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Case Study: Allen Solly Digital Marketing Strategies

Clothing is not just about wearing clothes. Being fashionable is about showing a sense of style - in other words, one's image. The industry itself is quite complex, as it spans from catering to consumers to sales, to marketing, to managing one's image, and fashion is what a global industry. Many brands have gone online to start their own companies, but few have succeeded. As digital marketing strategies, having the right tools can help you succeed with online marketing. Thus, In this blog post, we'll look at Allen Solly's digital marketing case study in the fashion industry.

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The fashion industry isn’t as trendy as it used to be, and it’s starting to lose its lustre in the online world. However, companies can reach consumers for a fraction of the cost with digital marketing.

Traditional marketing has low costs but low success rates. Digital marketing has higher prices but a higher success rate. Sales through digital marketing are steadily increasing.

Fashion designers must keep their stores up to date regularly, including introducing new mannequins, decorations, and other displays. Comparing the two, we find that digital marketing is far less expensive.

Thus today, we will reveal the case study of Allen Solly and how they build a strong online presence with the help of digital marketing.

History of Allen Solly

Allen Solly ( is a fashion brand and business that can be found online. Allen Solly is known for its classy and stylish fashion at rock-bottom prices. 

It revolutionised the dressing style of Indian officials. Allen Solly was the first Indian brand to enter the shirts and jeans market officially.

William Hollin founded Allen Solly and Co Ltd started in 1744. A firm called Madura Garments purchased the brand in the 1990s. Madura Garments was a subsidiary of Madura Coats and a major thread manufacturer.

History of Allen Solly

However, Allen Solly was purchased by the Aditya Birla Group in 2001.

They believe that fashion should be fun and that style should be inclusive to everyone. Their designs reflect the personalities, styles and tastes of the women who wear them. 

They create clothing lines for women who love to dress up and appreciate quality and value for money.

In 2002, Allen Solly was the first Indian fashion brand to launch the “Friday Dressing” concept. The Friday Dressing concept was an instant hit as office goers tried this new trend. A brand tagline, “My World, My Way”, was formed to underscore the brand’s latest trend.

Allen Solly Digital marketing strategies

Solly Jeans Company was launched in 2014, and Solly Sport was introduced as a tennis-inspired lifestyle sports brand.

In 2013, Allen Solly Junior sold smart clothes for children. Compared to the older Allen Solly, which is more for boys, Allen Solly Junior is for girls, and the clothes are more fashionable.

Allen Solly Junior

Interesting ??? want to know more about Allen Solly?

Continue reading to learn more about how Allen Solly used his marketing strategies to cover a wide audience of women, men and kids.

Allen Solly Marketing Strategy

In the fashion industry, Allen Solly employs various marketing methods, but the marketing mix structure is the one we’ll focus on.

The marketing department at Allen Solly comprises four individuals, each of whom is in charge of a distinct aspect of the marketing mix. The pricing approach varies greatly depending on the season. However, the promotion plan does not.

Allen Solly Marketing Strategies

The demand for the product determines the location and the type of clothing people determine product innovation choose to wear, mostly by the state’s attire.

1. Product Strategy of Allen Solly

Allen Solly is a textile retailer that manufactures, imports, and exports clothing for men, women, and children. 

The company’s product line includes Western and formal wear for men, handloom clothing for women, printed cotton and linen dresses, and embroidered shirts and blouses for kids. 

Allen Solly has stores in 11 cities in India, 100 stores across 40 cities in 24 countries, and 2,300 collection centres and franchise counters.

Allen Solly’s product lineup includes casuals, formals and kidswear. The company is known for its exclusive range of formals. Women’s Kurtis, sarees, suits, trousers and shirts are popular products. 

For men, Allen Solly has a variety of products, including formal shirts, trousers, jeans and denim.

Allen Solly's product strategy

For Example: “Coat and jacket category, Allen Solly has teamed up with the ‘jacket with fur trim’ and ‘coats and jackets category. In winter wear, the brand holds a prominent position in the market. 

