Add Me To Search: How To Add Yourself To Google People Card

Google People Cards: What are they?

Have you ever wanted to be discoverable on Google? Up until now, only famous people who have created a name for themselves in various public forums have had a place on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). But now, anyone can be discoverable on the Search engine, courtesy, Google’s newest feature “Google People Card”. With this feature, you can build your own presence on Google and also discover others on Google Search. 

Google People Card is an easy way to be found on Google Search. They are virtual visiting cards where you key in your information on to your profile and once your card on Google is created, you will be discoverable on Google Search!

What can go in your Google People Card?

The Google People Card feature is aimed to help individuals, self-employed people, influencers, entrepreneurs, and others who are trying to put their work out on the internet, get discovered by the world, with a space on Google Search.

On your Google People Card, you can key in information including a little bit about yourself, your location, occupation, profession/work, education, your hometown, etc. The feature also allows you to link your website to your Google People Card, and put across links to your social media profiles, add your e-mail ID and phone number, along with your picture.

The information that Google collects for your Card enables the right set of people to find you, which is a great networking opportunity. Google People Card is a great way for you to build your online presence, and be easily contactable, especially if you are a business owner, a content creator, a small-scale entrepreneur, etc. Read on to know more about how to create a Google People Card for yourself.

What do you require to create a Google People Card?

Creating a Google People Card is extremely easy. Please note, you can create one for yourself only on your Android phone or your tablet, an iPhone or iPad only and not on your desktop. There is no set application for the Google People Card exclusively, but you can create your card on the Google Search App or a mobile browser. You will also require a personal Google account, along with Web and Web Activity turned on. 

Create a Google People Card using these steps!

Creating a Google People Card is a very straightforward process. It is almost like creating a social media profile where you add information about yourself, like your name, the city you live in, your work profile and more. 

Step 1: Add me to Search

Search for “Add me to Search” or “Add me to Google Search” on your phone. You can also search for “Edit my People Card”. When you do this, the first result will give you two options “View Example” and “Get Started”. 

Step 2: View Example

You can either choose “View Example”, which will show you an example of an ideal Google People Card. Once you have done that and want to create your People Card, tap on “Get Started”. When you do that, Google will ask you to choose a Google Account.

You can choose the account you use for your work/business, as that ideally serves the purpose. 

Step 3: Creating your People Card

Once you have chosen the Google Account you want to create your Google People Card with, the search engine takes you to the page that will get you started with the process of creating your People Card. 

Google will give you a gist of how your Google People Card helps you, with another option to go through an example. 

Step 4: Information about yourself

Google requires you to fill in information about yourself. There are two sets of information it seeks from you – mandatory fields which are marked with an asterisk (*), which are information that Google has made compulsory for you to fill for the Google People Card. Apart from this, there are optional fields you can fill keeping in mind why you need to have a People Card account. The non-mandatory fields include work, education, hometown, website, social profiles, e-mail, phone number. 

Step 5: Save your profile

Once you have filled all the fields required, before you can create your Google People Card, Google gives you an option to preview your profile. Click on it once to go through your Name Card before hitting the “Save” button. 

By hitting the “Save” button, you would have successfully created your People Card on Google. 

How will a Google People Card help you?

A Google People Card quite literally helps you to be easily discoverable and reachable by your prospective employers, clients, and more. People Cards are a great way to network and gain contacts, to move up the career ladder. If you are a freelancer, your card will be of immense help, as your name will be easily discoverable when prospective employers and service-seekers lookup the services that you provide. One can land freelance gigs with ease.

Guidelines for your Google People Card

Google has provided general guidelines to be followed while creating your Google People Card.

1. Make sure you have information about yourself. Google will remove your People Card if you provide unauthentic information about you and what you do. It is advisable to be accurate about who you are and what you do.

2. Have suggestions for fields like “Hometown”, “Profession”, “E-mail”, or “Social Media”. You can create more relevant fields as well according to your needs. 

3. Update your information frequently. To make the most out of the feature, keep your card up-to-date, as Google may remove your card if it has not been verified or updated in a while. 

Google People Cards are a great way to put yourself and links your work out on Google, which also makes you easily discoverable on the Search Engine. Since this is a system that keeps the creation of Search results open, there is more room for fraudulent activity and spam. To prevent this, Google has said that it has worked out a mechanism – each Google account can create only one Google People Card. So be careful while you create one – focus and do it right!

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