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Case Study On Biba’s Digital Marketing Strategies

BIBA is a well-known brand in the clothing industry, and they've been using digital marketing strategies to grow their business. In this case study, we'll take a look at some of the tactics they've used and how they've been effective. We'll also explore some of the challenges BIBA has faced and how they've overcome them. By understanding how BIBA has succeeded, other businesses can learn from their successes and apply them to their own marketing efforts.

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The clothing industry is a multi-billion dollar market. As consumers continue to shift their spending to online platforms, it’s more important than ever for businesses within the space to adopt effective digital marketing strategies. 

Biba digital marketing strategies- founders

In today’s online landscape, consumers have a wide variety of choices regarding where they buy their clothes. By transforming their business online, clothing companies can reach new customers and better engage existing ones. 

There are several ways businesses can optimise their website and social media pages for digital marketing success. Creating engaging content, utilising SEO techniques, and developing an effective paid search campaign are all essential pieces of the puzzle. 

With the right approach, a clothing company can see tremendous growth in its online presence and sales.

biba - poster

This case study examines how BIBA, a leading retailer of women’s ethnic wear in India, utilised various online channels to drive sales and grow its customer base. 

The results of the campaign may surprise you!!! 

History of BIBA

BIBA was founded in 1983 by Meena Bindra, who was inspired by Punjabi culture and wanted to produce ethnic attire. She was inspired by “Biba’s,” a Punjabi tradition in which women used to dress in bright colours and flaunt their attractive figures. 

BIBA founders in shop

BIBA began as a small business, born of Meena Bindra’s passion for Punjabi culture and ambition to design ethnic apparel. BIBA has established itself as one of the major brands and market leaders in Indian women’s ethnic wear throughout the years.

She did not begin her career as a fashion designer. When she started sewing as a hobby to supplement her income, BIBA never pictured herself as a businesswoman. She now believes she can achieve whatever goal she sets for herself. “If you’re enthusiastic about something, just do it.” “Don’t be concerned about what people think of you,” she advises.

She started her business with only Rs. 8,000 borrowed from the bank as a 39-year-old housewife and mother of two. She used the funds to build up and run her first retail store in Calcutta, which she established in 1982. 

In 1989, she expanded into a full-fledged business and began producing clothing for export to the United States.


People fell in love with Meena’s combination of the collared Haryanvi kurta with pockets. 

She also developed the Hyderabadi pyjamas, which are today’s modern palazzo pants; Bhopali kurtas with front pleats; Peshwa costumes with stitched yoke in the centre and cuffed sleeves; and Gujrati gowns that were often sheer, flowing, and fashioned of beautiful chiffon. 

By overseeing all parts of her business and driving it to profitability, Meena produced famous silhouettes such as the Lucknowi gharara. 

Earnings were a wake-up call for Wall Street. 

Her goods were carried in large department stores as a result of her sudden prominence. Both the Hyderabadi choli and the Jaipuri lehenga are still available today.

“Benzer was stocking Indian women’s clothes and gave me my first significant order and also taught me the basics of the industry,” she recalls in interviews. I had to make a delivery.”

Biba has a well-known Indian brand with 192 unique stores and more than 250 multi-brand stores. BIBA has had substantial growth throughout the years, but last year was particularly fruitful. The company’s revenue increased by 15% to 600 crores last year.

BIBA showroom

With Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, and Pantaloons, BIBA was one of the first few brands to employ the shop-in-shop strategy.

BIBA [Marketing Mix]

1. Product Strategy of  BIBA

Biba is a fashion house that is one of the largest in India, with multiple stores across the country. 

  • Kurtas, 
  • Salwars, 
  • Dupattas, 
  • Churidars, 
  • Patiala suits, 
  • Jutis, 
  • Patialas, 
  • Lehengas, and 
  • Other ethnic clothing is among the company’s marketing mix product lines.

It is a pioneer in Bollywood merchandise, well known for providing merchandise for films such as “Na Tum Jano Na Hum,” “Devdas,” “Baghban,” and “Hulchul,” among others. It also specialises in customising designer gowns from popular films for its consumers.

