Best eCommerce Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

Before we go into the list of the Best e-Commerce Digital Marketing Case Studies in India, we’d like to ask our readers a few questions, especially those interested in becoming marketers.

Have you ever thought about how top-tier firms’ marketers produce incredible web campaigns? How are they going to get the “n” amount of followers on social media? What type of marketing approach do they employ for their company? Are there any regulations that must be followed?

Have you ever wondered what differentiates digital marketing from traditional marketing? And how businesses have adapted in order to develop incredible online advertising. Companies are more focused on reaching diverse audiences and raising knowledge about the product or service in traditional marketing. In digital marketing, on the other hand, businesses and campaigns are attempting to promote and generate digital content that is more focused on experience and interaction with end customers through the use of technologies such as social media. 

Because the internet has become such a vital part of our lives, brands and businesses are attempting to create an experience by emotionally engaging people.

Any firm, whether small or large, would benefit from a massive number of internet followers. Marketers have an excellent task in creating unique campaigns that attract people’s attention and encourage them to talk about the companies with their peers.

Digital marketing is a creative field that assists firms in connecting with customers over the internet. With the advent of technology and increased usage of social media, anybody from anywhere may contact the firm and share their experiences, suggestions, messages, services, complaints, and other information with a single click.

Case studies in digital marketing are an important element of learning about digital marketing tactics.

Studying digital marketing case studies can give you an idea of how companies have approached their target audience in unique ways that have increased sales and leads and had a significant social impact.

Case studies in digital marketing help us develop our knowledge and abilities, allowing us to avoid making the same mistakes that these organizations did in the past.

The ‘Best eCommerce Digital Marketing Case Studies in India’ are detailed below.

#DilHaiHindustani Hashtag Campaign By MakeMyTrip

Make My Trip is a high-quality travel agency that is also well-known on social media channels. All students should follow this brand since they are always presenting innovative campaigns and deals, particularly during the holidays.

By rewinding the revolutionary efforts for freedom, the online travel business exploited Independence Day as a key event to reach the youth.

They created the #DilHaiHindustani, which depicted India’s freedom journey from 1857 to 1947. The Mangal Pandey agitation, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the non-cooperation movement, Chandra Sekhar’s Kakori railway theft, and others were all mentioned.

People may participate by picking their favourite freedom fighter in the blog, sharing the blog by noting the name of the freedom fighter and the cause, and increasing their chances of winning prizes by using the hashtag #DilHaiHindustani. 

IPL Team’s Digital Marketing Strategy By KKR

Even the Indian Premier League club couldn’t avoid the digital world. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a Twenty20 cricket franchise that represents Kolkata in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is co-owned by Shahrukh Khan, a well-known Bollywood actor.

Due to its digital marketing efforts, the KKR squad has the highest level of engagement with its fans and followers. During the early days, KKR showed a keen interest in gaining internet followers and worked on a number of objectives, including how to increase KKR brand awareness without mentioning Shahrukh Khan, how to stay tuned and connected with fans, and how to keep them up to date with the updates and latest news.

To increase fan interaction, they initially chose to launch “Inside KKR,” a video blog dedicated just to KKR supporters, where fans can readily access news and their favourite players.

Second, they had a website blog as well as an official mobile app that kept supporters involved and informed about the team’s current happenings.

They devoted special attention to social media channels, and KKR’s digital marketing team even hosted a live screen Facebook discussion in Facebook’s Hyderabad headquarters.

KKR players held Twitter chats with their supporters and ran a unique “Cheer for KKR” campaign. This is for when any sports team adopts a digital strategy.

The campaign’s outcomes include:

  • KKR is the most active IPL team on Twitter.
  • With over 466K Instagram followers, KKR has become the most followed IPL team.
  • KKR’s Facebook page had more than 15 million likes during the season, the most of any IPL franchise.

Transferkar Family By Tata Sky

The promotion was mainly aimed at families, as the name suggests. Obviously, the campaign’s goal was to promote Tata Sky’s Tata Sky+ Transfer product/service. This innovative tool transmits recorded video from a television to a mobile device or a tablet computer.

