Top 20 Art Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Looking for some art inspiration? Check out our list of the top 20 art influencers to follow on Instagram. From painters to photographers, these art influencers will definitely get your creative juices flowing.

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Art has been one of the most exceptional sectors with creativity, innovation, and emotions. It is widely known that art has fed human and human interaction for years and centuries in the past. Back then, when the base of a particular language was not strong or robust, people created and made use of art in order to convey their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Talking about the world today, art has taken shape in several different forms and varieties that our world possesses. As time changes and moves on, art has transformed tremendously relating to demographic boundaries and religion.

Back in the early 1700s and 1800s, art was restricted and segregated for the ones who were highly rich. Art was seen as a possession of riches, and the more expensive art you had, the richer you seemed to be in society. Evolvingly, in today’s time, art is equally available for all of us, regardless of how rich we are or from where we belong.

How did Social Media Help Transform the Art Sector?

Social media has helped transform boundaries of what was previously known to be impossible. People now connect to each other from anywhere and any place from the globe. At the time when social media was newly formed, it was basically just to connect to your loved ones and friends sitting at your home. But now, as slowly and gradually the creators of social media platforms witnessed the rise of more and more social media users, it has become a place where brands and companies can easily advertise and promote their goods and services. Social media has indeed changed and altered the way we view and purchase art. Artists now do not have to go and travel to a particular art gallery around the country in order to display and sell their art. Social media has dramatically altered an artist’s channel from creating the art, promoting it, and then selling it at the right value.

There are millions of people who are simply sitting at home creating home decor, paintings, and other handmade arts. These people have created their accounts on several social media platforms and regularly post about what’s new in their collection, along with the price range and delivery options. Eventually, customers who are attracted to such products and materials each them out through email addresses or messages and place the order then and there. This has helped millions of artists who are engaged in becoming independent and religiously follow their passion.

Using these several social media networking sites as an artist, one can easily verify the caliber of their quality of work. It becomes easier who evaluate what’s going on in the sector and market of art. Artists can now conveniently learn the taste and preferences of the audiences and accordingly modify their approach toward their art. Moreover, it is now far easier for artists to showcase their work and, in return, find their target audiences on a regular basis.

So, moving on to the crucial part that we have shortlisted for your assistance.

Top 20 Art Influencers to Follow on Instagram

1. Biophilicart

Sallyann is one of the best art influencers on Instagram who specializes in wildlife, bird, and nature art. Her stunning, modern works of art are inspired by the natural world around her. She thinks she can see the spirit and individuality of an animal in its eyes. She believes in the fact that everything is interconnected, and one of the ways she wants to engage emotionally with the environment is through her artwork. She has a loyal fan base of 64.4k followers on Instagram. She maintains her own attractive website for customers.

2. Flora Yukhnovich- @flora_yukhnovich

Flora Yukhnovich is well known for her Rococo-style paintings, which reinterpret arts created in the eighteenth century by masters like Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, François Boucher, and more. She appreciates the concept and idea of fusing two heavily gendered periods of art history: the machismo of abstraction and the lovely Rococo iconography. Flora Yukhnovich indeed is one of the best art influencers on Instagram to date.

3. Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is another Japan-based art influencer on Instagram. Takashi has created an art called – Murakami. Flowers that depict his signature subject matter, flowers, as dot art that is reminiscent of Japanese TV games from the 1970s. In this creation of his, there are 108 flower photographs in each field, for a total of 11,664 flower images. The number 108 alludes to bonno or temptations of the earth. He has sold several valued arts painted by him.

4. Robbrowningart

Rob Browning, who presently lives in USA’s Virginia, received a formal education in art (1974-1979) from Virginia’s Commonwealth University. He is known to be one of the finest painters with a crystal clear image. Furthermore, his artworks have been utilized commercially by companies like General Electric, ITT, American Airlines, and Disney Enterprises. He has a subtle and attractive Instagram account.

5. Amoako Boafo

Amoako Boafo, a painter from Ghana, has become one of the most popular artists of today’s time. He had his artwork launched into space by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket last year (Wow). Boafo originally studied painting at the Ghanatta College of Art in Design in Ghana, where he also perfected his trademark style of finger painting. He is one of the famous art influencers on Instagram.

6. Colorbyfeliks

Colorbyfeliks is an Instagram page and a platform founded by artist Feliks. His online videos have gained a lot of traction. On his social media sites, he was able to amass a painting community of more than 2 million users at this time. He aspires to be able to support artists in the future by giving advice, tools, ideas, and a stage. On his Instagram page, he has over 957k followers who love and admire his artwork.

7. Erika

Erika is a mother of two from Portland who self-taught herself to paint in oil. She made the decision to quit her corporate career and pursue her passion for painting full-time. Erika has been painting for about 7 years at this point. She has had great success selling her paintings and other works of art online thus far. For the benefit of her clients and visitors, she has a website.

