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Case Study- Aurelia’s Digital Marketing Strategy [2024 Updated]

Aurelia, the fashion retail store by TCNS, implemented comprehensive digital marketing strategies to boost its online presence and attract more customers. The strategy included SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing, and content marketing. Through these efforts. The personalized approach to online marketing allowed Aurelia to identify and address its unique challenges while leveraging the latest tools and techniques to stay ahead of the competition. The success of the strategy led to increased sales and revenue for the business, showcasing the case study of a well-planned and executed digital marketing plan.

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Fashion is undoubtedly a huge part of our lives. Regardless of whether we seek comfort, luxury, representation, or happiness from fashion, it still occupies one of the top spots. Based on this very belief, several businesses, e-commerce and traditional, have been booming.

One such business trying to bridge a gap that exists in our Indian society, by catering to the quintessential modern, Indian woman is Aurelia.

Aurelia Founders

Aurelia was founded in 2009 by two brothers, OS Pasricha and AS Pasricha. Belonging to the TCNS Clothing company, they initially started with ‘W’, a fashion brand that focused on creating contemporary women’s clothing. They later created Aurelia, for making Indian wear more affordable, unique, and apt for the modern Indian woman.

Aurelia founder OS Pasricha
Mr. OS Pasricha

They aimed at making the perfect blend of ethnic and modern, without compromising on traditional designs and modern comfort.

Aurelia is successfully operating in 90+ cities across the country, through more than 500 stores. They have successfully opened flagship stores in Sri Lanka, and Nepal, to create an impeccable presence for both the brand and its mission of showcasing the beauty of modern ethnic clothing at affordable prices.

Aurelia’s collection involves clothing for all occasions and is heavily influenced by the possibilities of fusion in the apparel industry. Their blend of ethnic and traditional with new and modern silhouettes at affordable prices without compromising on quality is the main focal point of their marketing strategy.

In 2019, Aurelia contributed approximately 34% of the total revenue which established its presence as a successful venture. This has led to its marketing strategy being analyzed to extract innovative and unique approaches which may have contributed to its success.

Hence in this article, the different aspects of Aurelia’s marketing strategy will be discussed to understand their plan a little better.

But before that, let us understand why it’s important for marketers to study the latest marketing practices and update themselves on the same.

Why Should Marketers Study Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital Marketing is a new and dynamic field that is constantly evolving. Almost every single day new and exciting trends are taking form within the domain.

Digital marketing refers to the process of promoting goods and services of a business online through the latest tools and strategies. And those who engage in this process are called digital marketers.

There are several benefits to learning about the latest digital marketing strategies being practiced. It gives valuable insight into businesses and creates unique flexibility in terms of the pay scale and titles.

It is also a highly developing field which has resulted in a demand for well-informed and knowledge-rich professionals.

Having a better understanding of the concepts and practices opens doors to better opportunities for growth and financial compensation. It facilitates the development of valuable entrepreneurial skills which have great ROI.

Digital marketing is one such profession that is often unaffected by a recession which provides job security and a path for professional growth.

And last but not the least, being well-versed in digital marketing helps build your brand. And this will further facilitate the creation and establishment of a successful agency in the future.

Now that we discussed the benefits that come with learning digital marketing,+

Let us discuss Aurelia’s target group to better understand who they cater to.

Aurelia’s Target Segment

Aurelia’s target audience is modern Indian women who are looking for stylish and comfortable Indian ethnic wear at an affordable price.

The brand’s focus is on providing a contemporary twist to traditional Indian clothing, making it appealing to women who want to incorporate traditional elements into their modern wardrobe.

Aurelia’s clothing is designed to be versatile, so it can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events, and it aims to cater to a broad range of customers with its varied styles and designs.

Having said this, women are responsible for 53.30% of engagement, while the remaining 46.70% of engagement is initiated by men. Women between the age group of 25-34 form 34.97% of the audience and those between 35-44 form 13.22% of the ideal consumer group.

