BigBasket case study on digital marketing strategies

Case Study: BigBasket’s Digital Marketing Strategy 2024 Updated

BigBasket has made great strides in digital marketing with its innovative strategies. The company leverages social media platforms to engage with its customers, offers personalized recommendations based on browsing history, and uses email marketing to promote its products and services. BigBasket's marketing approach is based on customer insights and data-driven analytics, which help the company stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive e-commerce industry. For more insights into successful BigBasket's digital marketing strategies, Read on!

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Groceries are a necessity. From rice, lentils, and seasonings to higher-end products, the demand for these fast-moving consumer goods never seems to decrease.

In recent times, many traditional brick-and-mortar stores have transformed into virtual e-commerce grocery stores.

And this transformation was further accelerated by the pandemic, which forced even the skeptics to venture into and explore the possibilities of online FMCG shopping.

When the term ‘online grocery store’ is bounced around, BigBasket is one of the first names that pops up in our minds.

This is probably because, regardless of whether you are a regular shopper on this platform or not, chances are that you have heard of them and their incredible achievements.

Bigbasket is an online grocery store that sells almost anything and everything related to food.

About BigBasket

Hari Menon Bigbasket founder
Abhinay Choudhari Bigbasket founder
VS Ramesh Bigbasket founder
VS Sudhakar Bigbasket founder
Vipul Parekh Bigbasket founder

Bigbasket was founded by Hari Menon, Abhinay Choudhari, V S Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, and VS Ramesh in the year 2011, and was later acquired by Tata Digital in 2021.

Tata Digital acquire Bigbasket

With its headquarters in Bangalore, Bigbasket ships products directly to homes in cities across India at flexible delivery slots.

They cater to consumers across 30+ cities including Noida, Patna, Indore, Nagpur, and Chandigarh Tricity.

It has over 18,000 products and 1000 brands. Their inventory is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, lentils, spices, seasonings, packaged food, personal care products, and even fresh meat.

With Bigbasket generating more than 6,500 crores in revenue, its marketing strategy demands the spotlight and further dissection.

But before that, let us discuss why it is important for marketers to analyze and learn from the marketing tactics of successful businesses.

Why Should Marketers Analyze The Marketing Strategies Of Businesses?

Digital marketing is the process of promoting the goods and services of a business online using the latest tools and tactics. And individuals well-versed in this practice are called digital marketers.

Learning about the latest marketing case studies, and strategies of brands will provide you with an edge over your competitors. And this edge is extremely beneficial in the long run.

There are several reasons for marketers to constantly learn and update their knowledge. One of the most common benefits is better opportunities.

Over 59% of businesses need digital marketers while only 19% are qualifying for the position. Better knowledge creates better opportunities and excellent financial compensation.

The digital economy is growing 10x faster, creating better growth prospects in this field. Digital marketing is one of those domains in which it is quite possible to start an independent and profitable agency.

By constantly updating yourself with the latest trends and practices, you increase your chances of getting noticed by top firms.

And finally, one of the most important reasons why it is important to analyze and learn marketing strategies is to outperform your competitors. Possessing the additional knowledge and skillset ensures better understanding and implementation of successful strategies which helps build your brand.

In such a dynamic and fast-paced field, it only makes sense to constantly evolve and update oneself to do better.

BigBasket’s Target Audience Segment

Bigbasket has a wide demographic of people of different age groups and backgrounds. Mainly targeting families and individuals from metro cities initially, as of 2018, they expanded to non-metro cities as well.

Bigbasket Target Audienc

Their target group generally falls in the category of 4 and above LPA income.

54.16% of males & 45.84% of females are included in the target audience of Bigbasket. Working professionals, students, corporate couples and singles, retired personnel, and family with specific needs are their ideal target group.

The 25-34 age group of the audience contributes most by 38.08% of the total Bigbasket audience, the 18-24 age group audience contributes 36.69% of the total audience, and 12% of the audience is 35-44 age group of people.