8. Raqib Shaw

In 1974, Raqib Shaw was born in Calcutta, India. He is presently residing and working in London. His worldview is developed through fanciful, extremely personal visuals. Shaw draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including mythology, poetry, theatre, religion, science, and natural history. He combines Eastern and Western symbolism. Raqib has over 10.9k fan followers on his Instagram account.

9. Matthew Sorgie

Matthew Sorgie is an artist from NY and LA. People may be familiar with him via Youtube or Instagram, where he posts his artwork along with vlogs, process videos, and tutorials. He is a current University of Southern California BFA 1 Animation and Digital Arts student. He is regarded as one of the world’s most talented young artists. Furthermore, he is one of the youngest art influencers on Instagram.


One of the most significant living painters, AI WEIWEI, was born in 1957 and currently resides in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The State University of New York awarded him an M.D. He is widely known for his passion for art and paintings and also has a blue tick on his Instagram account. He is also a writer and currently possesses more than 639k followers on Instagram.

11. Benny Or

The theme of Benny Or’s creative work is the human experience. His training in theatre and architecture is evident in his works of art. In order to collaborate with other artists and brands and pursue his artistic goals, he founded Benny Or Studio (BOS). He works with artists including Carrie Underwood, Billie Eilish, and others. Benny currently maintains over 19.1k followers on Instagram.

12. Gary Yeh

In 2015, Gary Yeh launched an Instagram account devoted to art called ArtDrunk. When he was a Duke University undergraduate studying art history, he started it on a whim. After sharing images of the art galleries and museums he had visited while studying abroad in Europe, he quickly became motivated enough to begin producing his own works of art. His Instagram page has over 106k followers.


OSGEMEOS, which translates as “THE TWINS,” Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, was born in So Paulo, Brazil. Growing up in the streets of Cambuci (SP), a traditional neighbourhood, they created a unique style of expressing themselves through art and other kinds of expression. OSGEMEOS established a direct link to their dynamic and mystical universe.

14. Willie Hsu

Another well-known Instagrammer who uses simply a pencil to create sketches of hunting is Willie Hsu. He uploads his drawings on his Instagram site and is an avid tattoo aficionado, photographer, and art lover. Willie Hsu is motivated by the concept of the afterlife and the eerie allure of this realm after death. His illustrations are remarkably lifelike.

15. Oleksiak

Agata “Olek” Oleksiak, a Polish sculptor, performance, and street artist, uses cloth for the majority of her creations. Her goal is to raise awareness of several global concerns, including women’s rights, sexual equality, humanitarian causes, and freedom of expression, all of which are very important to me. She has additionally made crocheted items for the British Royal Family. She receives admiration from her fan following of more than 56k followers on her Instagram account.

16. Noel Dobarganes

Cuban artist Noel Dobarganes, who is currently based in Miami, was born in Matanzas in 1977. With a focus on painting, his work spans the media of drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and painting. From 1997 to 2000, he majored in painting at the “Escuela Profesional de Artes Plásticas Roberto Diago” (Matanzas). His artistic endeavours have always been more psychological than physical.

​​​​17. Pierre Jean-Louis

Self-taught artist Pierre Jean-Louis is based in New Jersey and New York. He was born on May 1, 1993, and during his adolescence, he drew frequently. His father, the legendary Haitian painter Bonaventure Jean-Louis, has had a significant artistic influence on him. Each piece he creates incorporates influences and components from his history and present. Infuriating levels of passion are brought to Pierre’s work. In an effort to encourage people to pursue their goals, he intends to open art galleries all over the world.

18. Nick Thomm

Nick Thomm is an Australian artist best known for his massive, hyper-coloured Spectral Paintings who lives and works in Los Angeles. Thomm investigates contemporary colour schemes, the creation of abstract images, and the fusion of traditional art and technology, producing a captivating fusion of form and color. The “New Museum” in New York and the “Moco Museum” in Barcelona, among other well-known worldwide museums and galleries, have further featured Thomm’s work.

19. Dalia Kantor

Dalia Kantor expresses the essence of her emotions via the use of colours, forms, and abstract figures. Dalia was born to an artistic family in Israel. In her artistic style, you may find Abstract Art, Decorative Art, Fine Art, Figures, Faces, and much more.


SHEPARD FAIREY was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Works and resides in Los Angeles, California. His Rhode Island School of Design Bachelor of Fine Arts degree was earned in 1992. Cesar Chavez Legacy Honors Honoree, 2019, Art Wynwood Tony Goldman Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award, 2017, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Voices of Courage Media Award, 2017, Rush Arts Honoree, 2017, and others are only a handful of his achievements that he has earned over time.


So here it is, these above-mentioned personalities are the top 20 art influencers who are recognized across the globe.

As stated above, social media has contributed to expanding the bounds of what was once thought to be impossible. Nowadays, people can connect with one another from anywhere in the world. Artists can now display and sell their work without having to travel to a specific gallery across the nation. The process of creating art, advertising it, and finally selling it at the correct price has been significantly changed by social media.

We hope this article was useful for you. Do you have any other art influencers on Instagram in your mind? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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