Let us dwell a little deeper into some successful marketing campaigns run by Aurelia to improve their reach, brand awareness, and revenue.

Aurelia’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns

Campaign 1 – Be your own beautiful

Aurelia launched a campaign in March of 2020 titled ‘Be your own beautiful’. This campaign was created with the idea of empowering women to break beauty stereotypes and embrace themselves for who they are.

They aimed at encouraging women to be comfortable in their skin and ignore any pressure and jabs imposed on them by society.

With Disha Patani as their brand ambassador at the time, they created a full-fledged strategy to devise omnipresent marketing channels to widen their demographic as much as possible.

Aurelia designed a digital video ad that was scripted around taunts and comments that women often receive about their fashion choices.

And the video ad ended with Disha putting an end to societal clichés by saying the tagline- “Don’t be their beautiful, Be your own beautiful”.

This was designed to be the only focal point of the campaign and hence displayed a collection of their trendy clothing in the video.

This was marketed on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. A relatable and highly accurate message portrayed through this digital ad resonated with their ideal consumer base and proved to be a successful campaign.

Campaign 2 – Be compliment ready

A new digital campaign was launched in February of 2022, to showcase effortless fashion. This campaign titled, “Be compliment ready” included a series of short films with the message that one doesn’t have to try too hard to look beautiful. It is something that is in all of us and it gets enhanced with confidence.

This campaign involved the Hindi film actor, Alia Bhatt as the pivotal character in all their short ad films. The idea was to blend Alia’s charm and energy with the grace and elegance of Aurelia as a brand. And the marketing campaign did exactly that.

This campaign showcased their latest spring-summer collection with vibrant colors and ethnic prints in modern and casual silhouettes.

A series of scenarios were created which ends with Alia receiving compliments or similar gestures at the end. These ads were specifically shot for social media and marketed on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

This campaign proved to be extremely successful due to the response that showered in for their new collection and also the charm and captivating energy of Alia Bhatt.

Campaign 3 – Be festive and ready

In August of 2022, Aurelia launched an extension of the “Be compliment ready” campaign called “Be festive ready”. This campaign aimed to celebrate the beauty of Indian festivals through a fusion collection that prioritizes style, affordability, and comfort.

A series of three ad films were shot with Aurelia’s ambassador Alia Bhatt showcasing its latest festive collection. The main ad film consists of a title track called “Pari Hai”, which showcases Alia in their latest fairy-like design.

It was marketed on social media platforms, primarily Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach a much wider demographic. The campaign was light-hearted, colorful, and celebrated womanhood which perfectly encapsulates the brand identity of Aurelia.

Now that we know about three of Aurelia’s successful marketing campaigns, let us further dwell on different marketing strategies which enabled them to increase their reach and multiply sales.

Aurelia’s Social Media Marketing Strategies Case Study

Almost 14% of the traffic that Aurelia receives on its official website is purely generated through social media marketing. This implies that a sufficient amount of resources are invested to have an engaging and dynamic social media presence.

Aurelia primarily focuses on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as their ideal marketing channel on social media.

With a little over 4640 subscribers on YouTube, Aurelia has a simple yet engaging strategy for creating content for their official YouTube channel under the name “Aurelia Womenswear”.

Aurelia youtube marketing strategy

Their content includes official ad films with their ambassador along with reposting the video content curated by their YouTuber collaborations.

This is a simple yet creative way of engaging consumers and creating relatable content that can appeal to the masses. But, there is a long way to go to convert this channel into a more profitable one.

Aurelia’s Instagram consists of 309K followers and more than 3,058 posts. Their Instagram is composed of colorful yet cohesive pictures which form a warm and welcoming feed.

Highlighted in shades of yellow and warmth, their posts explore the diverse celebrations across India and celebrate the feeling of womanhood in togetherness.

Aurelia’s Instagram marketing

They have also showcased their kids’ collection. Their Instagram feed reflects their brand identity. One can sense the elegance, beauty, and grace that Aurelia as a brand stands for.

