Britannia Digital Marketing Strategies

Case Study: Britannia Digital Marketing Strategies

Britannia digital marketing strategies is to increase its presence among the Indian diaspora, develop new goods to recruit local ethnic clusters, and establish local operations in rapidly developing emerging social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Is your favourite biscuit, by any chance, Bourbon? Well, it is for almost 70% of India’s population! A household name, a favourite across age groups, and a food that no one can decline, Britannia has grown in leaps and bounds to acquire the maximum market share in its industry. In this blog, we will discuss the many elements of Britannia digital marketing strategies that they employ. 

From their innovative marketing techniques to their strategies that are widespread across digital and traditional platforms, Britannia has made its mark in the industry and is now an example for other marketers to carry out their own digital marketing strategies.

Read on to find out more about how you too can digitise effectively! 

About Britannia

Britannia is one of India’s leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and oldest food company. It produces biscuits and dairy products. The Wadia Group owns Britannia Industries. A British merchant created it in 1897, and it is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Britannia Industries sells its products in over 70 countries throughout the world, and it has 81 manufacturing units in India, including 41 biscuit units, 13 dairy facilities, 12 bread units, 9 rusk units, and 6 cake units.

Britannia manufactures 2.8 million packets per day, which are delivered to over 36 lakh outlets via 51 depots, 3700 stockists, and 900 trucks per day.

Britannia’s product line consists of

  • biscuits
  • bread
  • cakes
  • rusk
  • cheese
  • beverages 
  • milk
  • yoghurt. 

Britannia is a brand that many generations of Indians have grown up with, and our brands are treasured and appreciated in India and around the world. Britannia has several brands in its portfolio, and it cleverly uses each of them to position itself in all market categories. Consider their astute positioning:

  • Tiger – Positioning for the mother to select for their children
  • Little Hearts – marketed as a snack for children.
  • Good day – The positioning is as ordinary biscuits that provide joy to everyone’s lives.

Why Should Marketers Study Britannia’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Marketers can find an abundance of inspiration from the way Britannia crafts its strategies and depicts itself to its audience. Britannia leads the pack in terms of market share with 28 per cent, while Parle-G is a close second with 27 per cent. ITC is rapidly expanding and presently accounts for 11% of the market. The remainder of the market is dominated by smaller brands and unorganised businesses. 

Hence, there’s definitely something Britannia is doing right.

Let’s look at some big moves that marketers can get inspired from

Britannia Tiger for Rs.5/-

With a reduced price and smaller packs of this product, Britannia primarily targets customers with comparatively lower income who are concerned about both product quality and affordability. Britannia also captured a large chunk of India’s rural market with this product.

Britannia digital marketing strategies-Tiger

Reinventing Their Brand

Britannia reinvented its brand in 2018 (celebrating 100 years of its business) and introduced a new logo and motto “Exciting goodness,” which aspires to become a whole foods firm by introducing new goods such as wafers and croissants and expanding into other sectors. It also relaunched its old items with new formulas and packaging. 

Britannia digital marketing strategies-brand revamp

Celebrity-Focused Content

Celebrities are significant in every industry because of their wide reach. It aids in cutting through the noise and bringing the celebrity’s fans directly to your company. Britannia has a large and trustworthy network of notable celebrities and their fan bases.

Britannia has benefitted from many celebrity endorsements over many years.

Here are some of their content that managed to win hearts:

Cheese Star chef with Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Shipra Khanna were recently seen in Britannia Cheese StarChef preparing cheesy meals.

cheese starchef
Britannia Cheese StarChef

Ahsaas Channa and the little Hearts 

Britannia took Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to advertise the opposite of what brands generally market – to break hearts.

Britannia digital marketing strategies -little hearts
Break some hearts

#TheNutriMovement with Bhoomi Padnekar 

Vidyut Jamwal and Bhumi Pednekar, both Bollywood celebs, were spotted encouraging people to make a healthy start and join Britannia’s #TheNutrimovement.

Britannia digital marketing strategies - nutri choice

Milk bikis with Pankaj Tripathi

Britannia Milk Bikis has been relaunched in select key areas across the country as Milk Bikis 100 per cent Atta biscuit to make the product healthier. Pankaj Tripathi, an actor, has been hired as the brand’s spokesperson. 

Khushiyon ki zidd karo

The brand has done a commercial in which they include Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone in which she urges people to focus on the objective and chase the actual thing, and this message has simply been presented as “Khushiyon ki zidd Karo.” In layman’s terms, this message suggests that if you stay cheerful and pursue happiness, every day will be a good day.

“Khushiyon ki zidd Karo.”

Britannia’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s now take a look at the different digital marketing strategies drawn up by Britannia and how they use innovation to stay on the top even in the digital era.

Britannia’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

In this day and age of digitization, it is critical for businesses to market themselves on social media platforms. Britannia has been working hard on social media in order to fulfil its communication goals.

