Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogging

Top 10 Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogging in 2024

Are you thinking about starting a blog? Or maybe you already have a blog, but you're not sure if it's worth the effort? Check out our list of the top 10 advantages and disadvantages of blogging to help you make up your mind. From increased traffic to improved writing skills, there are plenty of reasons to start blogging today.

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What are Blogs? Does blogging really matter? Do blogs improve your SEO? We have you covered, this article will enlighten you on the advantages and disadvantages that comes along with blogging. 

Blogging – A CAREER ?

We bet that at some point in your existence you would have googled “how to start blogging?” and read some random blog about it. Yes, we did it too. 

Blogs are one among the most effective tools in the marketing space and are a powerful way to reach your audience. It does not only take your product or services to people, it can build trust in the brand and bring traffic to your website.

They can make or break your business, thanks to google algorithms and search engine optimization. 

Blogging – EVERYWHERE!

Contemplating blogging as a choice or expanding your business with them?

Well, it is high time you settle and start working on it. Blogs are pretty much all over the internet. Would you believe it if we said there are more than 600 million blogs on the internet and it is still counting by every passing minute. Which includes the one you are reading now.

Stats say that nearly 60% of the internet users engage in reading in blogs out of which 38% of users find time to read them thrice a week, 10% do seven times a week and 12% are daily readers.

With 1.2 billion active websites and blogs all around the internet is it logical that there are a number of bloggers making a living out of them. Not all bloggers get to make money out of it, some fail miserably, some quit even before they start trying and some turn their backs when their reach bars fall. Blogs need constant attention, work & research for them to boom.

Blogging – WHAT IS IT ?

It is the new form of diary entry in this digital world. It is a space where you can connect with your audience and display all  products and services. Or in the case of personal blogs you can portray your interests and likings. Blogs can be of different types namely travel blogs, food blogs, health and fitness blogs, personal blogs, photography blogs to name a few.

Blogging is as simple as obtaining a website and publishing content. They can fetch you huge sums of money but only if you provide your constant attention to it. Blogs need to be updated regularly in accordance with market trends,you need to focus on creating engaging content which aids in building you a community. 

Blogging – A LIFESTYLE!

Bloggers that you see on the gram with bougie internet lifestyle did not make it all overnight. Everyone is quick to notice the money they make and spend but the hard work they put in behind it is always ignored.

To take up blogging as a career takes a lot of things. Blogging websites are similar to newborns, they need a lot of care, plenty of time and tons of research. 

It was a lie when people said blogging does not need any investment. Well, a part of it may be true you need not invest anything financially, the real investment lies in putting in all your time and hard work. 

You need to update your blogs on a daily basis if not once in two days. Imagine you click on a blog and see it updated a year ago, would you still bother to read it? Yes. That’s how it works. 

Blogging should become a part of your life, for you to earn from them.


Here are top 10 advantages & disadvantages of blogging, that we feel you need to know before exploring the blogging ocean.

Top 10 Advantages of Blogging

1. “0” Financial Investment 

Unlike other businesses in the market you need no financial investment as such to begin blogging. You just need content knowledge, some SEO strategies, basic designing skills to put up pictures, some researching skills, access to the internet and a lot of patience. To begin with you can use the free blogging apps that are available on the internet or purchase a domain and start posting, 

2. Turn Your Traffic Into Leads 

Your blogs are an amazing remarketing tool. People interested in reading your blog are people who are interested in your products or services. There are proven stats that blogs containing newsletter sign-ups and touch to call buttons have richer quality leads. Blogs can be your “lead magnets”.

#3 Work From Anywhere

Blogs can be posted from any corner of the world if you have access to the internet and a screen to work on. That means you travel from place to place and still be able to blog at the same time. Blogs posted on the internet are accessible to everyone across the globe. And if you get hands on it you can juggle a full time job too.

#4 Build Your Community 

Connecting with like minded people is an ecstasy. Building a community by blogging is a real talent. Blogs are a space where you can express yourself and your brand. Posting engaging blogs on a regular basis, interacting with the reader and updating them frequently aids in increasing your spectrum.

#5 Position Your Brand

Display your niche. There are tons of brands that market the same products and services at a cheaper price. Let your audience know what you are good at and this will help you position your brand among the others. Make your blogs speak for themselves. Strategize them in a particular way that will gain you insights.

#6 Excellent Source Of Income

This is the major reason why people choose blogging as a career. Getting your blogs monetized can be crucial. There is a colossal amount of work and time behind it, but once your blogs are monetized it has the potential to turn around huge profits. And your dream of living like a blogger on the gram might become a reality.   

#7 Drive Website Traffic

A buyer’s journey begins online. They begin with a basic google search, products of a particular brand and look up reviews of the product. A larger number of readers tend to share your post on their socials, this will help you drive website traffic.