Aurelia’s Facebook page has over 3.36K followers with a cumulative 3.13K likes. Their Facebook post follows the pattern being implemented on Instagram.

Facebook content curated by Aurelia seems to be targeting the older demographic with a heavy emphasis on simple and textual posts.

Aurelia’s Facebook page marketing

Overall Aurelia has an engaging social media presence but still needs to optimize its YouTube channel and venture into other platforms like Twitter with a more hands-on approach.  

Aurelia’s SEO Strategy Case Study

A strong online presence is crucial for the success of a business. Especially in the last few years, having a holistic approach to increasing online engagement through SEO audits has become pivotal to the success of businesses.

SEO refers to the process of optimizing the website to increase organic traffic for the business, generate quality leads, and encourage conversions.

This helps with promoting brand awareness, improving credibility through transparency, and also establishing brand value.

Aurelia SEO strategies case study

Aurelia is steadily improving their presence online by optimizing its website. With a total of 469.2k views a month, Aurelia has moved up in global and country ranks by occupying 5908 and 229 positions respectively.

They occupy the 73rd position in the category of fashion and apparel and have an average visit duration of a little over 4 minutes.

The top keywords that bring in traffic are:

  • Aurelia
  • Aurelia store
  • Aurelia clothing
  • Aurelia India
  • Aurelia customer
Aurelia's keyword search strategy

34.17% of the total engagement is generated through organic search. A very integral factor that contributes toward higher search engine ranking is an optimized keyword set. 72% of Aurelia’s keyword traffic is organic.

Aurelia's marketing channel distribution strategy

This further emphasizes the importance and relevance of conducting an SEO audit. Based on the above data, we can conclude that Aurelia has been implementing better practices to improve its online visibility and ranking, but there is still room for immense improvement.

A technical and content SEO audit will help optimize all aspects of their online presence to generate the best results.

Aurelia’s Website Strategy

Aurelia’s official website is created keeping in mind what the consumer needs. A simple navigation system and UI that facilitates the easy search. A clear top menu that displays the categories of inventory.

A clean and simple filter system and flexible payment options contribute to a satisfactory customer experience.

Aurelia's website optimization strategy

Aurelia Website

A live banner of the latest offers and collections to generate quality leads is displayed wide and boldly on the homepage.

Categories such as new, top picks, bestsellers, and the latest trends display the most exciting and unique pieces from their collection.

They also have CTA buttons which are great for leads and facilitating sales.

Aurelia’s website is made up of 67 technologies from 15 different industries embedded within it to optimize it to the maximum extent. These technologies are from the field of advertising, analytics, social media, payment, currencies, and so on.

Overall, Aurelia has an optimized website that serves the purpose of smooth and clear navigation of its inventory. An optimized website contributes immensely towards a significant portion of sales and revenue generation.

Aurelia’s Paid Ad Strategies – Case Study

Paid ads refer to those which are placed on different online sites by advertising companies to generate quality leads for a business and facilitate conversions.

They are a great source of engagement and traffic for a business. Although organic traffic contributes the most to online visibility and engagement, one cannot dismiss the impact of a paid ad campaign. They are much more flexible than traditional marketing services.

They provide almost immediate results and are measurable. They promote brand awareness, help improve online visibility and make your brand memorable.

These are some of Aurelia’s live search & display ads targeting a different set of audiences.

A memorable business equals a profitable one. And since most service providers work on a pay-per-click basis, payment and financial budget can be discussed and appropriate plans can be executed.

On average, Aurelia’s paid ads acquire more than 10.6K traffic per month. This is a quarter of the total engagement and possible conversions. This implies that an effective paid ad campaign is in place to help push these numbers further ahead.

Paid ads in the form of PPC are placed at strategic places on social media, search engines, and other online sites to target the ideal consumer. This helps in quality lead generation and also a high chance of conversion.

Some of the top main paid ads competitors of Aurelia are:

  • Aaheli
  • Eridani
  • Bunaai
  • Nykaafashion
  • Shoppersstop
Aurelia paid ads competitors

Aurelia places their ads on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. They also place their PPC ads on search engines like Google.

