Top 20 Popular Brand Collaborations with Instagram Influencers

Over the last few years, the number of brands on Instagram has accelerated. With brands aiming for engagement, they collaborate with Instagram influencers who make the promotions for them seamlessly, and influencer marketing is in high demand. If you want to learn about the top brands on Instagram that have collaborated with influencers, this blog will provide you with the information you seek.

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It’s an intriguing topic to discuss since it piques the interest of those who want to become brand influencers and are curious about the top brand collaborations with Instagram influencers. Brand collaboration has become essential on social media platforms in order to gain followers, for engagement with the audience, and promote products.

Let’s start with influencers and their Instagram collaborations with top brands, as well as influencer marketing.

Why is Influencer Marketing Important?

1. Accurate Targeting

When it comes to product promotion, it incurs a lot of expenses, and owing to this, it is more important every related decision has to be taken with utmost precaution. A miscalculation in the targeted audience can be a blunder for any brand, and that goes the same with the choice of influencers.

Any brand’s influencer is in no way a random artist but someone whose niche can directly impact the product sale. Because the influencer is closely related to the brand, it’s conclusive that the followers too will have a similar interest and will most likely convert them into probable buyers.

Determining and targeting an accurate audience is essential to every marketing strategy. In most cases, it is challenging and requires a thorough understanding of a buyer’s persona who can be your potential consumer.

With the help of influencer marketing, you surpass the stage to establishing followers for your brand as the followers of the influencer fulfill the requirement.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is also a very important factor when we are determining the top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers to promote their product sale. The average conversion rate for Instagram is 1.85% which is only second to its parent company, Facebook.

That’s the reason that most brands love to be active on Instagram due to the higher degree conversion rate. Because of the better conversion rate on Instagram, the overall return on investment also improves considerably. When it is connected with concerned influencers, it can do wonders for the brand.

With appropriate influencers working for the brand, the message goes to a targeted audience who has an interest in the product and is most likely to get converted into potential buyers.

3. Enhanced Brand Awareness

Because the influencer has their followers, and when a brand hires an influencer, it is not the influencer it is targeting but the number of followers they have.

All influencers have followers because of their hard work, passion, and experience over the years, and when a brand hires an influencer, it increases its reach to the audience. Thus, hoping that many of their followers will start to follow their brand as well.

4. Increased Trust and Credibility

All the followers have enormous trust in the influencers, and when those influencers talk about something, they take it very seriously. This loyal community of followers embraces most of the things shared by the influencer and develops a sense of trust for the brand.

For the influencers, it is important to realize that whichever brand they promote should be thoroughly researched as it’s a question of the trust of their followers. In any situation, there shouldn’t be a false message passed on to the followers in exchange for some money. 

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity day by day. It’s intriguing to write on this topic. The top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram influencers, and after a discussion on how it works, it’s time to get started.

Brand Collaborations with Instagram Influencers

1. BMW

Who has not heard the name of BMW, the prize possession that every youngster aspires to have? The #RoadToCoachella campaign at Coachella in 2017 had a huge number of 5.8k posts, where BMW was exclusively used as their means of transport by the influencer.

As we all know, BMW is a luxury car. As a promotion strategy, they focus more on Influencers and digital media as numerous influencers have merged into their promotion campaign. The official hashtag for the brand, BMW, has more than 67.8M posts.

@alchemyparts and @bmwmrated are two of its prominent Instagram influencers who are constantly working for the promotion of the brand. As a result, creating posts consistently to promote the brand.

2. GoPro

Founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, GoPro is yet another company among the top 20 Brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers for their promotions in digital media.

It’s actively targeting lifestyle-related posts as a plan to promote the brand, and for this, it has collaborated with numerous influencers, like @pergliamicibarto and @afonsobrodrigues who are constantly running campaigns to promote sales on the digital platform.

GoPro is a brand that loves to participate in various hashtags such as #gopro with 50.1M and #goprobr with 999k posts are a few of the most followed ones and shows how the brand loves to play on the internet.

