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Amul produces simple, strategic, and creative campaigns that align with its brand image and resonate with its audience. They have dipped into social media and digital platforms to generate awareness and connect with their audience. Keep reading Amul's digital marketing strategies. The blog will help you understand the brand marketing style and how all age groups love them. You can also download a free pdf/ppt of the Amul case study.

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Amul claims themselves as The Taste of India, but arguably, we’d say they’re even the marketers of India. No matter the platform or medium, Amul has always put its best foot forward, being appealing and cute at the same time, and setting new standards with every new campaign.

Today, Amul has managed to make space in almost every household in India, providing top-quality dairy products and truly being Amul – The Taste of India.

Amul the taste of India

Amul is a brand to study and absorb for any entrepreneur, with a growth rate of 30% and a market share of 86%. It’s come up with its iconic marketing technique that can genuinely be described as Utterly, Butterly Delicious!

Reaching this threshold has been a story that can inspire and lead the way for many marketers to craft their strategies, especially on the digital platform. This blog will discuss various aspects of Amul’s digital marketing strategies and how they use each platform to advertise their products creatively.

About Amul (The Taste of India)

74 years ago, a group of troubled farmers in Gujarat approached Sardar Vallabhai Patel, tired of unfair trade practices by local traders who exploited them. Today, in 2024, we all consume Amul’s products day in and day out. The humble journey was led by Dr Kurian, who led the cooperative.

 Dr. Kurian, the founder of Amul
 Dr. Kurian, the founder
 Amul iconic creative marketing strategy

They underwent a digital transformation in 2014 when they first introduced a YouTube-only ad campaign.

Post that, they have seeped into different social media and digital platforms to generate awareness and connect with their audience in real-time.

However, they continue to use their initial identities – The Amul Girl and their tagline, Taste of India.

Amul was Successful for the reasons mentioned below;

  • The dairy was owned by the farmers themselves.
  • The farmers selected their representative, who managed them.
  • Professionals were employed to operate the business.
  • The cooperative ensured that they adhered to all the needs of the farmers.

In March 2024, Amul is all set to serve its fresh Amul milk products International market by launching its products to Americans.

At the 108th annual meeting of the Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) at Novi, Michigan, USA, Dr Jayen Mehta, Managing Director, Amul, announced their association with MMPA to nourish and energize American and Indian consumers in the USA with the goodness of fresh Amul Milk.

He added that the Amul team is very honoured and pleased to launch Amul’s fresh milk range for the 1st time anywhere outside India, bringing the taste of India to the world, in alignment with the vision of Hon Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, to make Amul a global dairy brand.

Amul has mentioned the following Amul products are now available in the USA:
◆ Cheese
◆ Ghee
◆ Chocolates
◆ Mithaimate
◆ Cheese Spread
◆ Shrikhand
◆ Butter
◆ Ice cream
◆ Gulab Jamun
◆ Amulya
◆ Basundi
◆ Lassi
◆ Paneer
◆ Beverages
◆ Rosogolla
◆ Frozen snacks
◆ Frozen sweets
◆ Mango Lassi
◆ Buttermilk

In Amul’s exports abroad section, they have mentioned all the information about their international move with Amul fresh milk products, including the product details, packaging, flavours, importers, distributors, etc.

In this way, the Amul model became more popular and grew multifold ever since its inception. Through its digital marketing strategies, Amul received the following results: 

  • Amul has developed an unshakable link with its consumers, particularly Indians, without resorting to rigorous marketing/advertising.
  • Amul milk is the most popular product, and it is fair to say that Amul is synonymous with milk in our country.
  • The brand’s trademark is “Amul Girl,” which distinguishes it in every way.
Trademark- the Amul girl
  • Because today’s population is largely comprised of youth, the company has made itself highly interactive on social media channels, allowing its new items to gain a lot of exposure.

Why Should One Study Amul’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Marketers can learn a lot from Amul’s digital marketing strategies. Each of their strategies has proved successful and left a mark on people.

Here are some of the key things that can help marketers curate their digital marketing strategies:

1. The Amul Girl

The Amul Girl is the company’s official mascot. It’s a hand-drawn cartoon of a young Indian girl with blue hair and a pony tied up, dressed in a polka-dotted gown. In 1967, the Amul Girl was established to respond to Amul’s competitor brand, Polson’s butter-girl. It has set a new world record for its longest-running advertising campaign!

The Amul girl different looks

2. Amul’s Branding

Amul sells all its products under the same brand name. Whether it’s milk, cheese, any other dairy product, delectable ice creams, or just launched rusks/biscuits, advertising costs less than 1% of the product’s income.

Amul products branding strategies

Because the “Idea of India” is here to stay for all eternity, this brand’s tagline-driven positioning can afford to stay current, topical, and relevant.

This is the mantra that all brands strive toward at every given time. Every time Amul introduces a new product, the embedded positioning assists the brand in indigenising the concept.

3. Amul’s Target Audience and Taglines

In its short marketing videos, Amul Doodh Peetha Hai India, Har Ghar Amul Ghar, Pehla Pyaar Amul Pyaar, and other taglines have become well-known in advertising.

Every commercial has left an impression and accurately reflects the organization’s values and target audience.

These are some of the many things marketers can learn from Amul’s digital marketing strategies.

Let’s now get into each of their strategies’ details and see how one can learn from them.

Amul’s Digital Marketing Strategies: 

1. Amul’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

Amul social media marketing strategies employ many social media strategies to keep up with the social landscape and interact with audiences in real-time.