Overall, Aurelia has a well-paid ad strategy but they can still widen the domain and the style and size of their ad campaigns.

Aurelia’s Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing is an extremely beneficial marketing strategy that is known for generating high-quality leads that will mostly convert to sales.

It refers to the process of social media personalities promoting a product or service of a business, on one or more platforms, in exchange for benefits and capital payment.

Since the widespread usage of social media, influencer marketing has evolved and almost reached the impact and traffic that comes with celebrity endorsements.

There are several advantages to opting for this channel for marketing. It narrows down your consumer pool to a highly specific audience, and wide reach builds credibility through word-of-mouth and is flexible concerning budget and content. All these factors make it very desirable.

Aurelia has an effective influencer marketing strategy in place which is yielding significant results. By focusing on micro and medium-sized influencers on YouTube and Instagram, they are creating a strong flow of relatable and attractive video content for their target group.

Their influencer collaborations consist of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers whose subscribers form the perfect consumer base. Videos highlighting their latest collection, quality, design and style, affordability, delivery, and return policy are created by these influencers to give their honest opinion of the brand.

This overlaps with social media marketing and together creates amazing traction for the business.

But having said that, Aurelia needs to focus on consistency with which they create and market content. And should encourage innovation and creativity in ideas to enhance their brand value.

Aurelia’s E-commerce Strategies

For the success of any business, it becomes crucial to have a holistic and innovative e-commerce strategy. It refers to the practices which fully optimize your online business and facilitates wide reach and improved sales.

An effective e-commerce strategy helps promote your brand, drives traffic to your store, targets specific customers, generates quality leads that result in conversion, and helps with retention through loyalty.

Aurelia’s e-commerce strategy is holistic in its approach and tries to include all the basic practices. They have implemented SEO practices, but there is still immense room for improvement.

They have evolved their social media presence over time to become more engaging and innovative. But having said this, Aurelia needs to focus on expanding its content and its YouTube client base.

Aurelia does not have an effective SMS and email marketing campaign and doesn’t indulge directly. Their online tie-up stores like Ajio or Myntra often include Aurelia as one of the brands in their collection but never have an exclusive email and SMS bundle dedicated to them.

They have had a good collection of blog posts over the last two years. Popular celebrity endorsements with Disha Patani and Alia Bhatt have increased the curiosity of consumers resulting in a demand for engaging content.

And finally, they have invested highly in their aesthetics and brand identity through high-definition photos, amazing designs and collections, and an elegant social media feed.

Although there is room for improvement to maximize its efforts and implement a more aggressive e-commerce strategy, they have considerably changed its approach for the better.

Aurelia’s App Strategy

Aurelia does not have a dedicated app as such to display its inventory to bring in more sales. It has partnered with other e-commerce stores like Ajio, Myntra, Limeroad, Amazon, Flipkart, and TataCliq, which have a vast collection of their latest apparel and other bestsellers.

Myntra features Aurelia in its e-commerce website

This is a great strategy to minimize the costs and resources needed to develop an exclusive app while still having a similar impact and reach. And it has proven effective due to the high narrow and specific client pool of Aurelia.

Aurelia’s Content Marketing Strategy

Creating and uploading engaging content is a great way to keep customers occupied in between their purchases. Content marketing also helps with maintaining loyalty and improves retention potential. It is cost-effective, improves your brand identity, and makes your brand memorable in the long run.

Aurelia has a dedicated blog to help engage its customers. Through their official blog, they create content on fashion lookbooks, style guides, festive looks, and other exciting deals and announcements.

Aurelia's Content Marketing Strategy

They also have collaboration blogs with other digital media outlets to cover their latest venture, collections, and any exciting announcements the brand would like to make.

They create aesthetic and color-cohesive content for their social media. This is a great way to reflect the brand’s identity and vision.

Recently, Aurelia has even begun reposting content created by its collaboration with influencers. This forms a major chunk of their social media content which aims at utilizing UGC to improve transparency and credibility.