3. Dior

One of the oldest fashion brands, the house of Dior was established in 1947 when India gained independence, and by 2017, its net profit was €5.73 million.

Regarding the influencer marketing campaigns accomplished by the brand so far, again, there are many names like @cyrusveyssi and @mimiarr who are very prominent, and they can’t forget the 67 Shades of Dior Campaign, which is one of the most successful campaigns done by the brand so far where they posted continuously for 67 days by 67 different influencers.

4. Zara

Zara has over 54 million followers, a mammoth fashion brand, which shows how great the brand is, and even after acquiring so many followers, they have never discouraged influencer marketing.

In the memory lane of Zara’s influencer marketing campaigns, Zara has 45.8 M posts, #zarawoman with 3.1M posts has acquired a good amount of popularity, and famous Instagram influencers like @constancypense_ and @zaraaddiction are among the most influential ones.

Zara as a brand has acquired a lot of popularity over the years and gained many loyal followers, and the influencer strategy that the brand is following is like icing on the cake.

5. Crocs

Compared to the brands discussed above in the list of top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram influencers, Crocs may seem on the lower side. Still, the influencer strategy that the brand follows is extraordinary.

@rocknrollpadawan and @treschicbypaulina are two of its well-known micro-influencers who devotedly contribute to the promotion of the brand, along with numerous other influencers.

Crocs have already made an impression on the followers, and so far, it’s only a few steps covered and a way to go. And who knows after a decade where the brand will stand?

6. Calvin Klein

When it comes to undergarments, Calvin Klein is a top brand to follow, which is evident from the 22 million people following the brand. @kennedydawn and @style_travel_daily are two of the Instagram influencers actively promoting Calvin Klein, though there are many others as well.

Calvin is also known for playing with hashtags, like #calvinkelin with 7.9M followers and #mycalvins with 92.2k followers are the most famous campaigns run by the brands.

7. eBay

eBay is an online selling and purchasing platform which is slightly different from its rival companies like Amazon or Flipkart as it is an auction-based platform started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.

eBay love to play with hashtags as well as #ebay has 5.8M posts, and #ebayseller has 2.4M posts not only this, influencers like @thesequinhanger and @pookietrend are among the top-rated influencers hired by the brand for product promotion.

eBay also uses a variety of tricks like product discounts, coupons, etc to enhance the sale, most of which are promoted by the influencers.  

8 Swarovski

Another fashion-related brand, Swarovski is known for its peculiar fashion products, which have their unique identity as the brand has established a name for itself in the fashion world.

@melissackoh is one of the famous influencers hired by the brand for advertisement showcasing. On Mother’s day, which was quite a successful event on Instagram. @sophialillis and @jennaortega were the few dedicated influencers linked with the brand and its promotion.

At the same time, the official hashtag concerned with the brand, #swarovski has 13.6M posts, showing how popular the brand is among all its followers.

9. Sperry

In the list of top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers, Sperry is a piece of brand information with a potential future, as, at present, it is dealing with the segment of shoes, accessories, and swimwear.

Sperry, though still in its early days, has collaborated with more than 100 micro-influencers which shows how focused the brand is on its promotion, as influencers like @everettwilliams and @canahtam are among its top-rated influencers.

Sperry, the popular boat shoe brand, has managed to work with more than 100 micro-influencers on Instagram to shape brand awareness among the followers and increase their reach.

By connecting with these engaged fans, they were able to help with content production for their official Instagram account. They also got authentic content from a wide variety of influencers.

10. Guess

Another brand that is promising and is super active on Instagram with a huge 8.1M followers is, Guess. The brand loves to talk about all sorts of fashion products which is trending.

Guess is a brand loved by the youngster as its official hashtag #guess has 10.4M posts and #loveguess 272k posts.

@laurenabraham and @amanda_strachan are among the few influencers of brand collaborations to increase their brand value and reach more followers.

11. Walmart

Whose has not heard of one of the biggest players in the retail business, Walmart is aggressively active on the digital platform to promote its brand. #fighthunter, a campaign with 142.6k posts, run by the brand, earned them a lot of popularity.