Let’s briefly look at their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube marketing statistics;

PlatformNo. of followersEngagement Rate
Instagram409k followers3.14%
Facebook 2M followers2.43%
Twitter357.7k followers0.35%
YouTube490K Subscribers0.04%

Let’s look at each of these platforms closely and understand their digital marketing strategies;

Amul’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

Amul’s Instagram has 402k followers and is constantly growing. Amul has been quite active on Instagram, engaging users with various competitions. For instance, it posts content directed towards the IPL 2022 to make it more relevant. They post quizzes, polls, opinion-based posts, etc., that can increase their engagement.

The number of followers has been steadily increasing due to the brand’s frequent feeds promoting its products and services. They also post many images for celebrations and particular festivals. With smart copywriting and innovative designs, they ensure that their Instagram account is always updated and appealing.

What is Amul’s Instagram Engagement Rate?

Amul’s Instagram engagement rate is 2.85%, with an average of 11,325 likes and 25 comments.

Amul Instagram engagement rate

Amul’s Facebook Marketing Strategies

Amul already had a successful content tool in its brand Amul Butter, which is used in print, outdoors, and on occasion on the web, so it was not difficult for the company to make a move to Facebook.

The company utilised the Butter Girl to create content that focused on current events, but in a unique way that gained a lot of traction, especially among the youth.

Amul Facebook page
Amul’s Facebook Page

Amul has been quite active on Facebook, engaging users with various competitions. For instance, it developed the ‘Meme You’ campaign to encourage people to make memes to disseminate the message “Eat milk with every meal”.

The number of followers has been steadily increasing due to the brand’s frequent feeds promoting its products and services.

Amul Facebook followers marketing strategies

Aside from the Amul girl in multiple posts, other products’ visuals, such as ice creams, health drinks, and other beverages, are methodically worked on and designed to be as appealing as possible.

Amul is currently celebrating its founder, Dr. Verghese Kurian, as Desh ka Doodhwala, through its Facebook campaign. Posted over 21 weeks ago, and it has 3.8 million views on Facebook. 

What is Amul’s Facebook Engagement Rate?

Amul’s Facebook engagement rate is 2.43%, with an average of 39,000 likes and 481 comments

Amul Facebook engagement rate

Amul’s Twitter Marketing Strategy

The content on Twitter is nearly identical, but it has surpassed the follower count of several Indian firms. Because of the brand’s incredibly relatable visuals, people have rejoiced with it on many occasions and at high-energy events. As we all know, Twitter is more about expressing oneself or sharing one’s experiences.

Amul Twitter followers & digital marketing strategies
Amul’s Twitter Account

It has some people who, like satisfied customers, may not have had a positive experience with the brand and have expressed it on their Twitter profiles. However, Amul’s social media staff has never shied away from admitting their error and correcting the issue in front of millions of people. Compared to other brands, this gave them a strong grasp of the social circuit.

What is Amul’s Twitter Engagement Rate?

Amul’s Twitter engagement rate is 0.35%, with an average of 1,217 likes and 106 retweets per tweet. 

Amul's Twitter engagement rate

Amul’s YouTube Marketing Strategy

Amul’s YouTube ad first went live in 2014. The three-minute film was broadcast exclusively on YouTube by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which owns the Amul brand. It’s Amul’s first social media release, and it’s part of the company’s effort to reach out to a new generation of customers.

Amul now has a YouTube following of 475K subscribers.

Amul TV Youtube marketing strategy

They actively post YouTube videos of recipes and their products, and carry out campaigns like the one where they introduced Dr. Kurian. 

Amul Youtube videos introducing Dr Kurien

They have also made use of YouTube Shorts to post small videos and capture the attention of their audience. 

YouTube Shorts - Amul

What is Amul’s YouTube engagement rate?

Amul’s YouTube engagement rate is 0.04%, with an average of 11 likes and 0 comments per video.

Amul Youtube engagement rate

2. Amul’s SEO Marketing Strategy

According to SEMrush, Amul has a domain score 38 and receives 2.5K of traffic from organic sources. They have seen a 31% rise in numbers recently. 

Amul website authority, organic search traffic and backlinks

Tracking Amul’s keywords, you realise that there are only four organic keywords that bring you to Amul’s website, which are: Amul butter nutrition, amuls, Amul login, and Amul.

Amul SEO marketing strategy showing organic ranking keywords

Amul holds the #5 website rank in the food and drink category and is at #181,495 globally.

Amul’s Top Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study

The Amul Girl and Moments Marketing

As a part of a long-term strategy, Amul uses moment marketing across all its platforms – be it traditional, digital, Instagram or Facebook. Here are some of their recent moments:

1. The Alia-Ranbir Wedding

2. The Third Vaccination

3. IPL 2022

4. The Beginning

Amul is now more than a brand; it is a movement that embodies public sentiment.

Amul chubby girl

The chubby-cheeked Amul girl continues to voice her opinion without fear, as if she were speaking for the entire country of India.


As you can see, Amul has made inroads into the internet world to promote its products and brands. If you want to establish excellent digital marketing strategies for your firm, you can enrol in Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course. This course is designed for students interested in learning everything there is to know about digital marketing and how to use it to grow their business.

Are you ready to elevate the image of your organisation to new heights? The greatest moment to enrol in our free digital marketing course is right now!

Which is your favourite illustration of the Amul girl? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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