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How To Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts For Free In 2022

Posting regularly on Facebook is time-consuming and difficult. Learn how to bulk schedule Facebook posts for free.

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Are you a digital marketer who wants to bulk Schedule Facebook posts for free? Do you wish to pre-schedule your posts in order to focus on other affairs for your business’s advertisements and promotion? Are you a newly established business that doesn’t want to create a budget for social media tools for scheduling your posts? Do you have your contents already ready and wouldn’t want to waste time being reminded to post every time?

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RELAX!! – We’ve got you. In this article, we will learn how to work smartly. It’s a comprehensive and detailed article about how to bulk Facebook posts for free and will get you the answers, you have been seeking.

Most of the marketers and professionals out there have been battling between two sides of queries. Few suggest that the third-party social media tools are the best for posting, and the other few consider that the organic way is the best and most prominent.

Nonetheless, if you are trying your best to gain better leads and engagements, it really is not necessary for a digital marker or your social media department to waste productive time and energy configuring your Facebook posts.

how to bulk Facebook posts for free waste of time - work smart not hard

It is truly possible to bulk schedule your posts for Facebook for free once in a while using the free tools available out there. These tools are effective and trustworthy.

Honestly, whenever things are scheduled timely and precisely, everything falls into place to deliver the at most best results. Even in your own life, on the day-to-day basics, until we don’t schedule things and activities beforehand, the day might get ugly and go out of track. It’s actually the same with social media. For a lot of digital marketers and businesses out there, Facebook is the prominent and the most opted social media platform considering its daily users and the scope of high exposure.

If you decide to schedule your posts on Facebook beforehand, it will help you in maintaining regularity, and as we’ve said in the above lines, it will help you focus on other responsibilities as a growing business.

What Do You Mean By Bulk Scheduling On Facebook?

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On Facebook, post scheduling allows you to store up posts and have them published at a later time or whenever your social media marketing strategy suggests them to be published. This might be useful for firms who want to keep their publication schedules constant or don’t have time to make changes every day manually. It also saves a lot of time as you are not physically and manually posting your content every now and then. Instead, you simply bulk the required content for posting and post it at the desired time. It may also be handy for simultaneously posting several posts on one or more Facebook pages.

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Why To Bulk Schedule Posts On Facebook?

Now, that you have started to understand what is bulk schedule posts on Facebook. Consider the below-mentioned points to clear out your doubts on why to bulk schedule Facebook posts as well.

  • Most Importantly, You Are Saving Time.
  • You Are Regular With Your Posts And Contents
  • Your To-Do List Becomes Extremely Easy And Stress-Free
  • Control And Monitor Your Postings From A Single Place
  • Modification And Changes Are Conveniently Possible.
  • No Worries Regarding Your Hashtags
  • Have An Eye On Your Traffic And Targeted Audience
  • Brands Stay Connected With Bulk Publishing On Facebook
  • You Could Amend And Stop Your Bulk Postings
  • Each Month, Make A Plan Being A Step Ahead

So let us understand them better in-depth!

1. Most Importantly, You Are Saving Time.

For a business owner or an entrepreneur, time is money. An owner has a lot of things going in their mind and essential responsibilities to be fulfilled. Hence spending a lot of productive time and energy on Facebook for posting posts voluntarily might just end up being too much. Remember that time spent in the right way results in providing profound results.

Therefore, whenever you bulk schedule posts for your Facebook profile, you are saving time and manual work. By pre-scheduling posts, one can focus on providing better content for the future, analyze where and what things have gone wrong, and make necessary changes accordingly.

Schedule your Facebook posts now and work on the essential tasks

2. You Are Regular With Your Posts And Contents

One of the most important reasons to bulk schedule posts on Facebook is to maintain your regularity as a business entity. Your brand, be it a new business or an already established one, needs regularity in posting updates and news regarding your activities.

As a digital marketer or a business owner, if you are seeking successful leads and engagements on Facebook, ‘REGULARITY’ is the answer to your endeavours. If your posts and updates are regular, if your business page/profile is updated every now and then, it creates an image of trust for your business in your audience’s minds. In order to achieve legitimacy, one has to be transparent and regular at communicating the necessary message to its audience. 