Educated, average, and higher income and nuclear households fall under the ideal consumer group for Bigbasket.

Now that we have discussed the ideal target segment.

Let us discuss three successful campaigns of Bigbasket which created buzz and immense traction for the e-commerce business.

BigBasket’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns – Case Study 2023

Campaign 1 – Har Din Sasta

This campaign was initially launched in 2020 during the IPL season. During this time Bigbasket officially announced its partnership with Rajasthan Royals through the “Har Din Sasta’ campaign”.

The main goal was to focus on affordability without compromising on quality. Later in May of 2021, a series of 3 ad films were shot by Footloose films and marketed to create engagement and acquire high-quality leads.

The main goal was to assure the best deals and prices for their consumers. By tapping into their ideal target audiences’ needs and demands, Bigbasket came up with an engaging marketing tactic to spread awareness and promote their brand.

The ads were then promoted on social media platforms like YouTube, and Facebook in different languages. Print ads in virtual and traditional newspapers were also prioritized to target a wide demographic.

Campaign 2 – Save every day, the Bigbasket way

Launched in February of 2021, this ad campaign aimed at converting consumers to shop at their convenience rather than waiting for exclusive offers and deals through their guaranteed low prices. This was intended to increase traffic and also generate high-quality leads.

Through this campaign, they created a series of posts and prints to highlight how consumers can benefit from their platform. With an inventory of over 40,000 products and shipping to new locations, they excited their consumers and the ideal target group.

save every day the Bigbasket way - campaigns
save every day the Bigbasket way - campaign

They banked on providing discounts, cashback, deals, free delivery, and an easy return policy to attract new clients and gain quality conversions.

They opted for a PPC strategy and solely worked on digital banners and print ads and did not invest in any video mockups.

save every day the Bigbasket way - Bigbasket's Top Digital Marketing Campaign

The banners were placed in search engines, and social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to increase their visibility and gain maximum engagement.

Campaign 3 – Extra save karo, Ghar ke star bano

Through this campaign launched in 2019, Bigbasket introduced its membership program called Bbstar. The membership was created to generate high-quality leads and also facilitate an impeccable customer experience for their loyal consumers.

Marketed through print ads and videos on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, this particular campaign was different from the rest. They even created ad segments endorsed by top celebrities to get the news out as much as possible.

one of the best campaign of BigBasket is "Extra save karo, Ghar ke star bano"

The membership entailed exclusive benefits like delivery slot reservations, additional cashback, and exclusive benefits on partner platforms like Paytm flights, Makemytrip, OYO, and so much more.  All of these encouraged more engagement and conversions, contributing to a big chunk of their revenue.

Let us look at some of the effective digital marketing strategies implemented by Bigbasket to increase its reach and revenue.

BigBasket’s Social Media Strategies

Social media is an extremely powerful tool. If used correctly can contribute immensely toward leads, conversions, and revenue generation.

Bigbasket primarily focuses on 2-3 social media platforms to run its marketing campaigns. They prioritize Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

PlatformNo. of followers
FacebookBigbasketcom526.84K Followers
Instagrambigbasketcom123K Followers
Twitterbigbasket_com60.3K Followers
YouTubebigbasketofficial19.3K Subscribers

With over 5 lakh followers and 4 lakh likes, Facebook is highly preferred as a primary platform for its campaigns. Engaging posts and videos on the latest offers and updates, social media challenges, and other exclusive benefits are uploaded.

Their Facebook demographic primarily consists of adults within the age group of 25-34 and above.

Bigbasket’s Instagram consists of posts and video content similar to the ones posted on Facebook, but slightly modified to resonate with the younger demographic on Instagram. With over 1 lakh followers, Bigbasket generates content almost every single day and focuses on improving its online visibility by carefully analyzing the Instagram algorithm for the best results.

With over 19,000 subscribers and 19.2 crore cumulative views since 2014 on YouTube, Bigbasket creates and uploads strictly scripted ads in different vernaculars for its YouTube presence.