Basically, when it comes to channels, everyone in each household has their own tastes. However, for some reason, not everyone in the family watches their favourite shows at the same time.

This is particularly prevalent in Indian homes, where the head of the family controls the TV remote, and the rest of the family just follows his or her preferences.

The campaign was a great hit and went viral on social media and television advertising. During the promotion, consumers were offered cheap discounts on a variety of family-related materials. The campaign was a big success because of their grasp of the intended market, becoming one of the practical and best eCommerce Digital Marketing Case studies in India

‘Mom’s Touch’ By Nivea India

This campaign was created particularly for Mother’s Day to honour all the amazing and selfless moms. Nivea’s Mom’s Touch ad included some incredible, altruistic mother tales from throughout the country.

The campaign was to assist moms who face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Despite extraordinary circumstances, the woman does not give up on providing a stable future for her kid.

NIVEA’s Mom’s Touch is a social effort aimed at assisting moms who face difficulty on a daily basis. Mothers who, despite overwhelming obstacles, will stop at nothing to ensure their children’s future.

By publishing this film on social media channels, the brand urged the public to share the unselfish act of their moms. Their marketing plan also had a lovely goal of increasing viewing. The brand promised that if this video were shared on social media, the brand would donate to the girls.

This campaign was one of the most emotional and heart-touching e-commerce digital marketing case studies in India and was indeed a great success.

#FloatABoat campaign By Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a well-known Indian brand of traditional beverages known for cocktails, including aam panna, golgappe ka pani, Jamun Kala khatta, and kokum, which can all be made at home. These tastes are popular among Indian families, although not everyone can make them at home.

According to Paper Boat’s objective, the goal of these beverages was to transport you back to those memories and float a boot this monsoon. The team also does an excellent job of carrying out the same goal through digital marketing initiatives. They devised a number of creative advertisements that appealed to the audience’s emotions and made them fall in love with the brand.

As the name suggests, the firm urged individuals to construct a paper boat as they did as children and post it on social media with the hashtag #FloatABoat and by following their social media sites.

According to the firm, Paper Boat will give Rs.20 to children’s education whenever this is shared on any social media platform.

The campaign’s goal reached millions of people, and it was a huge success, with paper boats clogging up timelines. You can now see how many people followed Paper Boat during the campaign.

The campaign’s outcomes include:

  • By the middle of July, 231 boats had been posted to the site.
  • The company intends to release many more versions, at least 25 in all.
  • The brand is currently accessible in 20,000 retail locations worldwide, including coffee shops like Barista Lavazza, airlines like Indigo and Jet Airways, and hotels like Westin and Trident.
  • In just 5 months, the videos on YouTube have received over 40 thousand views, and the emotional impact has remained with a huge number of viewers.
  • The Paper Boat donations will benefit Parivaar Ashram’s roughly 805 youngsters.

‘Design your own bucket’, ‘Radio KFC RJ Hunt’ and ‘Currycature’ By KFC

Social media is the finest medium when it comes to boosting your online visibility and increasing product sales inside the country. 

The same has been well followed by KFC, a well-known global food company. It is India’s most popular restaurant brand on social media. For brand awareness, KFC tested a number of strategies to expand its online presence on social media platforms.

KFC used mobile applications to target the youth generation with promotions as the Radio KFC RK Hunt, Design Your Own Bucket campaign, and Currycature. These efforts aided them in raising brand recognition and increasing engagement.

When they first launched the Radio KFC RJ Hunt Campaign, 3000 individuals from 30 Indian cities competed.

It was a social media campaign to promote KFC’s brand in-house radio channel, in which fans used the Facebook App to record their voices and share their analog radio experience over the internet. Newcomers, in particular, wanted to try their hand at this quest and opted to participate in collaboration with the well-known brand.

Another creative KFC campaign was “Currycature,” in which participants were asked to create a figure with an ethnic Indian flavour and then upload the images. Around 17K Currycatures was created by fans, giving them a one-of-a-kind experience with the brand.

Another social media marketing tactic was the “Design Your Own Bucket” campaign, in which users were urged to construct their own unique KFC buckets.

