Top Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

The automobile industry in India is booming, and digital marketing is playing a major role in driving sales and growth. Here are some of the best automobile digital marketing case studies in India. Read on to know unique startegies of Automobile industry.

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Before we go into the list of the Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India, we’d like you to know, you’ve finally reached at the correct and relevant article.

Because of its efficacy and measurability, digital marketing has developed into an all-encompassing industry of a company in a relatively short time. Marketers all over the globe are perplexed as to how to properly harness and utilize the potential of rapid growth for their brand efforts. The dynamism isn’t helping matters either.

Marketers in the automotive business are in a difficult situation when it comes to utilizing Digital Marketing to their advantage. Automobiles are a category that is not as heavily consumed or purchased digitally as other segments. Buying a vehicle is a high-stakes, high-value choice that purchasers generally make after conducting extensive on-the-ground research and testing the actual product.

This hasn’t prevented car marketers from stretching their creative muscles and coming up with one-of-a-kind campaigns to advertise their brands now and then.

In conventional marketing, companies place a greater emphasis on reaching a broad audience and increasing product or service expertise. In digital marketing, on the other hand, firms and campaigns employ technology like social media to promote and develop digital content that is more focused on experience and connection with end customers.

Because the internet has become such an essential part of our lives, brands and organizations are striving to develop an emotional connection with their customers.

Digital marketing is a creative industry that helps businesses engage with customers online. Anyone from everywhere may contact the organization and share their experiences, thoughts, comments, services, complaints, and other information with a single click, thanks to technological advancements and greater use of social media and other digital platforms.

Digital marketing case studies are an essential part of learning about digital marketing methods.

Case studies in digital marketing may show you how organizations have engaged their target audiences in creative ways that have resulted in higher revenue and leads as well as a significant social effect.

Case studies in digital marketing help us improve our knowledge and talents so that we don’t make the same mistakes that these companies did in the past.

Here is a List of some of the Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India

Tata Vista claims to be “Clearly Ahead.”

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India - Tata Vista claims to be "Clearly Ahead."

Direct comparisons are an age-old strategy of pushing your brand ahead of your competition. Despite the fact that it is not a commonly acknowledged or politically correct method of promoting your brand against your competitors, some companies do it from time to time, especially when they are desperate.

In 2012, Tata Vista chose to accomplish just that with their digital marketing campaign “Clearly Ahead.”

In this campaign, the marketing team openly pitted Tata Vista against Maruti Swift, the second highest selling and one of the most popular brands in the category, to showcase its hatchback category model.

How Did They Execute?

They established a microsite that allowed users to compare the Tata Vista with the Maruti Swift on a variety of criteria and features.

Unmatched performance, unmatched interiors, unmatched features, unmatched size, and unmatched pricing were among the comparative criteria. The apparent goal was to position Tata Vista as the clear winner over its rival.

The Campaign’s Outcomes Include:

With a pie chart that detailed online mentions and attitudes for both car models as a technique of measuring campaign impact, the website put the finishing touches on the marketing message.

According to the brand, Tata Vista had 42 percent favourable remarks across online media, compared to 37 percent for Maruti Swift. Furthermore, as compared to its competition, there were far fewer unfavourable references.

Citroen invites fans to create the “World’s First Crowdsourced Car.”

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India - Citroen invites fans to create the "World's First Crowdsourced Car."
  • The automobile looks fantastic, but how powerful is it?
  • This automobile would have been fantastic if the back had been a little more shapely.
  • What is the purpose of this car’s design?
  • I wish this model came in my preferred colour. Why don’t automobile manufacturers provide more colour choices?

It usually seems like a big process to go automobile shopping for a new vehicle. You want to buy the ideal automobile, and you finally have the funds to put your ideal wheels in your driveway. But there’s always the possibility of wishful thinking.

Sometimes you wish you could assist the crew in designing the automobile so that it is more to your taste. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

“You Like It, We Make It”  was a campaign by Citroen’s on Facebook.

How Did They Execute?

So long as the automobile is a Citroen C1 Connexion, it’s no longer wishful thinking. 

Yes, it is correct!

The Citroen C1 Connexion is the first crowdsourced automobile in the world. Facebook users have chosen the design of their Citroen C1 Connexion.

Citroen’s marketing team and their firm Brandwidth sponsored a Facebook crowdsourcing campaign, inviting fans to contribute to the new model’s design.

You Like It, We Make It is a short youtube video made for the campaign.

This was a fantastic real-time engagement effort to reach out to brand enthusiasts. Fans may share all of the attributes they want in their ideal vehicle.