2. Pricing Strategy of BIBA

Women of all ages appreciate the unique ethnic attire presented by Biba. They have kurtas, churidars, salwars, dupattas, jumpsuits, and more in a range of prices to suit all budgets.

Biba sells an insane amount of ethnic apparel to customers not just in India but also in other countries. There are products available that cater to both VIPs and customers on a tighter budget, and everything is available at a single, affordable price for the brand.

Biba - mega fashion days

Meta is less expensive than its competitors. Despite the fact that it is a major corporation, it has a great pricing strategy. It has a competitive pricing strategy that it implements in several categories while integrating market developments. 

BIBA fashion festival

To enhance sales and match competition deals, it gives timely discounts on e-commerce websites such as Myntra, Flipkart, and others. It also caters to the Bollywood business, as evidenced by its unique Hollywood collection, which contributes to its market share.
It also caters to the Bollywood sector, hence it offers a 50 to 80% discount on its products.

flipkart BIBA

In India, the e-commerce market is extremely competitive. In fact, it has gotten so competitive that, over the last five years, the percentage of the net revenue generated by Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, and ShopClues has dropped from 70% to 30%. Flipkart is the only big business that has managed to stay afloat in this fierce competition.

BIBA takes advantage of this opportunity and offers its product to customers on all of the major ecommerce sites.

3. Place & Distribution Strategy of BIBA

The company has a multi-channel distribution network that spans India. Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, and Lifestyle were among the first in India to employ the shop-in-shop model. Apart from being offered in all of the main retail chains, it is available in 150+ outlets in 70 cities.

Their place and distribution channels also deal with all the famous ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, and shopclues.

BIBA sale

The company’s online and in-store sales are growing at a steady rate. The company provides flexibility in payments and builds customer loyalty through rewards and loyalty programs.

If a retailer fails to control its inventories, it will find its stock continuously dwindling and eventually disappear from the shelves, as customers will no longer need the product they previously purchased.

However, this was not the case with BIBA, who took care of their goods and service prior to the voiding of their contract.

4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy of  BIBA

BIBA promoted its new brand by featuring it in a few movies. The company’s new identity was highlighted in movies like “Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na”, “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna”, “Dil Chahta Hai”, etc.

Biba’s initial promotional activities were boosted through famous Bollywood movies—it was designed for movies like “Na Tum Jano Na Hum”, Devdas, Baghban, Hulchul ,Urvashi Rautela, etc.

biba influencer marketing

The dresses of actresses came into the limelight and drew praise. The most important is that you’re not alone in your professional BD journey, but can count on us to support you every step along with it! 

Beyond BIBA

BIBA has spent 4 years researching all aspects related to business development so we created a personalised learning platform which will help us excel at what matters most: growing businesses successfully while creating fulfilling career opportunities for ourselves too – click here if interested to shop in BIBA.

The Biba marketing mix is a collaborative effort between online distribution partners like Myntra and print media outlets. They collaborate to release seasonal discounts at different times of the year, which leads them into digital advertising on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter for example where ads usually come with moral messages about how people should view beauty in order to reach their target audience that consists mostly of urban females who live outside large cities.

Myntra Biba products

But they do not necessarily identify themselves solely by this factor either; these women can be referred to across cultures without feeling culturally isolated because they’re still partaking. Furthermore, there are also word-of-mouth referrals made possible through friends telling.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategies

BIBA, a fashion company, focuses on designing fashionable clothing and employs digital marketing tactics to boost its success.

Digital marketing tactics include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing. There is a strong chance of attaining a high return on investment if all of these parts of digital marketing are done properly.

Let’s see how BIBA handles digital marketing in its best way.

BIBA’s online store sells fashionable clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories designed by the BIBA team. 

BIBA’s online store sells fashionable clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories designed by the BIBA team. 

This fashion store is today’s new entrant in the market with a new concept and idea. BIBA’s emphasis on quality, affordability, variety and style has made its product very popular among customers. 

Digital marketing is one major way that BIBA uses to reach customers.

We all know that digital marketing has become one of the most significant transformations in recent years; as large and small businesses alike shift their marketing strategies to increase profits by selling their products globally, you may be wondering why it is important to understand any company’s digital marketing strategies fully.