Allen Solly has also collaborated with international designer Anju Modi. The products designed by her are a part of the brand’s winter wear range.”

Accessories are items that attach to clothing or shoes—for example, hats, gloves, jewellery, sunglasses, belts, scarves, and ties. Fashion accessories include various items, but the primary category is purses, handbags, and wallets.

2. Pricing Strategy of Allen Solly

Allen Solly focuses on its pricing strategy, especially keeping in mind the young working population and their purchasing power. Ideas of “Friday dressing” were introduced to encourage active people to look cool in the office.

The Aditya Birla Group’s supply chain network helped the company manufacture products quickly. The rivals like Blackberry, Roadster, Moda Rapido and many more were competing in the same segment. 

Allen Solly got an advantage of the supply chain network of the Aditya Birla Group, which is among the strongest of its own. The group has expertise in operations which helped Allen Solly minimise its costs.

3. Place and Distribution Strategy of Allen Solly

Aditya Birla Group’s distribution network has too many on its list. It has retail, FMCG, manufacturing, business-to-business, financial, and industrial sectors. Allen Solly was popular with the retail brands of the group.

Allen Solly has chosen metros, tier 1 and tier 2 cities for its targeted customer based on their needs and spending power. It has a large following in India and around the world. The Pantaloons Outlets, which Pantaloon Retail Ltd owns, are where the brand is most visible.

4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy of Allen Solley 

A renowned footwear brand in India, Allen Solly successfully markets its shoes through specific marketing strategies.

Allen Solly employs a variety of marketing methods to promote its products. One of the key methods is a corporate partnership, including the Azim Premji Foundation. Print media, online promotions, and pre-Friday debuts are all strategies.

Social media is one of Allen Solly’s biggest strengths. The number of users is growing steadily, and the brand is more visible on social media now.

Social media platforms are used to reach out to consumers. The trend of Online Shopping is growing rapidly, giving advertisers and marketers a new horizon to reach out to their customers.

One of its popular social media campaigns is,

#ShootForSolly was a photography project that linked 11 prominent people from all areas of life with 11 aspiring photographers. From the models to the clothing to the locations, they photographed, styled, planned, and executed everything between them.

Allen Solly got close to 300 influencers to promote the company’s new range of chinos.

Allen Solly chinos often referred to as ‘real men’s clothes, are made by a brand for men who wear these clothes comfortably and those who do not want to look casual.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategies

The digital marketing strategies of Allensolly, the fashion business, are unique. 

Allen Solly, the fashion business, not only focuses on creating fashion clothes but they integrate digital marketing strategies to enhance the success of their business. 

These digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and content marketing.

Allensolly’s online store sells fashionable clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories designed by the Allensolly team. 

This fashion store is today’s new entrant in the market with a new concept and idea. Allensolly’s emphasis on quality, affordability, variety and style has made their product very popular among customers. 

Digital marketing is one major way that Allensolly uses to reach customers.

We all know that digital marketing has become one of the most significant transformations in recent years; as large and small businesses alike shift their marketing strategies to increase profits by selling their products globally, you may be wondering why it is important to understand any company’s digital marketing strategies fully.

This post will show you how Allen Solly utilised digital marketing methods in their company.

1. Website Strategies of Allen Solly 

Fashion is an industry that requires a lot of creativity, but it also requires a lot of networking. 

But who is networking between clothing brands and designers and between designers and retailers? And just as the fashion industry is highly competitive, so too are the websites used to market items. 

A website strategy is crucial for any fashion brand. And for Allensolly, a fashion brand from Southern California, that strategy has worked well.

Allen Solly publishes marketing, branding, business development, and social media articles.

Allen Solly was an expert in website marketing who wanted to share his knowledge with other business owners.

According to Allen Solly, the keys to reaching the top of Google search results have the right approach and patience.

Now let’s look at the real stats about how Allen Solly’s succeeded in the website strategies.