There were around 5500 registrations in all, with competitors bringing their colourful KFC buckets. They’ve also introduced bucket entries with Sachin’s photo on a KFC bucket on the day he retired. Isn’t it amazing?

The campaign’s outcomes include:

  • KFC was named one of India’s top five fastest-growing social media businesses.
  • KFC was named one of the top five socially engaged brands by Social Baker.
  • Their Facebook page’s total positive interaction increased from 6.2 per cent to 93.8 per cent, more than three times the sector average.
  • This campaign was recognized as one of the best e-commerce digital marketing case studies in India by various digital marketers.

The Great Indian Freedom Sale By Amazon India

You can’t overlook e-commerce enterprises when it comes to digital marketing strategies. During the same Independence Day celebrations, Amazon India, the world’s largest online retailer, used new marketing methods such as product advertisements and deals and judicious use of social media. The campaign we’ve been discussing may serve as an excellent example of internet marketing efforts, particularly in the e-commerce industry.

The tournament was held as part of Amazon India’s The Great Indian Freedom Sale, which included entertaining activities and the winner received Amazon India shopping cards. The campaign was dubbed #10KeBaadKarenge, and it encouraged consumers to postpone their buying plans until after August 10th due to an Amazon deal.

Even their background, if you look at Amazon’s digital marketing case studies, we can see that they have always been intelligent and witty, which has resulted in increased engagement rates and brand exposure.

#WohEkBaat By

On Valentine’s Day 2019, ran a campaign called #WohEkBaat in which couples from all over the web came forward to share their one thing in common, and many TV star couples participated in the campaign, including Gurmeet and Debian, Suyyash and Kishwer, who asked their fans to share their #WohEkBaat on’s social media handles. is India’s most popular metaraminol website for wedding planning and social networking. It began in India in 1997 and has now expanded to include more than seven nations, including the United States, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom as of 2019.

 The campaign’s outcomes include:

  • The contests had over 500 submissions on Valentine’s Day, and around 200k people interacted with #WohEkBaat postings.
  • On Valentine’s Day, #wohekbaat achieved 1.4 million Instagram followers, an increase of 5% across all social channels.

#IndiaInvited By Kotak 811 Campaign 

This campaign was to suggest the Indian citizens to open a digital account.

The #IndiaInvited campaign was promoted on social media with the use of tales, inventions, and events that highlighted the principle of inclusion and indiscrimination and appealed to every Indian to join Kotak 811’s drive for a more equal society. 

The goal was to engage the audience while also recognizing India’s variety and originality, as well as its people.

In the campaign’s ad film, Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh told the message of inclusiveness, and Tonic Worldwide, a digital agency, amplified the notion on digital and engaged with the digital audience through quality discussions and innovations.

The campaign’s outcomes include:

  • In terms of quantitative outcomes, over the period, Reach was 9.56 million, Impressions were 702 million, engagement was 873 thousand, Views were 15 million on Facebook, and the Engagement Rate grew by 47 per cent.

6 Months-Breakup-Challenge By OLX

OLX is one of the most popular C-to-C websites in the United States. People were urged to sell the pre-owned products that they had not used in the previous six months on OLX as part of a campaign termed “Six Months Breakup Challenge.”

This is based on CRUST’s (Consumer Research on Used-Goods and Selling Trends) data, an annual consumer study that helps OLX better understand user behaviour and other consumer trends.

The campaign was broadcast on television, radio, the internet, and social media, prompting individuals to sell and discard items they no longer needed. 

In Conclusion,

E-commerce Digital Marketing Case Studies in India have always been beneficial as a sort of live-learning experience because digital marketing tactics show us how customers react and behave in different ways.

No digital marketing plan needs to be unique; instead, it should be successful, relevant, and timely.

Every brand/company is unique, and each digital marketing plan is based on your brand’s identity and how you engage with people to generate interest and demand.

The e-commerce digital marketing case studies in India presented above are excellent examples of how innovative and effective digital marketing can be.

Did you feel this article was relevant, covering all the essentials of digital marketing for your knowledge? Or, have you come across any digital marketing case study which was resourceful to you and your digital growth? 

Do let us know below in our comments section. We’d love to have an informative conversation with you.

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