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Asian Paints Digital Marketing Strategies: A Detailed Case Study

Want to know how Asian paints use digital marketing? Through its advertisements and campaigns, Asian Paints has a fantastic connection with its customers. In this case study, we analyze Asian paints digital marketing strategies in depth. read to learn more

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In 1942, when lakhs of Indians used civil disobedience to write a triumphant chapter in India’s war for independence, four friends in Bombay (now Mumbai) started up a paint manufacturing firm in a modest garage—Asian Paints.

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Asian Paints has a fantastic connection with its customers and communicates their stories through their advertisements and campaigns. Today we’ll take a look at the journey.

This case study focuses on Asian Paints, an India-based paint manufacturer and retailer and their digital marketing strategies. 

About Asian Paints

Asian Paints Limited was founded on February 1, 1942, and it is now India’s largest and Asia’s third-largest paint company. Asian Paints is present in 17 countries and has 25 paint manufacturing plants worldwide, serving customers in over 65 countries. The company produces paints for the decorative, automotive, and industrial segments.

Asian Paints Digital Marketing Strategies

Aside from this, the company manufactures a variety of accessories such as wall primer, wood primer, putty, and stainers, among others. Due to its strong consumer focus and innovative attitude, the company has been the global leader in paint since 1967.


Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil founded the company in a garage in Gaiwadi, Girgaon, Mumbai. 


During World War II and the Quit India Movement of 1942, a temporary prohibition on paint imports limited the market to foreign enterprises and Shalimar Paints. Asian Paints entered the market and recorded an annual turnover of Rs. 23 crores in 1952, but with a PBT margin of barely 2%. By 1967, it had risen to become the country’s top paint maker. 

The four families collectively owned the majority of the corporation. However, when the corporation grew beyond India in the 1990s, issues over global rights arose. Choksey sold its 13.7 per cent stake and left the company in 1997 as a result of the issues. He died in July 1997, and his son Atul succeeded him.

Choksey’s shares were mutually purchased by the remaining three families and Unit Trust of India after failed partnership talks with the British corporation Imperial Chemical Industries. The Choksi, Dani, and Vakil families own 47.81 percent of the company as of 2008.

Asian Paints’ SEO Strategies

It is crucial for every brand today to ensure that their website is optimised for search engines. Let’s see how Asian Paints is performing on search engines and the results they’re able to generate through them.

Asian Paints’ Website Strategies

Asian Paints’ website has an authority score of 59 with 2,7 million organic search traffic and 287.6K backlinks. They generate 13.5K traffic through Google Ads and other paid means.

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Asian Paints’ On-page SEO Strategies

Their blogs are irregular, but when they do post, they post over three blogs a month. Most of their blogs are paint-related and contain mostly text without any images or infographics. Towards the end of the blog, they have an option for you to either like or dislike the blog.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - Blog

Asian Paints’ Off-page SEO Strategies

Increasing search engine and user views of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority are what off-site ranking factor optimization comprises. Asian paints’ website gets a total of 2.1 million monthly visits on its page and targets 161K keywords.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - Reffering domains

As you can see in the graphs below, Asian Paints has experienced a decrease in its backlinks from September 2021 to the present (July 2022). This is because the backlinks lost are constantly more than the new ones.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - backlinks
asian paints digital marketing strategies - new and lost backlinks

Arts and entertainment and business and industry are the two topmost categories contributing to Asian Paints’ backlinks. The other categories include Internet and Telecom, News, and Jobs and Education.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - categories Reffering domains

Asian Paints’ Social Media Strategies

Asian Paints’ Instagram Strategies

The Instagram profile of Asian Paints (@asianpaints) has 236K followers as of July 2022. They post once every day on their profile.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - social media strategies

These are the different types of posts you’ll find on Asian Paints’ Instagram:

Engagement-based: Asian Paints’ Instagram account posts engagement content to encourage their users to comment on their preferred design as you can see in the image below.

Special day posts: They also post on special days for wishing their followers.

Product-specific: A good number of posts on Asian Paints’ feed are related to their products, like the one you can see below.

Reels: Finally, they also make use of reels to make engaging content and to reach a larger customer base.

asian paints digital marketing strategies  instagram posts

The Instagram engagement rate of Asian Paints’ Instagram account is 2.11% and they have an average of 5,777 likes and 8 comments on their posts.

Asian paints digital marketing strategies -Instagram engagement rate

Asian Paints’ Facebook Strategies

Asian Paints’ Facebook page has over 20 lakh followers as of July 2022. They post pretty much the same things as they do on Instagram.

asian paints digital marketing strategies -FB bio

The Facebook engagement rate of Asian Paints is 0.11% and they receive an average of 2,100 likes and 68 comments on each of their posts.

TCS Digital Marketing Strategies -FB engagement

Asian Paints’ Google Ads Strategies

Asian Paints also makes use of Google Ads to capture more audience and be visible to all those looking for them. As depicted in the figure below, you can see a spike in their paid search trends between March and May 2022.

asian paints digital marketing strategies - ads

The below table shows trends of the paid keywords used by Asian Paints, which has remained constant since April 2022.

asian paints digital marketing strategies -paid ads

You can find the list of the keywords that Asian Paints has bid on in the table below. The top five keywords are painting ideas, home paint colour, house painting, colour combination for the hall, and painters near me.

asian paints digital marketing strategies -paid ads keywords

Asian Paints’ Target Audience

Customers for Asian paints include, but are not limited to, homeowners, corporations, vehicle companies, wholesalers, and distributors. Asian Paints’ retail consumers are typically adults aged 20 and up from the medium, upper-middle, and upper-income brackets.

Asian Paints’ Best Campaigns

1. Wah Sunil Babu Wah

The humorous “Wah Sunil Babu Wah” ad was a huge hit with audiences and is still remembered and connected with the brand. The notion was a sarcastic dig at the fact that their paint retains its freshness and longevity despite many environmental and living changes.

2. Your way!

Service for Beautiful Homes Asian Paints has released two digital films to promote its new service, Beautiful Homes Service.

The two films, created and performed by Kinnect, shed light on the ups and downs of home interior design while showcasing Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes Service as the one-stop solution for creating a beautiful house.


Asian Paints used these strategies to protect and develop its reputation in the digital economy. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy for your company. Digital Scholar, the first agency-style training institute, provides digital marketing courses for aspiring marketers, entrepreneurs, students, and others interested in excelling in the digital area. If you’d like to learn more about Digital Scholar and explore your alternatives, call them immediately at +91 9513632705.

What are your thoughts on Asian Paints’ digital marketing strategies? Please let us know in the comments!

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