure that each Cadbury product sits well with one another and doesn’t seem out of place. What are Cadbury's digital marketing strategies? Let's find out!

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Did you know that Cadbury initially sold drinking chocolate, and labeled itself as a healthy drink? This was way back in 1824, and well, fast forward to 2022 all we can think of when one says chocolate is Cadbury. What happened in between these years (or centuries) is a testament to how Cadbury jumped on every opportunity and established its brand name around the world.


To sell really tasty chocolate isn’t that difficult, but to sell it as Cadbury does, is something to learn from! In this blog, we will discuss how Cadbury made use of the digital platform for branding and earned a name for themselves amongst the competition. 

Let’s first understand more about Cadbury’s digital marketing strategies;

About Cadbury


Cadbury built its very first manufacturing unit in India in 1948. They now have a total of five manufacturing units and one cocoa operation across India. The market share of Cadbury India is around 70%, which is the highest in the world. India’s favourite chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, is a benchmark for all the other chocolates. These are some of the Cadbury’s products:


  • 5 Star
  • Perk 
  • Celebrations
  • Éclairs
  • Gems

Beverages: Cadbury Bournvita



Oreo Biscuits


You can play with Oreo Biscuits also just like her 😉

cadbury oreo biscuits playing

Since 1965, Cadbury has been leading the cocoa cultivation development. This is with regards to their collaboration with the Kerela Agricultural University and their constant training sessions with cocoa farmers on its cultivation.

Why Should Marketers Study Cadbury’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Marketers must study Cadbury’s digital marketing strategies because they can get inspired by them, and try to implement some of those strategies for their brands too. Here are four of the many things marketers can learn from Cadbury: 

1. Use Brand Name to Increase Visibility.

The Cadbury logo is always displayed on all of its products, ensuring that customers know who made their favourite chocolate bars.

When was the last time you heard “Nestlé Kit Kat” mentioned?


Did you hear about Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk before?


Almost certainly never. When compared to the way Cadbury chocolate is marketed, “Cadbury’s Crème Egg,” “Cadbury’s Roses,” and, of course, “Cadbury’s Dairy Milk” seems a lot more natural because that is how we are familiar with them. In this way, Cadbury’s chocolate is instantly recognisable. You can use your brand name too to make your product more identifiable.

2. Consistency

Just in the UK, Cadbury sells over 276 goods including bars, bags, ice creams, desserts, biscuits, travel exclusives, spreads, beverages, food products, and seasonal products for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.


Despite having such varied products, Cadbury develops products that are consistent with their brand – nothing seems out of place or as if it were made by someone else. As a result, when consumers desire a Cadbury product, they know what to look for and what to expect when they get it.

3. A Style Guide

Every page should be consistent, according to a basic rule of web design. If certain pages on your website have a completely different layout, typeface, or colour scheme than others, the consumer may become confused and believe they’ve left your site and landed on another.


To promote exposure and familiarity, a great brand requires consistency. This implies that your name, logo, colours, tone of voice in your writing, and other branding elements should be consistent across your website, social media pages, email newsletters, and physical marketing materials. If you’re launching a new product, pay attention to how you show it online and advertise it to your target audience.

4. Adapting to Changes

Cadbury continues to update its product offering to keep up with the newest consumer trends and adapt to its changing market, as evidenced by its extensive product range. With 538 abandoned goods, the firm knows when to retire a product that isn’t profitable enough and when to attempt something new.

Cadbury, for example, will produce a Dairy Milk chocolate with 30% less sugar next year, maybe because people are more concerned than ever about living a better lifestyle. But, through it all, it knows how to maintain its brand despite product and market changes.

cadbury less sugar chocolate

The same rationale can be applied to your marketing strategies. Whether it’s a new social networking platform or Google making adjustments to AdWords (or as it’s now known, Google Ads), the internet marketing landscape is continuously shifting. The most important thing for marketers to do is to assess these developments and efficiently adjust to them without losing sight of their brand.


Determine whether you should attempt a new social media platform, establish a new ad campaign, or send out a series of mailshots. But remember what your brand is, how you want to be perceived, what your objective is, and who you’re aiming for when you do.

Cadbury’s Digital Marketing Strategies 

1. Cadbury’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

Cadbury entered the social media realm with the intent to revolutionize its marketing strategies and step back from Television and other traditional forms of advertising. Here is how they are performing currently on different social media platforms: 

Cadbury’s Instagram Marketing Strategies

Cadbury has different Instagram accounts for each of its products. This allows them to keep their marketing more focused on that particular product and adhere to the audience consuming it. Each account has a different content, colour themes, and overall presentation.

Here is the follower count of Cadbury’s most famous products (as of April 2022):

Cadbury productNo. of followersEngagement rate

Each of these brands post content that is specialized to their own product. BournVita recently ran a campaign with the saying “Maa kabhi retired nahi hoti” on their Instagram page. This goes well with their brand language since BournVita’s TV ad. too focuses on the relationship between a child and their mother. Hence, even across different platforms, their brand image stays the same.