This post will show you how BIBA utilised digital marketing methods in their company.

1. Website Strategies of BIBA  

After researching BIBA’s website for design, functionality and SEO practices we discovered a few unique strategies that they utilise to keep customers interested in their brand.

BIBA is a fashion brand with a focus on sustainable and green practices. BIBA is the parent company of brands that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

My team and I researched BIBA’s website for design, functionality, and SEO practices. We discovered a few unique website strategies that BIBA utilises on their website to keep customers engaged and interested in their brand successfully.

Marketing, branding, business development, and social media articles are published on BIBA. BIBA was a website marketing professional who wanted to share his expertise with other entrepreneurs.

According to BIBA, the keys to reaching the top of Google search results have the right approach and patience.

Now let’s look at the real stats about how BIBA succeeded in the website strategies.

BIBA traffic

The total number of visits to the BIBA website is 473.3k, with 265.4k unique visitors. They spend 3:27 on average per day on their site, and their bounce rate (people who visit but do not buy anything) is 75.21 percent. Because 80% of a company’s profit comes from 20% of its loyal customers, this is a problem that every company faces, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

2. SEO Strategies of  BIBA  

Women’s clothes and accessories are available in BIBA’s retail stores and eCommerce.
Customers can purchase fashion-related items from any of these websites. In addition, the corporation has used a variety of SEO tactics, including:

  • Backlinking for SEO keywords is good.
  • Pages that aren’t dispersed together
  • More effective off-page and on-page optimization solutions.

If you Google “BIBA SEO strategy,” you’ll find hundreds of sites on-page SEO, off-page SEO, LSI, and articles claiming to explain how SEO works.
However, the majority of these sites present contradictory information, leaving you confused and frustrated.

As a result, we’ll tell you the truth about how BIBA devised a successful SEO strategy and how BIBA implemented it.

Let’s start with the top five keywords they used to get their website to the top of Google’s first page.

top organic keywords BIBA

The domain score of the BIBA website is 42, with organic search traffic reaching 963.3k visits and paid search traffic bringing 70k new visitors to the website. In addition, their backlink techniques allow them to achieve a visibility of 55.5k. The statistics listed below are from all across the world.

BIBA Traffic (1)

The website receives 756k visitors in India and has a keyword density of 55.4k.

Most of the best backlink sites where they have submitted links by BIBA are shown in this image.

BIBA followers

The stats show BIBA’s top paid keywords, which drive more visitors to their website.

BIBA keywords by Intend

They use 52.4% of informational keywords, resulting in 201.5k visitors to their website, which is the best thing to be noted. However, the 2.7% navigational keywords bring them far more traffic, with 227.4k total visitors in the current month.

3. Facebook strategy of BIBA

Despite the fact that Facebook isn’t the only social media network available, it is the most widely used. Because of its widespread popularity, it is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

Since then, Facebook has grown to become one of the world’s most widely used social media networks. Its enormous popularity, with billions of users, makes it one of the most important marketing platforms. For fashion firms like BIBA, Facebook’s strategy is crucial. 

Let’s take a look at BIBA’s Facebook approach and the amount of traffic and followers they receive on a regular basis.

BIBA recently created the pictures below, which are being utilised to generate additional visitors to the site using Facebook advertisements, which are working effectively.

BIBA has 838k Facebook fans, 7K Twitter followers, and 441k Instagram followers, whereas the Facebook and Instagram followers are nearly similar in the case of Fandian.

This is an example of the May monthly report on the number of likes and followers. BIBA’s received and how many visitors newly engaged with them on Facebook.

Biba likes
Biba weekly

The monthly report of ups and downs in BIBA’s uploads, likes, and followers earnings is portrayed in this graph.

Most viewed and liked  Facebook post/story/reels,

4. Instagram strategy of BIBA

Many tiny fashion brands worldwide are now widely publishing on Instagram with no restrictions.

Instagram is a platform where brands can use post reels and stories to market their products, attract traffic back to their websites, and eventually drive sales.