Allen Solly's website strategy
Website metrics of Allen Solly

The total number of visits to the Allen Solly website is 377.6k, with 266.1k unique visitors. They spend 05:05 on average per day on their site, and their bounce rate (people who visit but do not buy anything) is 56.08per cent; because 80% of a company’s value derives from 20% of its loyal clients, this is a dilemma that every company encounters.

2. SEO Strategies of Allen Solly 

The retail stores and eCommerce of Allen Solly’s website offer apparel and accessories for women and men. 

The brand has also expanded its online presence by opening eCommerce websites where you can find them on Google with any of these keywords:

  • Allen Solly Outlet, 
  • Allen Solly t-Shirts, 
  • Allen Solly Online, Etc. 

And all of these websites provide fashion-related products to customers. And the company has used various SEO techniques like:

  • Perfect SEO keyword
  • Backlinking
  • Non-broken pages
  • Better Off-page and On-page optimisation strategies

Hundreds of pages on on-page SEO, off-page SEO, LSI, and articles claiming to offer answers about how SEO works may be found if you Google “Allen Solly SEO strategy.”

Sadly, most of these blogs provide conflicting information, leaving you perplexed and disappointed.

As a result, we’ll tell you the truth about how Allen Solly came up with a winning SEO plan.

Allen Solly's SEO strategies

The domain score of the Allen Solly website is 43, with organic search traffic reaching 653.4k visits and paid search traffic bringing 14.8k new visitors to the website. In addition, their backlink techniques allow them to achieve visibility of 19.7k.

Traffic of Allen Solly

Listed below are the keyword used in their website and blog post to increase the traffic to their website.

Allen Solly's organic search position

Most of the best backlinks sites where they have submitted links by Allen Solly are shown in this image.

Backlinks od Allen Solly

The stats show Allen Solly’s top paid keywords, which drive more visitors to their website.

Keywords of Allen Solly

They use 44.3% of informational keywords, resulting in 167.2k visitors to their website. However, the 4.6% navigational keywords bring them far more traffic, with 186.2k total visitors in the current month.

3. Facebook strategy of Allen Solly

Although Facebook isn’t the only social media platform available, it is the most popular. Its sheer popularity makes it one of the most effective ways to promote your company.

Since then, Facebook has evolved to become one of the world’s largest social networks. Its massive popularity makes it one of the most important marketing platforms, with billions of users. 

Facebook’s strategy is essential for fashion brands like Allen Solly to stay relevant and profitable.

Let’s see what Allen Solly’s Facebook strategy is and how much traffic and followers they get regularly.

The images below were recently made by Allen Solly and are used to drive more traffic to the site via Facebook ads, which works well.

Allen Solly has 174k Facebook fans, 24.7k Twitter followers, and 307k Instagram followers.

Facebook strategy of Allen Solly

This is an example of the May monthly report on the number of likes and followers Allen Solly received and how many visitors newly engaged with them on Facebook.

Facebook metrics of Allen Solly

The monthly report of ups and downs in Allen Solly’s uploads, likes, and followers earnings is portrayed in this graph.

4. Instagram strategy of Allen Solly

Many tiny fashion brands worldwide are now widely publishing on Instagram with no restrictions.

Instagram is a platform where brands can use post reels and stories to market their products, attract traffic back to their websites, and eventually drive sales.

Whether in the form of images or illustrations, visual content has always been important to the fashion business. However, the fashion sector is increasingly using video as a marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with offline and online clients.

Many brands have recognised the significance of Instagram and are starting to incorporate it into their overall strategy, and one of them is currently succeeding in the fashion industry.

Let’s look at how Allen Solly used its social media marketing team to give Instagram marketing its best effort.

Instagram strategy of Allen Solly

Allen Solly currently has 307k followers and 3368 posts with an average of 4457 likes, two comments per post, and 22,240 video views.

The engagement rate is constantly affected by the frequency of posting and the level of involvement through likes and comments; as a result, the Allen Solly Instagram account has a 1.45% lower engagement rate this month.