Aurelia’s Main Organic Competitors

The top five organic competitors of Aurelia are:

  • W for Woman
  • Ajio
  • Myntra
  • Rangriti
  • Biba
  • Cilory
  • Jaipur Kurti
  • Nykaa fashion
  • Fashor

Wforwoman being a member of the parent company TCNS clothing, does not pose much of a threat. Rather functions as an aid. With over 578k visits a month, Wforwoman occupies a category rank of 2,244. But due to its precedence over Aurelia, has a similarity score of 100%.

Myntra is a giant in the online retail industry with over 73 million visits a month and a category rank of 7. Despite this, it has an affinity score of 86% with Aurelia due to which it occupies the third spot on the list. Ajio is a close second to Aurelia with an affinity score of 88%. It has a monthly visit rate of 38.7 million and a category rank of 15.

Rangriti and Biba occupy the 4th and 5th position on the competitors’ list due to 84% and 78% affinity scores respectively.  Rangriti has a category rank of 7,387 with an average of 172.6k visits a month. Biba has a category rank of 486 with a monthly visit rate of 3.1 million.


Aurelia’s brand concept and mission are a strong foundation for a successful retail empire. Their focus on curating affordable, fashionable, and high-quality apparel by fusing modern and traditional is a great approach. This is one of the many strengths that they need to market and capitalize on.

Celebrity endorsements with top actors are a reassuring feature for their consumers. Also, Aurelia’s decision not to have an official mobile app at this time and generate sales through a third-party service provider is great for sales. But does not help with brand awareness, and brand value.

They need to invest in their content marketing strategy, SEO strategy, and also their overall e-commerce strategy to truly reach their potential.

Aurelia as a brand is trying to bridge a rather unique gap in society through its take on what the quintessential modern Indian woman would prefer to dress like. This is great in narrowing down their consumer pool.

And hence, specific targeting and retargeting through email and SMS bundles need to be planned for maximum benefits.

Other similar online stores which are tapping into an already narrow pool of consumers with their collection of modern ethnic wear are posing a threat to Aurelia. Any online fashion retail store, which has a holistic and optimized marketing strategy will hurt Aurelia’s sales and revenue. This is primarily because Aurelia has not yet optimized all their marketing channels to create an omnipresent brand.

Although there is growth and success which still needs to be achieved, Aurelia has established itself as a unique and one-of-a-kind brand over the last few years by creating fashionable yet affordable apparel. They focus on innovation and quality, without dismissing affordability. If Aurelia extends its focus toward revolutionizing its marketing game, there will be no limits to its success.

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What is Aurelia’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Aurelia is a fashion retail store, its digital marketing strategies include a range of services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and content marketing to help businesses improve their online visibility and generate more leads.

How does Aurelia help businesses improve their online presence?

Aurelia uses a combination of various digital marketing techniques to help businesses improve their online presence. By optimizing their website for search engines, promoting their brand on social media platforms, creating engaging content, collaborating with influencers & celebrities, and running targeted ad campaigns, Aurelia can help businesses attract more traffic, engage with their audience, and generate more leads.

What is Aurelia, and who is the target audience for the fashion retail store?

Aurelia is a fashion retail store by TCNS that offers a range of ethnic wear for women. The target audience for the store is women who are looking for stylish and comfortable ethnic wear that is suitable for everyday wear and special occasions.

What types of ethnic wear does Aurelia offer, and for what age group of women?

Aurelia offers a range of ethnic wear for women of all ages, including kurtas, salwar suits, sarees, and lehengas. The store’s collection includes options that are suitable for women of different age groups, from young girls to mature women.

What are the unique features of Aurelia’s ethnic wear collection that make it appealing to the target audience?

Aurelia’s ethnic wear collection is designed with the latest fashion trends in mind while also prioritizing comfort and ease of wear. The collection includes a range of styles, fabrics, and colors to suit the diverse tastes and preferences of the target audience.

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