Best time to post on youtube

What is the Best Time to Post on YouTube

Wondering when is the best time to post on YouTube? There are a few things to consider when deciding when to post your videos. The day of the week, the time of day, and your audience's location, are important when determining the best time to post your content or videos on Youtube. Before getting started it is essential to best understand how the YouTube algorithm works. Read more to find out the best time to post on YouTube.

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If there is a new recipe that you want to experiment with, a gadget review that excites you, a travel vlog of the place for your next vacation, or just learning how to unfreeze your laptop screen, YouTube is your answer. It has developed into a one-stop destination for all our queries and entertainment. From elementary students to senior citizens, YouTube is one of the most diversified platforms which appeals to a rather wide consumer base. With this diversification comes a plethora of opportunities to engage them and build a satisfactory career. Therefore, is essential to understand the best time to post on YouTube.

From 2005 to 2022, YouTube has evolved in its numbers, versatility in its content and creators, and also in the way users are consuming the content. This evolution has resulted in the creation of careers for those investing time, skills, and resources into developing content for YouTube. It is the largest video-sharing platform and the second most popular site after Google. Perhaps the diversity in age groups and backgrounds of its users is a major contributing factor.

With 30 million users a day and 2 billion active users a month, the potential to tap into the content creator market is immense. And many have seen a shining career on YouTube and as a result, 15 million content creator channels exist. Out of this staggering number, 22,000 have developed a following of over a million subscribers and these numbers are still growing. This just reflects the growth trajectory and scope one can experience in the world of YouTube content creation.

If you are a YouTuber and are wondering why your videos are not getting views or why your channel is experiencing stagnation regardless of quality content, the answer is probably the time, consistency, and frequency of your uploads. To ensure you schedule posts at the right time, it is essential to understand the best time to post on YouTube.

Uploading your videos at the right time can make all the difference. Similarly, several disadvantages and problems arise due to inconsistent timing.

What Happens When you Post at the Wrong Time?

While creating content for your channel, you need to gain clarity regarding your target audience and the needs of that audience. Once that is established, creating and uploading content becomes simplified.

If your ideal target audience is 18-30 year-olds, trending, innovative and relatable content is a visual treat that will resonate with them. If your demographic comprises a much older audience, content that induces nostalgia, in a slow-paced and long-form style is ideal. And if your demographic is much younger, content heavy on visual and audio elements will have a much better output.

Unless you have clarity on the above-mentioned topics, you might be indulging in practices that are least beneficial to your growth.

If you post at irregular times, your content will not reach the intended audience. Uploading time and publishing time are very different. YouTube takes 2-3 hours to index your content, unlike Facebook and Instagram where your content appears immediately on your followers’ feed. Hence posting at the wrong time might result in a loss of valuable traffic.

You are missing out on promoting the brand of your channel and gaining loyal subscribers who genuinely enjoy and interact with your content. When you are unable to figure out the right time for uploading, you might displace the actual reason for the lack of views and engagement. This may result in self-doubt and also subpar quality.

Now that we have discussed what happens when you don’t post at your ideal time, let us discuss some of the benefits that come with regular posting at accurate times.

Benefits of Best Time to Post on YouTube

Although it may seem like a minute task without many repercussions, the ideal time to schedule posts or videos can create or dissolve your YouTube career. Videos go viral on YouTube all the time but, if you want to grow a steady audience of loyal subscribers, understanding the benefits of posting videos at the right time comes in handy.

Steady and consistent content help with brand awareness. Brand awareness is nothing but your audience getting familiar with your channel and the type of content they can expect from your channel. It also provides you opportunities to increase your visibility. More content will reach your ideal target audience if posted at the ideal time. This helps with better search rankings and indexing by YouTube’s algorithm. If your video is getting more views, it creates a better opportunity to convert them into your subscribers.

Consistent posting at accurate times will maintain the loyalty of your subscribers by keeping them engaged and entertained. So when they are already getting enough content from your channel, they will not go looking for a similar content creator. And finally, you will be able to create better content by implementing the feedback from your subscribers. This feedback will only be as accurate as your time scheduled for uploading.

With all these benefits that come with uploading your videos at the right time, let us find out ways in which we can find your best time to post on YouTube.

Finding your Ideal Time to Schedule

With 30,000 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every single hour, it is very easy for your video to get drowned in chaos. Hence, knowing the ideal time to ensure maximum engagement for your videos is crucial. Having said this, there is no generic template that all YouTubers follow, if it did exist, then all would be receiving the same views and engagement, which we know is not the case.

Similar to a custom design, tailored-made dress, viewer engagement data from your channel needs to be analyzed to conclude the best time to upload your content. But what do you do if you are still new and do not have enough data for the analysis? Then, you can borrow the analysis of a similar, high-functioning channel and implement that till you have your authentic data.

YouTube Studio is a tool to analyze and optimize your YouTube channel. It facilitates editing and uploading YouTube videos, accessing engagement data, and also the analysis of that data to understand the workings and reach of your channel. You can also manage your comments and optimize settings for the best output. There is also a separate category for those in the YouTube Partner Program. This comprises free audio files and also a section for monetization.