The Campaign’s Outcomes Include:

With this campaign, Citroen nailed the nail on the head. It met all of the criteria for launching a successful campaign. It was viral, it was engaging, it had a clear call-to-action for its users, it included fans in the brand journey, it evoked an emotional response, and most importantly, it tapped into a genuine desire among automobile buyers. Whoever had the idea was right on the money.

As a result of the campaign, Citroen has a new model: the Citroen C1 Connexion.

Due to this campaign, all KPIs for the brand’s social media engagement skyrocketed. Citroen got almost 24,000 alternative versions of the automobile model from enthusiasts. Not to mention the huge excitement the campaign generated around the brand, making it a hot subject on social media and in search results.

The amazing part was that this ad resulted in Citroen selling over 500 actual automobiles. 

Isn’t that the pinnacle of every marketing campaign’s success?

Facebook Spark AR filter for Mahindra XUV300:

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India - Facebook Spark AR filter for Mahindra XUV300

The user just BLINKS their eye in this amazing Facebook Augmented Reality experience and the colour of the automobile changes. 

The colour options of Mahindra Automobile’s XUV300 were showcased in this Spark AR experience created by alivenow for the launch of Mahindra Automobile’s XUV300. Here’s a little video of the experience, and people may test it out here: XUV300 – Link to the Facebook Video.

Fans were invited to “India’s First Social Trip” by Nano and MTV.

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India - Fans were invited to "India's First Social Trip" by Nano and MTV.

From the beginning, the Tata Nano has been a trailblazer in many respects. Not only was the automobile a one-of-a-kind, but its marketing matched its singularity.

Tata Nano’s marketing team came up with the notion of combining the worlds of digital and offline marketing with its campaign “India’s First Social Trip,” in collaboration with MTV, in 2012, to commemorate the company’s over 1 million fan base.

Tata Nano and MTV teamed up to offer a one-of-a-kind driving experience on Indian roads. To capitalize on the brands’ existing large internet presence, they designed an immersive campaign for its fans that included a 21-day, 2000-kilometer exhilarating trip in a Tata Nano.

How Did They Execute?

The campaign began with establishing a microsite on MTV’s official website, which invited people to enter the contest.

For the campaign, a specific Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account were also created.

Tata Nano, MTV, and its online followers chose four final teams for this drive, each with four individuals, to represent four different zones across the country. Four prominent MTV VJs captained each squad.

Each team was given 20 days to complete four distinct routes while conquering numerous challenges and difficulties. The teams were also required to acquire money in order to fund their journey.

The Campaign’s Outcomes Include:

Throughout the campaign, social media played a crucial role. The teams continued to provide real-time updates through their blogs, images, videos, and updates. 

Throughout the race, fans were kept up to date via social media. They may vote for their favourite teams and follow the voyage with direct updates. As a result, there was continuous and deep fan interaction across all platforms.

The official Facebook page for the effort has over 1,50,000 fans within two weeks of becoming up. During the push, the engagement figure was approaching 80,000, with many of them actively discussing the campaign on the page.

On Facebook, Maruti Suzuki WagonR Augmented Reality 3D car:

Best Automobile Digital Marketing Case Studies in India - On Facebook, Maruti Suzuki WagonR Augmented Reality 3D car:

One of the most appealing features of Facebook Spark AR is that it allows users to experience augmented reality without having to download a new app! Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, has created a Facebook Spark AR filter that allows users to install a 3D model of the new WagonR vehicle on a flat surface and explore it. The user may get additional information about the newly released automobile by tapping on hotspots. 

Alivenow, an approved Facebook Spark AR partner, designed and developed this ad.

In Conclusion,

 Automobile digital marketing strategies show us how clients respond and behave in different ways, digital marketing case studies in India have always been valued as a kind of live-learning experience.

Every brand/company is distinct, and each digital marketing strategy is tailored to your brand’s personality and how you interact with customers to drive interest and demand.

A solid and effective marketing campaign makes use of all of the resources and chances available to help your business reach its goals. Never miss a chance to amuse and surprise customers or even to offer something back, and they’ll admire you for it.

Make the most of digital and technology. Trying innovative ways to interact with consumers can have a long-term positive influence on a company’s brand. Creating a buzz, making emotional connections, and giving people something to speak about all help.

Did you find this article to be useful in that it covered all of the elements of digital marketing for your understanding? Have you come across any digital marketing case studies that have proven to be beneficial to you and your digital development?

Please let us know in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to have a fruitful discussion with you.

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