This seems to be one particular platform that is in the backseat, both in terms of creativity and engagement.

BigBasket's Social Media Strategies

More than 55% of the social traffic comes from Youtube. Furthermore, Facebook & WhatsApp contributes most of the social traffic for Bigbasket.

BigBasket’s SEO Strategies – Case Study

Bigbasket has a total of 10.4 million organic search visits a month and an average visit duration of more than 9 minutes. This signifies a strong and visible online presence, indicating their successful SEO strategies.

BigBasket's SEO strategies

SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website through technical and content audits to organically increase the traffic on that website.

Bigbasket has optimized its keyword research and analysis, along with other aspects of its technical optimization like indexing, crawling access, meta description, and backlinks.

Bigbasket gets about 67.66% of its online engagement through organic traffic generated by SEO.

Hence, Bigbasket has fully optimized its keyword strategy with increased usage.

With over 430.2k words bringing in traffic and leads, this is one of their most effective strategies.

Apart from this, Bigbasket has only created and indexed its blogs and articles to allow for easy and quick crawling by search engines to help improve its online visibility and ranking.

The website gets 39.04% of search traffic & 37.58% of direct traffic.

BigBasket’s Website Strategy

Bigbasket’s website is extremely well organized and created to ease navigation and access. With bold colors and fonts, categories are divided and sorted to ensure maximum assistance to consumers.

The products are categorized & sub-categorized to navigate easily, that includes

  • Daily stables
  • Meats
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Home and kitchen essentials
  • Beauty and hygiene
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Cleaning and household, and so on.

Since it has a diversified demographic, Bigbasket’s website is designed in such a way as to appeal to people of all age groups. A versatile inventory with details is a great tactic to attract consumers from all backgrounds.

They even have a dedicated section to cover exciting recipes and updates on their monthly and weekly social media challenges.

BigBasket also advertises its latest ads and campaigns on its website along with flexible payment options to ease the financial stress of its customers.

Flexibility extends to delivery where consumers can pick the most convenient time to receive their groceries.

This is an innovative benefit that helps consumers gravitate toward BigBasket and sets them apart.

BigBasket’s Paid ad Strategy

Despite organic strategies giving considerable traction to businesses, most of them also invest in paid marketing. When compared to traditional marketing tactics, paid digital ads are more cost-effective, have a wider reach, and are highly flexible.

 BigBasket paid ad strategy

They have several benefits like immediate and measurable results, flexible budgets, and generate superior quality leads which have higher chances of conversions.

Bigbasket has a highly optimized and effective paid ad campaign. Its endorsement campaigns with Shahrukh Khan, and its Farm-fresh campaign was strategically run on television and digital media platforms.

Apart from video ads being broadcasted on television, PPC ads were placed in high-traffic areas across Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

These strategies have proved extremely beneficial to the overall growth and reach of Bigbasket.

The top 5 paid ads competitors of BigBasket are:

  • Blinkit
  • Jiomart
  • Jagsfresh
  • Kimaye
  • Lulu Hypermarket
paid ads competitors of BigBasket

BigBasket’s Influencer Marketing Strategies

Social media influencers are some of the most popular and sought-after individuals for successful collaborations.

They often have a large and loyal following which forms the ideal target audience for most businesses.

Influencer marketing refers to the collaboration between businesses and social media influencers which involves the latter promoting the business in exchange for financial compensation or other exclusive benefits.

Bigbasket has tapped into the influencer market and collaborated with several influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

Rather than focusing on only numbers, they have focused on micro and medium-sized influencers who will align better with the working quality model.

Beauty and wellness, food, and lifestyle influencers are the most common accounts which are contacted for collaborations.

With the boom in digital space and online shopping, Influencer marketing is appearing to be more fruitful than celebrity brand endorsements. They have the same, if not more reach and engagement for a fraction of the price.

BigBasket’s E-commerce Strategy – Case Study

Bigbasket has a holistic and highly optimized e-commerce strategy. By focusing on 10-11 different categories, they have developed a high-functioning and data-driven plan to create engagement, leads, and conversions.