Its official hashtag #walmart has 4.1M posts, and #walamartfinds has 694.4k posts showing the popularity of the brand among its followers.

The brand is also immensely concerned with its influencer marketing as quite a good number of influencers are engaged by the brand, including the likes of @fitbabeonabudget and @cheapchicfinds, who are active promoters for the brand.

12. Levi’s

When it comes to wearing super comfortable jeans, Levi’s is a brand that strikes among the top few. While discussing the top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers, we can’t neglect the efforts made by Levi’s.

The #buybetterwearlonger hashtag that the brand promotes through its Instagram page has 12k posts and attracts more people to the campaign. Also, the official hashtag for the company, #levis, has 7.3M posts which is large enough to understand the authority possessed by the brand on the digital market.

The brand is equally active in promoting the brand through influence like @kameronrasmussen and @fashionlandscape are among its top promoters. 

13. Fab Fit Fun 

A Los Angeles, California-based private E-Commerce brand founded in 2010, Fab Fit Fun has successfully acquired 893k since its beginning and is already a promising brand to follow.

The official hashtag for the company, #fabfitfun, already has 366.4K posts to its name, and top influencers like @laurenabraham and @stacieinatlanta are the influencers with whom the brand collaborations has worked really well.

14. Glossier

Glossier is another popular beauty product brand focusing on ecosystem skin first, makeup second propaganda, and a top-notch brand to get ranked in the top 20 brand collaborations with Instagram influencers.

@lovelyemy and @axelleblanpain are among the top few influencers with that the brand has collaborated to promote its activities on digital platforms and make the brand famous.

15. BH Cosmetics

Another beauty niche-related brand, BH Cosmetics, is challenging to have 100+ cruelty-free vegan options for the users to select. It is highly active on the digital platform as it has released 11k+ posts on Instagram only.        

Known for its makeup products, the brand has collaborated with influencers, and top micro-influencers like @jenguzmanxo and @rlqrosie to run their promotion campaign.

16. AllBirds 

The renowned wool shoe company, Allbirds has taken influencer marketing very seriously as influencers like @lalafauxbois and @fortyonehundred have collaborated with the brand for its promotion.

Founded in 2016, the company has already made a mark for itself by acquiring 486k followers and looks like a promising company for the future.

17. HelloFresh

Founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, HelloFresh has a great influencer marketing strategy with famous micro-influencers like @mintkarla and @helloemmylowe to support the brand.

The brand is supported by the hashtags like #hellofresh with 1000k posts and #hellofreshpics with 263.9k posts, which are like pillars for the growth of the brand.

18. Airbnb

Airbnb was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, California, and is the world’s most reputed travel and finest accommodation online marketplace. It’s the most trusted vacation rental site. It began its influencer marketing journey in 2015 when it offered Mariah Carey to stay in their luxurious Airbnb Mansion in Malibu.

The company is known for its exotic sites for traveling and managed to gain over 5M followers on Instagram. Apart from its followers, the brand is also targeting influencer marketing constantly to increase its reach as the likes of @mariahcarey, @thejoshuatreehouse, etc, are among the list of its prominent influencers.

19. Therabody 

To add to the list brand collaborations with Instagram Influencers, we have Therabody, which is known for its unique range of products in the healthcare segment.

The brand is active in influencer marketing, @coachlain is one of the influencers who is working closely with brand collaborations, by taking into his Instagram page.

20. Daily Harvest 

Known for Flatbreads, Harvest Bowls, Smoothies, etc., Daily Harvest will make you fall in love with your food; the same can be said for the influencer marketing strategy followed by the company.

@itsthecwolf, as an influencer, is very active in promoting the brand’s motto, “Give Cooking the Finger” where they emphasize providing clean and tasty food to the customers.


Instagram is growing in popularity day by day as it has crossed 1.4 billion active users marks and is lagging only by Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Among them, none can be considered its true competitors as Facebook and WhatsApp are its parent and sister concerns, and YouTube has a different format altogether. They brands collaborations with Instagarm influencers is growing multi-fold and reaching a larger audience.

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