Hashtags of Allen Solly

This is a collection of Allen Sollymost popular hashtags for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness.

Hashtag list of Allen Solly

I hope this hashtag information has given you a better understanding of hashtag usage and how often you should publish and engage with your customers.

Most viewed and liked  Instagram post/story/reels,

5. Google ads strategy

The Google AdWords strategy is well-known for its ability to generate traffic, develop brand visibility, increase engagement, and drive sales for any sort of business, including apparel brands.

When clothing companies use Google AdWords to market their product, it will definitely work well.

Let’s take a look at how this works with Google ads to increase brand awareness and traffic to a website.

Google Ads strategy of Allen Solly

Allen Solly has used some of the best examples of ad copy to boost the visibility of their website and for commercial goals.

Ads sample of Allen Solly

Take a close look at if you operate in the online fashion or clothes industry right now.

Key Marketing Strategies Takeaway

  • By targeting young men with similar interests, Allen Solly was able to gain more customers using Facebook Ads. They used these ads to show users deals near the targeted users at specific locations.
  • The Facebook Lead Ads campaign targeted men aged 18 to 45 living nearby like the Allen Solly store near me.
  • Allen Solly targets ads based on the type of clothing the viewer is interested in or has recently purchased. Also targets ads based on gender.
  • Allen Solly is trying to make its inventory more user-friendly to its users. To do this, it has created an email outreach program where it uses its customer database to send promotional content to customers and encourage them to link to Allen Solly’s website.
  • They deal with fashionable items like clothing, footwear, bags, and sunglasses. With the launch of its YouTube channel and Facebook page, Alok hopes to promote its products even more.
  • Allen Solly uses social media to promote their clothing. They have more than 150,000 likes on their Facebook page and over 21,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.
  • Allen Solly Tailors targets those in India, who are looking to have their suits tailored to fit them perfectly. This is thanks to their mobile app and SMS, which allows users to take their measurements without visiting the tailors in person.
  • Allen Solly has increased its sales by 65% and in-store traffic by 35% since implementing Lead Ads. This can be attributed to the company’s improved marketing efforts that have targeted the right people.

Allen Solly Competitors

Allen Solly should increase its investment in paid ad search to beat the following competitors.

Competitors of Allen Solly

The main organic competitor of Allen Solly is

  • Planet Fashion
  • Louis-Philippe
  • Vanheusenindia
  • Peter England
  • Lookastic
Competitive positioning map - Allen Solly

One of the main competitors of Allen Solly is AJIO and Nykka Fashion in terms of investment in google ads and Facebook advertisements.

Success Formulae of Allen Solly 

Allen Solly takes great pride in manufacturing most garments, shoes, and accessories. 

The Success Formulae of  Allen Solly are

  1. The quality of the items created has been praised by thousands of customers.
  2. Allen Solly’s talented and dedicated team works tirelessly to create the right outfit.
  3. The most successful social media marketing strategy.
  4. An excellent digital marketing plan.
  5. There are stores all around the country.
  6. Inbound and outbound marketing methods are more effective.

Bottom Line 

One of the most effective tools for selling your product or service worldwide is digital marketing. It has become the most popular way for marketers to engage with customers, regardless of the type of business.

The efforts of Allen Solly are founded on online dating for the fashion community, where they managed to get the attention of a lot of users. They created partnerships with other fashion sites, and this allowed them to get relevant coverage on popular fashion sites. The partnership helped Allen Solly boost its online visibility.

Various fashion digital marketing case studies in India have aided various organisations in their efforts to break into the industry.

That’s why Digital Scholar is on a quest to find as many brand case studies as possible in order to provide in-depth information on how different industries, brands, and organisations use digital marketing methods.

I hope you liked learning about Allen Solly’s digital marketing strategy through our case study.

In this ever-shifting and changing digital marketing industry, keeping up with the latest advancements and changes is essential. If you want to improve your digital marketing skills for your fashion brand, enrol in Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course and improve your online business’s ROI.

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