The below image shows how digital scholar updates their timeline from time to time in order to maintain regularity.

bulk schedule facebook posts - digital scholar post

Also, on the other hand, if you wish to maintain your audience’s interest and enthusiasm for your brand, products, and services, you have to be regularly posting stuff. Posting doesn’t always mean updating your brand new or future plans. Sometimes it can be humorous jokes, memes, or videos that have a little wit in them.

As a digital marketer, you have to post regularly on any social media platform. But, it’s a time-consuming process and difficult to post on Facebook regularly. It also requires a lot of patience.

waste of time gif

Instead of doing hard work let’s learn how to do Smart Work! By smart work, I mean scheduling your facebook post

3. Your To-Do List Becomes Extremely Easy And Stress-Free

As stated in the above points, bulk scheduling posts for Facebook can save a lot of your quality time and decreases the pressures of the least stressful thing – Publishing posts on Facebook

If you have your to-do list ready, which you obviously will as a business owner or a digital marketer, you can easily focus on enhancements and modifications if required from the time not spent posting on Facebook manually. From designing and creating marketing strategies to examining the interactions and reach, one can rely upon bulk scheduling and take the edge off of publishing content by self.

Once your contents and strategy are ready to come into the action, your last step is to bulk the posts and monitor the results

4. Control And Monitor Your Postings From A Single Place

Rather than doing the manual work and repeating the same way of publishing posts, with bulk scheduling posts for Facebook all at once, you can monitor and control them from one single place. This is pretty much convenient and productive since everything and every outcome is in one place. You need not go everywhere whenever it is required to do.

Once you have bulk posted posts for your Facebook profile, you could monitor every content post by post and reconfigure what’s required to be. One could also control and preview how the posts would look and adjust the time and date of publishing – Everything conveniently from one single place!

5. Modification And Changes Are Conveniently Possible.

Whenever you post manually with the same traditional approach as Facebook offers, once you have posted content, it is not possible to go back and modify them as per how it is required to be. With bulk scheduling posts for Facebook, you get the opportunity to preview your content and understand how it looks and if at all it is previewing as per what is desired.

This is a great benefit as you really don’t want to mess around with your brand’s credibility and go back to delete and then post the content again. And this is not only with one post but several as you are bulking posting it.

6. No Worries Regarding Your Hashtags

As an established brand, you might have your own unique and identified hashtags going around with which audiences might recognize you and start following your Facebook page. Having uniquely identified hashtags is extremely important and necessary for a business, and businesses should not take it less lightly.

Once you have bulk posted your posts on Facebook, you have to maintain the consistency of your hashtags and never worry if they are missed to be entered or are lost.

7. Have An Eye On Your Traffic And Targeted Audience

With bulk postings, it becomes easier to have an eye and track your traffic. You get to learn which segments of the new fresh audience have entered your realm and which are showing less interest.

Once you try evaluating your Facebook’s return on investment, it is extremely important to evaluate conversations, engagements, and traffic precisely, and with bulk postings, this is all possible.

8. Brands Stay Connected With Bulk Publishing On Facebook

Whenever a brand is bulk posting on Facebook, the brand is keep its intended audience engaged and connected. Bulk posting might act as a dear friend to your social media strategies. Through this, you can try and work on cultivating your audience into loyal customers and keep them hooked with your brand’s ideas and ambitions. 

On the other hand, this also increases enthusiasm and interest in the minds of your audience as they know you are actively being updated with your Facebook page for them.

9. You Could Amend And Stop Your Bulk Postings

Isn’t this the best benefit of bulk scheduling your posts, as you could anytime amend and stop your postings, and do the necessary changes when required? A social media strategy is never made once and executed, and it evolves with time creatively. It might be possible that your social media department might come up with innovations and creatively towards your already made strategy.

Once as a digital marketing specialist or a social media manager, you have thoroughly and precisely planned your posts ahead, bulk scheduling can give you the opportunity to stop and amend your bulk posts anytime. You wouldn’t have to be concerned regarding unforeseen occurrences or treats to your brand’s credibility or issues with your meticulously prepared social media strategy.

10. Each Month, Make A Plan Being A Step Ahead

You may use bulk scheduling to construct posting calendars up to a month ahead of time. With your posts being scheduled ahead, you get a lot of spare time which could be productively used in planning your creative posts ahead, You won’t run out of content abruptly this way, and you’ll keep your consistency.