Whether in images or illustrations, visual content has always been important to the fashion business. However, the fashion sector is increasingly using video as a marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with offline and online clients.

Biba social media Post

Many brands have recognised the significance of Instagram and are starting to incorporate it into their overall strategy, and one of them is currently succeeding in the fashion industry.

Let’s look at how BIBA used its social media marketing team to give Instagram marketing its best effort.

BIBA sm dasboard

BIBA currently has 441k followers and 3106 posts with an average of 276 likes, two comments per post, and no average video views.

biba engagement rate

The engagement rate is constantly affected by the frequency of posting and the level of involvement through likes and comments; as a result,  BIBA ‘s Instagram account has a 1.42% lower engagement rate this month.

BIBA followers

This is a collection of  BIBA ‘s most popular hashtags for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness.

hashtags list BIBA

Most viewed and liked Instagram post/story/reels,

5. Google Ads Strategy of BIBA

The Google AdWords strategy is well-known for its ability to generate traffic, develop brand visibility, increase engagement, and drive sales for any sort of business, including apparel brands.

Clothing companies that use Google AdWords to sell their products will have a lot of success.

Let’s take a look at how this works with Google advertisements to boost brand awareness and website traffic.

To increase the visibility of its website and achieve commercial goals, BIBA has employed some of the best examples of ad content.

BIBA sample text Ads

Take a close look at if you operate in the online fashion or clothes industry right now.

Key Marketing Strategies Takeaway

  • BIBA was able to increase its consumer base by employing Facebook Ads to target young females with similar interests. 
  • They used these adverts to display people’s deals in specified regions around the targeted users.
  • The Facebook Lead Ads campaign targeted guys between the ages of 18 and 45 who frequented local living stores.
  • The sort of apparel the viewer is interested in or has recently purchased is used by BIBA to target adverts. Ads are also targeted depending on gender at BIBA.
  • They deal with clothing, footwear, luggage, and eyeglasses, among other things. Alok plans to further advertise its products by launching a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.
  • BIBA promotes its apparel through social media. Their Facebook page has received over 799k likes.
  • BIBA Tailors caters to Asian women who want their suits customised to their exact measurements. Users can take their measures without having to see the tailor in person thanks to their smartphone app and SMS.
  • Since deploying Lead Ads, BIBA has grown revenues by 85 per cent and in-store visits by 15 per cent. This is due to the company’s increased marketing efforts, which have successfully targeted the correct people.

BIBA Competitors

BIBA should increase its investment in paid ad search to beat the following competitors.

The main organic competitor of BIBA is

  • Kreeva
  • Peachmode
  • Houseofindiaya
  • Wforwoman
  • iibas

The Paid competitor of BIBA is, 

  • Libas
  • Moda Operandi
  • Nykaa Fashion
  • Jaipuriadaah

They are investing more in paid ads than BIBA and they are the best competitor of BIBA India.

BIBA - Main Paid Competitors

Success Formulae of BIBA

Most BIBA’s clothing, shoes, and accessories are made in-house.
BIBA’s Success Formulas are as follows:

1. A solid digital marketing strategy.
2. Stores can be found all around the country.
3. More effective inbound and outbound marketing tactics.
4. Thousands of buyers have commended the quality of the things created.
5. The professional and dedicated team at BIBA works tirelessly to produce the right ensemble.
6. The most effective social media marketing technique.

Bottom Line 

Digital marketing is one of the most successful techniques for selling your goods or services globally. Regardless of the sort of business, it has become the most common approach for marketers to communicate with customers.

BIBA’s efforts are based on online dating for the fashion world, where they have attracted a large number of members. They formed alliances with other fashion sites, allowing them to gain relevant coverage on well-known fashion blogs. BIBA was able to increase its internet visibility as a result of the relationship.

That’s why Digital Scholar is on a mission to collect as many brand case studies as possible in order to provide in-depth knowledge on how various industries, brands, and organisations employ digital marketing techniques.

Keeping up with the newest advances and changes is crucial in an ever-shifting and evolving digital marketing market. Enrol in Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course to develop your digital marketing skills and increase the ROI of your online business for your fashion brand.

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