They create high-quality original content for their social media, blogs, and ad campaigns. Highlighting their unique features and building credibility, they create consumer-centric content which engages and educates consumers.

The top 5 organic competitors of BigBasket are:

  • Jiomart
  • Blinkit
  • Nykaa
  • Purple
  • Dmart
Organic competitors of BigBasket

They have a fully optimized e-commerce website and app that helps generate leads and also contributes immensely towards meeting the needs and requirements of their customers.

They have a strong and innovative marketing plan to push their presence on social media, and through emails and also have upped their content marketing game.

Through keyword analysis and content indexing, Bigbasket has fully optimized its website for search engines, which facilitates better ranking and visibility online.

Bigbasket has invested capital and other resources into paid ads or PPC which is yielding good profits for the business.

They personalize and create consumer-centric content for their consumers and their ideal target audience. This helps with retargeting and generating good leads.

BigBasket keywords marketing strategies

BigBasket uses more informational keywords & attracts traffic to its e-commerce website strategy.

Overall, Bigbasket has not left any stone unturned, making its e-commerce strategy innovative, fruitful, and highly successful.

BigBasket’s App Strategy

An app is intended to enhance customer experience and encourage more engagement and sales. Bigbasket designed a compact and high-functioning app that is compatible with all mobile phones. A simple UI with easy navigation and filtering systems is key. They made a compact version to reduce the size of the app to make it fast and less load-bearing.

The app can be categorized into 4 different panels. The consumer panel, delivery panel, admin panel, and store panel. These separate distinctions make the order processing smooth and quick.

The app has all the basic and advanced features needed to make the app navigation experience hassle-free for its customers.

It creates a 24/7 presence for its business, allows for easy payment and tracking, establishes a reliable and credible system for communication, and offers the latest discounts and deals for its consumers.

All these features work together, to create a cohesive and dynamic environment for their business to thrive. This has improved brand awareness, credibility, and brand value.

BigBasket’s Content Marketing Strategy

Keeping your customers engaged between their purchases is crucial for retention and maintaining the trust and loyalty they place in your business. A great way to achieve this is through creating innovative and unique content to pique the interest and curiosity of your customers.

BigBasket has a very creative and innovative content marketing strategy that spreads across blogs, websites, and social media. They create content on food recipes, social media challenges, health, beauty, and wellness.

They even create engaging video fillers and montages for the latest updates and offers. DIY videos, honest reviews, influencer content, and celebrity brand endorsements are optimized for the best results.

Bigbasket markets its latest rewards, schemes, and deals through its blog which is known to receive good traction. They post relatable and trendy posts and videos on their social media handles which creates substantial footfall for their website.

From these statements, it can be concluded that Bigbasket has a holistic and innovative approach to content marketing, which involves creating consumer-centric content and giving the customers exactly what they need.


The versatile inventory, celebrity brand ambassadors, consumer-focused UI, a wide target group, absence of an inventory storage cost, and strong branding are some of the strongest features of BigBasket which have propelled it ahead of its competitors.

Issues during the scheduled delivery, low security for consumer data, cancellations, minimum order requirements, and other miscellaneous waste costs are some of the unexpected hurdles that have impacted their revenue.

Bigbasket has several opportunities to grow and further expand its reach and consumer pool. They can modify and expand their inventory to appeal to a wider and more diversified group.

They can create more innovative and unique video content and also introduce better and more exciting promotional offers. Cross-selling is a giant advantage and should be capitalized on to the maximum extent.

With great revenue and spotlight comes stiff competition.

Bigbasket is facing a tough challenge imposed by other giant e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, and other retail platforms.

The rules and regulations of the ruling government, customer retention, and the possibility of similar e-commerce businesses taking over are always present.

Regardless of all the competition and hurdles, Bigbasket has emerged victorious and continues to be one of the top-performing e-commerce platforms in the country. Their marketing strategy has evolved significantly over the years and continues to change to this day.

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