Now that we have understood why it is important to bulk post on Facebook, let us now dive into your question – How to Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts For Free?

Bulk Facebook Post Your Content Using The Creators Studio

The simplest way to bulk your Facebook post content is by using the Creators Studios

Bulk Schedule Facebook Posts in Facebook Creator Studio

Until today, Facebook’s creator’s studio has been used widely by business owners, influencers, and digital marketers. It has been reliable and effective without any flaws and drawbacks! If you would not prefer to include third-part tools, this is a method we would recommend you execute.

It used to be rather simple to schedule posts from the Facebook page without using any additional internal tools. In order to do just that, you now must use Creator Studio for effective results. 

To go to Creator Studio, go to your Facebook page’s post creation view and then click Create Post in Creator Studio.

After that, you’ll be sent to Creator Studio to start working on your content. Here you may add copy and creatives, tag and location information, and add-ons like Feeling/Activity and Boost.

Once you’ve completed, go to Schedule by clicking the tiny arrow next to Publish. Then choose a day and time, click Save, and the Publish button will become a Schedule Post button. 

And you’re done!

Alternatives For Bulk Scheduling Posting On Facebook

A. For Desktop

Step 1: Log Into your Facebook account on your desktop

Go to your Facebook page and log into your account/page.  Log into your Facebook account on your desktop. You can only schedule posts for a company page, a Facebook group, a fan account, or an event page.

Step 2: Go to the publishing page for your posts.

Select Publishing Tools from the page menu. If you don’t see it, click the down arrow next to More to bring up a drop-down menu. 

After that, choose Publishing Tools. This action will open a new page with all of the previously published content.

Step 3: Compose your content

Create a post by clicking create in the upper right corner of your published posts. A Facebook post might consist of a picture, an article, or an advertisement.

Step 4: Create a Facebook post to a schedule.

After you’ve finished writing your article, don’t click the blue Share Now button. Another Share Now button is wedged between a down arrow and a clock indicator just above it. Choose Schedule from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Decide on a day and time.

After you click Schedule, a calendar will appear, allowing you to choose the time and day your article will be published. Choose a day and time, then click Schedule.

The Share Now option will change to Later if the scheduling was successful. Now, to schedule a post on a Facebook group or business page, select Schedule Post.


B. For Mobile

Step 1: Get the Facebook app on your phone.

Download Facebook Pages Managers from your app store. This is a Facebook-owned and operated app. 

Step 2: Pen your Facebook account.

You must log in to Facebook from the app in order to see the scheduling menu. Go straight to your Facebook pages after logging in. Select a group from the provided list to learn how to schedule a post on the Facebook group.

Step 3: Create your post

Create your Facebook post by tapping the Publish button. When you’re finished, a query will appear on your timeline asking, When will this be published?

Step 4: Schedule 

After you’ve completely finished the post, go to Publishing Options and pick Schedule from the drop-down menu. Set your ideal time and date, then click Done. When will this be published? the field will now read Scheduled for Later. Finally, click Schedule to complete the process.

Process Done!

Facebook Post Scheduling Tips

tips for scheduling the facebook post

Keep these recommended practices in mind for effective bulk scheduling of your Facebook posts.

1. Compose Posts with Attention.

Because you’re scheduling posts in bulk, there’s no obligation to generate material quickly. Do it with care and meticulously. 

Keep your brand’s image and reputation and preserve your brand’s credibility by creating your posts with attention. This is highly necessary. So spend your time developing and creating content that is appropriate to your brand image.

2. Determine the Best Time to Publish

It’s pointless to publish when you’re at work since you’re scheduling postings or still configuring your strategy. A better strategy would be to explore a little and figure out when your audience is most engaged, then post at that time. Your social media marketing team might definitely know what your intended audience is active the most and their taste and preferences.

Your reach and engagement objectives will benefit from having more people notice your Facebook updates.

3. Don’t Just Schedule Anything and Everything.

The relevance here matters the most. There are certain things that are simply not designed to be scheduled. They should be monitored and posted in real-time with snappy, fashionable subtitles. Facebook events, Facebook check-ins, and Facebook photo albums are all examples of this!

Your scheduled posts should be exceptional and should be delivered just at the right time. A message comprehended whenever it is required the most stay in your audience’s minds for a long time.

Be mindful about what is required and what is not. 