#8 Earn Brand Visibility 

Blogging on a regular basis helps in improving your brand awareness. Brand awareness is necessary to help the audience understand and know your branding and products. Blogging in a strategic manner can get this done for you. 

#9 Reach Out To Your Existing Community

Finding and building a new community can be interesting and helpful in expanding your brand’s forte. But creating a space where your existing community can interact with you as a brand can make a difference. Solving queries and having an open ear to client’s suggestions can lift up your referral user levels. 

#10 Repurpose Content For Your Socials

Investing time and creating content for your blogs can be repurposed for your social media pages. For example you can turn your blogs into podcasts, turn into video content for video marketing, use it as testimonials for social media content  and turn into powerpoint presentations. It aids in reaching a wider set of audience in a spectrum of platforms. 

Top 10 Disadvantages of Blogging

#1 Needs Maintenance 

Do you think that uploading new blogs now and then might be enough? As much as writing & posting new content is necessary, maintaining your old blogs is also necessary. Constantly maintaining your old blogs makes sure that they remain alive and relevant. You never know when your blogs will boom so make it a point to check all the links attached are active and the content is presentable.

#2 A Steady Source of Income? “NO”

Blogging might not be a reliable source of income in the beginning. Starting your career as a blogger and expecting huge sums of money will not be practical. It is suggested that you have a steady stream of money before you step full time as a blogger. 

#3 Huge Investment of Time & Work

Blogging needs bags and bags of time and work. Researching on topics, finding inspiration, perfectly framing your content, making it relevant to the time and putting forth insightful content will consume hours and hours of your time. We promise it will all be worth it once your blogs are monetized.

#4 Not All Bloggers Make Money

It is a fact. Blogging does not magically bring in revenue and not all bloggers make money out of it. You can be updating your blogs on a regular basis, continuously post new ones and still not attract readers. It might be because your content is poorly framed or it might not abide by market trends. Everything should fall in the right place and that’s when your blogs will be monetized. 

One of the major drawbacks of blogging is that the internet is the same everyday. You cannot prepare the same kind of content and post it everyday. You might receive a good reach one day and have zero another. That is why keeping an eye on the market trend and strategizing your content accordingly helps.

#6 You Always Run Out of Ideas

Updating blogs on a regular basis is a must. While doing so there is a cent percent chance that you might run out of ideas. This can be sorted by looking out for inspirations from other bloggers, researching on stats and finding content that engage readers. You can prepare blog posts in advance to overcome this situation.

#7 It Is All Out There

When you decide to start blogging you are obligingly putting your life on the internet and that includes personal information too. In the case of marketing your strategies are just one click away. Your competitors may get to know your plans and strategies and sketch better ones to outperform yours.

#8 Not Everyone Will Like Your Content

Let us say it out loud. Not everyone you meet on the internet will like your content and be involved in them. Some impress a few and the others might not and it is totally reasonable. And to be honest that might not impact your business if you keep your focus on the right set of audience. 

#9 Hours On The Internet 

It might seem like those bloggers you follow on the gram are enjoying life to the maximum and spending the rest of the time blogging. It is definitely not the same. Finding inspiration on the internet, researching on topics that interest readers, giving insightful content will take up hours on the internet. Yes, it is time consuming. 

#10 It Takes Time

To become a blogger and earn pretty sums of dollars will not happen overnight. It takes time and patience to get there. As mentioned you will not earn money just by posting content. Attracting new readers and posting content that are actually enjoyed by readers are the ones that do the work.

In a Nutshell 

Blogging is the most efficient form of content marketing in this digital marketing world. It can flip your life and your business if done right and targeted to the right set of audience. Blogging should become a part of your life to make it a winning game.

Like everything else blogging also has its pros and cons. And in the bigger lens the disadvantages can be overlooked because the advantages weigh more. 

Still in the dilemma of picking a side? We suggest you take it up and give it a shot.


Q: How to Start Blogging?

To start blogging you need to find out your niche, choose a blogger platform, settle on a domain name, select your theme and start posting your content.

Consistency is the key, to begin with you should atleast have 50 prepared topics in the stack to keep you going. 

Q: How Much Does Blogging Pay?

Blogging can pay you a handful. Research shows that bloggers earn around 10000 USD every month. 

On average normal bloggers earn 300 USD – 400 USD per month  and it is said that celebrity bloggers churn more than 2000 USD monthly.  

Q: Is Blogging Free?

Absolutely. Blogging can be started with zero investment. Platforms such as WordPress and blogger allow you to post blogs for free.

If you are taking blogging as a marketing tool to reach a wide range of audience you can shell a few dollars on the domain and post them.

Q: How to Write a Blog? 

Writing blogs can be simple. Choose your topic, give it a catchy title, create some engaging content and have a watch over keywords. Ideally, blogs should contain around 2100 to 2400 for SEO.

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