Dairy Milk’s Instagram page, on the other hand, is filled with posts related to IPL, since they are the sponsor of the ground staff in IPL. 

Cadbury’s Facebook Marketing Strategies 

Cadbury uses Facebook to publish similar content as Instagram for their Facebook audience too. They have a much larger follower on each account on Facebook. 

Cadbury productNo. of followers
Cadbury dairy milk16m
Cadbury Bournvita192k
Cadbury dairy milk silk5m

Cadbury made use of Facebook to follow up on the 30-second television advertisement they published using the saas-bahu duo. This campaign was to brand their product, “Dairy Milk” to be one that builds friendships and other relationships. They aimed to catch the sentiments of the otherwise negative duo, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and show them in a more loving and positive light. This proved to be successful because Cadbury could connect with their audience and make them emotional. 

According to a study by Medium, these were the following trends they experienced after their campaign on Facebook:

  • There was a 5.8% increase in top-of-mind awareness.
  • Facebook is alone responsible for a 5.1% boost in brand consideration.
  • 5.7% increase in TV reach
  • Increase of 8.1% in the number of people who watch light television.
  • Increase of 2.8% in spontaneous awareness
  • Tenfold increase in Facebook ad spend

Cadbury’s YouTube Marketing Strategies:

Unlike Instagram and Facebook where Cadbury has different profiles for different products, Cadbury has only one channel on YouTube, with different sections for “Seasonal,” “Flavours,” and “Marvellous creations.” Cadbury has over 548K YouTube subscribers. They also make use of “YouTube Shorts,” YouTube’s most recent feature to post short videos within 30 seconds. 

Cadbury’s Youtube engagement rate

Cadbury’s YouTube engagement rate is 0.67%. They receive an average of 262 likes per post.

Cadbury's Youtube Engagement Rate

Cadbury’s Twitter Marketing Strategies:

Cadbury also has separate accounts for its different products on Twitter. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Twitter account is currently occupied by content about the ongoing IPL 2022. Similar to its Facebook and Instagram accounts, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Twitter is occupied by content about their sponsorship of the ground staff. Cadbury has a strong social media presence, particularly on Twitter. Customers are kept engaged on Twitter by posting on a regular basis. Although there is a lot of repeated information across platforms and pages, this is understandable because it broadens the audience reach.

Cadbury’s key strength is its ability to engage its followers on social media since they are quite good at responding to customer comments and inquiries. This good aspect of the organisation aids in the development of a welcoming and accepting brand image.


2. Cadbury’s SEO Strategies:

Cadbury India has a gifting website where people can customise their chocolates for gifting purposes and place an order for the same. According to SEMRush, here’s an overview of how their domain is performing:

Cadbury's website SEO Campaign - Domain authority and backlinks


Cadbury’s organic keywords include

  • Cadbury India
  • Lumba rakhi
  • Cadbury celebrations
  • Cadbury happy birthday, and
  • Dairy milk silk,
Cadbury's Top Organic Keyword

However, Cadbury does not have a website with the same name as its domain. Mondelez International, its parent firm, only has a section dedicated to it. The website must also be optimised in order to appear first on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Popular companies like Dairy Milk and Oreo do not have their own websites. A distinct website for the brand allows individuals to learn more about the products while also increasing transparency between the company and its customers.

Cadbury’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns: 

1. Stay Home Stay Safe: At Home with Oreo – A Cadbury Oreo Campaign

Oreo, a Cadbury cookie brand, has produced a clever commercial that corresponds to the pandemic situation: staying at home. Oreo debuted the #AtHomewithOreo campaign, which is aimed at youngsters. In these uncertain times, the campaign urges children to be playful. “Make Way For Play” is the campaign’s slogan. Isn’t it an excellent use of the current situation?

2. How Far Will You Go For Love? – A Dairy Milk Campaign

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is marketed primarily at millennials. Dairy Milk Silk, on the other hand, has proven to be a favourite with youngsters, and launching this promotion for Valentine’s Day was a fantastic decision!

The campaign’s theme was simple: “How far will you go for love on Valentine’s Day?” with the hashtag #PopYourHeartOut. Kartik Aryan, a well-known actor, and youth hero was also enlisted to help promote the ad.

3. Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye – A Dairy Milk Campaign

People in India place a high value on rituals and traditions, especially when embarking on a new endeavour on an auspicious occasion. Cadbury Dairy Milk launched the “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” campaign, in which Cadbury India positioned Dairy Milk as a treat that could be enjoyed during joyous occasions in our lives.

Cadbury India demonstrated individuals of all ages sharing big and small life experiences, interacting with others, and making great occasions even more memorable with Cadbury Dairy Milk. The campaign is still remembered fondly, and Amitabh Bachchan, the great Indian actor, previously endorsed it.


As you can see, Cadbury has seeped into the digital world to showcase its products and spread the word about its brand. You can enroll in the best online digital marketing course if you wish to build amazing digital marketing approaches for your company. This course is for students who want to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to use it to grow their business.


Are you prepared to take your company’s image to new heights? Now is the best time to take our free digital marketing course!

Which was your favourite campaign by Cadbury? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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