Britannia’s Instagram Marketing Strategies

Britannia’s Instagram page ( has 18.7k followers on the page (As of May 2022) and an average engagement rate of 1.32%, which is a relatively good engagement rate.

They use moment marketing as a way to engage their audience with real-time content and amplify their engagement. Following are some of the examples used by Britannia to engage in moment marketing: 

Gandhi Jayanti

Teacher’s Day

Britannia’s content bucket also includes a series of memes, posts in hindi, promotional posts, contests, etc. They follow a red and gold colour scheme and similar fonts everywhere on all of their posts. The captions on the posts are limited to 2-3 lines. They also do not reply to the comment section (which you may want to do for your business, though).

Britannia’s Facebook Marketing Strategies

Britannia’s Facebook account (Britannia Industries) has 36k followers as of May 2022 and an engagement rate of 0.07%

They employ moment marketing to engage and increase their audience’s involvement with real-time information, just like they do on Instagram. 

Unlike Instagram, Britannia replies to its customers on Facebook and promises to solve all their grievances to be solved.

Britannia fb replies

Britannia’s YouTube Marketing Strategies

Britannia uses its YouTube page to release videos to its campaign which is generally run on all digital and traditional platforms. They have 114K subscribers on YouTube with an average engagement rate of 0.21%

Britannia youtube engagement rate

YouTube is the most followed platform of Britannia and one which is constantly updated by them. Here is an example of a campaign by Britannia back in 2014, where they released a series of videos with the title ‘Happy Good Day to You!’

Britannia’s ‘Happy Good Day to You’ was released in 2014. Good Day is a design-your-own-wish campaign that allows users to create their own greetings and win Apple iPad minis and other amazing prizes.

The UGC campaign asked users to access the brand’s website and social media handles in order to participate in the contest and win exciting rewards.

In the same year, Kings XI Punjab announced Britannia Good Day as a new sponsor. The brand collaborated with Jack in the Box worldwide to launch the #FunjabiFunde digital campaign, which introduced Happy Singh in his brand new persona Baba Happy Singh and established the concept of a Funjabi player who plays the game in genuine spirit.

Why is Happy Singh Not Punjhappy?

Britannia’s Twitter Marketing Strategies 

Britannia’s Twitter page (@BritanniaIndLtd) has 20.4K followers and an average engagement rate of 0.11% 

britannia twitter engagement

Their Twitter account is similar to their Instagram and Facebook too, where they post engagement-focused content. 

The Spotify buzz on Twitter

We’ve seen brands battle it out to showcase how their brand is better than a competitor’s. But, here’s an example where there was a win-win situation, and customers fell in love with two brands belonging to industries that are poles apart – Britannia and Spotify.

Spotify India’s attention was attracted to the remarkable likeness of Britannia’s Good Day Cashew Biscuits to their brand logo on Twitter in June 2020. Spotify not only altered their logo for the day and updated their bio to mention the likeness, but they also linked to a handpicked playlist suitably dubbed ‘Chai & Acoustic,’ just like most Indians would enjoy their Britannia Good Day Cashew Biscuits.

britannia -spotify post

Britannia’s SEO strategies 

Website overview

Britannia’s website has a slideshow going promoting a few of their biscuits.

Britannia - ad campaings

The domain authority of their website is 41 and they get 3,09,074 organic traffic to their website. They have great backlinking and have 11,601 organic keywords.

britannia -traffic over view


These are the top organic keywords on their website

  • Britannia 
  • Britannia industries limited careers
  • Britannia industries 
  • Britannia biscuits
  • Britannia ltd
brittannia organic keywords

Top Digital Marketing Campaigns of Britannia

New Milk Bikis 100% Aata

Britannia Milk Bikis has been relaunched in select key areas across the country as Milk Bikis 100 per cent Atta biscuit to make the product healthier. Pankaj Tripathi, an actor, has been hired as the brand’s spokesperson. 

The Butter Battle

In 2019, food giants Amul and Britannia engaged in a form of acrimonious banter. It all started when Amul challenged a number of cookie brands on social media about the amount of quality butter in their ingredients.

The company claimed that other cookie brands on the market use less butter and more vegetable oil. The cookie/biscuit form depicted in the design is similarly similar to Good Day. Britannia responded to the persistent poking with a print ad that asked the consumer, “How much cholesterol does a 25% butter biscuit have?”

Britannia twitter post

A smart move, indeed.

The 50-50 Golmaal Ad

The 5050 Golmaal launch is the result of a comprehensive study conducted by the Company on the favourite flavours and spices consumed in West Bengal households. The advertisement is about deciphering the unique combination of two ingredients—Kala Jeera and sugar crystals—to create a pleasurable experience. The new Britannia 5050 Golmaal costs INR 25 per 200 gm.


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What do you enjoy best about Britannia’s commercials? Please leave your opinions in the space below!

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