4. Decide on a Posting Schedule and Maintain it.

Whenever it comes to Facebook statistics(which we will dive into after this) and fan retention, this is a critical issue to consider. Nobody enjoys following a broken chain of messages and updates. Make careful, however, that you don’t overcrowd or overload your Facebook page by publishing 15 times every day!

Set a reasonable publishing schedule that you can stick to and enjoy the process of generating content. The amount of Facebook posts you curate and plan each month is determined by the number of likes on your page and your topic.

5. Observing and Tracking

A smart social media manager or digital marketer will always keep track of and monitor their scheduled postings. This allows them to better understand their audience and what they anticipate each day when they visit your Facebook page.

By observing and tracking on a regular basis, brands can monitor where are the leads and engagements going, how to rebuild the strategy next time for better outcomes, and how certain the success of the brand is.

Go ahead, Start keeping an eye.

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A Few Facebook Statistics You Should Be Mindful Of In 2024

Below are a few statistics which you help you focus more on Facebook postings and evaluate your strategy for a better future.

Users By Region

  • There are at least 339.8 million Facebook members in India.
  • There are at least 180.1 million active Facebook members in the United States of America.
  • There are at least 130.9 million Facebook members in Indonesia.
  • There are at least 116.6 million active Facebook members in Brazil.
  • There are at least 91.4 million active Facebook members in Mexico.
  • There are at least 86.6 million active Facebook members in the Philippines.
  • There are at least 70.7 million active Facebook members in Vietnam.
  • There are at least 51.2 million Facebook members in Thailand.
  • At least 47.5 million people in Bangladesh use Facebook.
  • There are at least 45.6 million Facebook members in Egypt.

As Per Gender

facebook statistics as per gender
  • Females account for 43.2 percent of Facebook users worldwide.
  • Males account for 56.8 percent of Facebook users worldwide.

As Per Age

  • 119.0 million users between the ages of 13 and 17 (5.6 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience)
  • Users aged 18 to 24 account for 481.1 million users (22.4 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience).
  • Users aged 25 to 34 account for 643.2 million users (30.1 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience).
  • 401.5 million users between the ages of 35 and 44 (18.7 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience)
  • Users aged 45 to 54 account for 237.0 million users (11.0 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience).
  • Users aged 55 to 64 account for 145.4 million users (6.8 percent of Facebook’s overall ad audience).
  • 114.1 million Facebook users aged 65 and up (5.3 percent of the overall ad audience)

General Statistics

  • Total number of Facebook users (monthly active users): 2.936 billion (April 2022)
  • 1.960 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis (DAU) (April 2022)
  • 67 percent of Facebook’s monthly active users log in every day (April 2022)
  • The global advertising audience of Facebook is 2.141 billion people (April 2022)
  • The worldwide advertising audience on Facebook is 72.9 percent of the platform’s overall active user population (April 2022)
  • Facebook’s monthly active users account for 37.0 percent of the world’s population.
  • Change in the number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide in the last three months: +24 million (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in global monthly active users on Facebook every quarter: +0.8% (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in the number of monthly active Facebook users throughout the world in the last year: +83 million (Apr 2021 to Apr 2022)
  • Annual change in monthly active users on Facebook: +2.9 percent (Apr 2021 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in the number of daily active Facebook users worldwide in the last three months: +31 million (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in worldwide daily active users on Facebook every quarter: +1.6 percent (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in the number of daily active Facebook users worldwide during the last 12 months: +82 million (Apr 2021 to Apr 2022)
  • Annual change in worldwide daily active users on Facebook: +4.4% (Apr 2021 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in the number of people who have seen adverts on Facebook in the last three months throughout the world: +32.2 million (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)
  • Change in Facebook’s worldwide advertising reach every quarter: +1.5 percent (Jan 2022 to Apr 2022)


Facebook is indeed the most used and opted social media platform for promotions and advertising for businesses and digital marketers worldwide (as the above statistics explain as well).

Once bulk scheduling posts for Facebook, try and maintain being mindful of what is to be delivered to your audience and what really are they seeking. Learn all about Facebook and other digital platforms to build your business or brand to the next level by learning an online digital marketing course.

Rest, go ahead, and start bulk posting now.

how to bulk Facebook posts for free - See you

We hope the above article has been useful for your time and knowledge. Do comment your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

Thanks for Reading!!

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