There are two ways of accessing the studios. You can either click on your YouTube channel profile picture or access it through the official website. So once you find the ‘your channel’ and ‘paid memberships’ sections, you are in!

Once you’re in, you need to click on the analytics section from the dashboard. This will lead you to all the data you will ever need regarding the engagement and performance of your channel.

To access the data on your subscribers, you need to click on the ‘audience’ tab in the analytics section.  If you see a graph purple in color, that’s your data. This graph will only be visible to those channels which have the minimum required views and engagement.

Below the purple wave, you can also view other infographics like the times your audience is most active, the countries which are on your viewers’ list, and also how long the audience is engaging with your videos. Among these, we will focus on the time and days when your audience is most active to figure out your ideal time for uploads.

By clicking on the ‘when your viewers are on YouTube’ section, you will be able to view a detailed report of the days and hours that receive the most engagement from your audience. They are depicted in bars of different shades of purple, with the lightest depicting the least viewer engagement and the darkest depicting the highest engagement. Based on this, your ideal time to schedule can be finalized.

Although it may seem that posting on the day that is the darkest shade of purple is ideal, that’s not the case. YouTube’s algorithm pushes your video for the first two days since posting. This implies that your video will get maximum views within your first two days. So this requires you to post ahead of your most active day.

Let’s assume that Tuesday has the darkest purple bar and Wednesday has the lightest, then you will have to post your content on Monday during the most engaging time to ensure maximum views and reach. Similarly, by analyzing your data and reports, you can decide on a schedule and frequency that works for you.

And if 2 or three days have higher engagement depicted by darker shaded bars, then that would decide your frequency and consistency.

Now, if you are a new creator or haven’t received much engagement on your channel, then there are two ways with which you can start your approach. You can either use other tools like Tubular to analyze other similar channels and follow their template or utilize your ‘real-time views’ tab on your YouTube analytics page. The latter would be more beneficial due to the accuracy and personalization of the data obtained.

By clicking on the ‘real-time’ tab under ‘overview’, you can access the views that your channel is getting every hour over the last two days. By analyzing these reports consistently for weeks, and months you will be able to find the ideal time to upload your video content. Ideally, a minimum 2- 4 months analysis would be beneficial. Although this is a little time-consuming, it is still much better than borrowing the time template as the data and findings are accurate and analyzed for the needs of your channel.

How to Figure Out the Frequency of your Uploads?

If you are still new to the platform and are still in the process of building a stable subscriber base, then 3 or more posts per week would be ideal to schedule. The video content should have cohesiveness and great quality. Quantity over quality may not be your best strategy. But if you already have a substantial following, 1-2 videos per week would be your best approach.

Based on several studies conducted, posting your video content between 2-4 pm (EST) on weekdays would be ideal to schedule. And between 9-11 am (EST) on the weekends is a generalized schedule. Now, these fixed slots are the result of analyzing the time taken by YouTube’s algorithm to index and push your content for views. Hence, we know it is accurate and should work for most channels.

Now, you cannot post for 2-3 weeks consistently and then expect amazing results and discontinue it later. Consistency is key in the realm of YouTube or any other social media platform.

You will have to post consistently for weeks, months, or sometimes even years to reach your goal. So, be patient and stay consistent by posting at your ideal time.

 Results of Posting Consistently and at the Best Time

If you follow the tips for choosing the best time to post on YouTube, then success is not too far away. 

Just look at these awesome YouTube accounts who have created such a massive impact on the platform with sheer hard work, using the right approach and tools.

 Let’s check some of the best YouTube Channels

  • is a YouTube channel that started in 2009 with over 2 million subscribers. They create content related to what goes into making VFX in movies and ads, testing viral trends related to video effects, creative filmmaking, and also video editing. They continue to post consistently twice a week to this day.
  • Tried and Refused Productions is an Indian YouTube channel that started in 2015 with over a million subscribers. The creator, Anmol Jamwal creates content related to movie analysis, the film world, and discussions on themes and concepts of films. He posts 4 or more videos a week in his domain and gets engaging views.
  • Doctor Mike is another YouTuber who started in 2016 and currently has over 10 million subscribers. As the name suggests, he creates medical-related content which ranges from analyzing medical scenes in films and TV shows to debunking medicine myths and trends on TikTok and Instagram. His ideal time to schedule posts 1-2 times a week which has resulted in a gradual increase in views and subscribers.

Most vloggers and content creators try to post daily. But given your niche, this may not be possible. Hence, analyze other large channels with similar content to find out what works best for you, or you can analyze your channel’s YouTube data and devise an accurate and beneficial plan. If this s


If you are a creative individual and love creating visual content, then YouTube might be for you. But several variables blend to propel you and your channel towards success. Just relying on your skills and thinking will not be beneficial. By understanding these other variables like competitor engagement, the ideal time to schedule, and YouTube’s basic algorithm, you will possess the resources to transform your channel.

The above-mentioned tactic of finding your ideal time to schedule is aimed at equipping you with a valuable resource, the resource of time to push your videos for views. In this day and age where new and dynamic careers are taking off every other day, excelling on YouTube is achievable with the right knowledge and skill set.

Quality, Consistency, and understanding the metrics of best time to post on youtube should be your mantra for a great YouTube success.

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